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Eternal Sonata

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  Dreamy Works

| | See all Littlerascal92's reviews (2)

The first thing that attracts you into this game is the breath-taking artwork, of the characters and backgrounds. It's realist yet very fantasy-like at the same time. The story can move very slow at times, mostly at the cut scenes but I didn't mind that too much as I enjoyed the story. One main down side was the repetive battles which took alot of time to get through. Overall I enjoyed the bright artwork but there are other games I'd now go to play before this.


| | See all beetlebug1973's reviews (7)

This has got to be one of the best rpgs i have played and the 360 and you may disagree but i would say that it is as good as lost odyssey, star ocean the last hope and blue dragon. The only let down i would say is that you cant explore as much as you can on other rpgs, but after a while you get used to it and you will have a game which is easily over 20 hours long so have fun with this great game. And thank you for reading my review


| | See all tinywoman's reviews (16)

when I bought this i was just expecting another Final Esq rip off with a poor story line, never a judge a game by its cover. I was mesmerised from the start and that was just by the graphics considering this game is not brand new to the market. I found the game play a little linear but that can be overlooked due to the great real time battle / turn based system which works a treat if you hate selecting moves from menus like in other RPGS. If you can stomach the child like innocence of manga characters and environments then this will be treat. Rating it 4 because it was too linear but a bargain at £9.99

  Very Good Action-RPG.

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Dreamlike graphics.Perfect music (it couldn't do otherwise).Emotional story.A bit short for my taste for rpgs.But Very good and must buy for rpg fans in xbox.

  A good solid game

| | See all JohnJackson's reviews (18)

As soon as i started playing the first thing i thought was "is she attacking enemies with an umbrella? what the hell?" i didnt really like it to be honest and it took me a good hour to finally get to grips with the game.

The battle system is fantastic, it starts out where you have 5 seconds to control your character which doesnt start going down untill you move, perfect for beginners to think what to do next. By the end of it you have to act instantly and you will be combining special attacks like no-ones business. Definatly the strongest point of the game!

The bad thing is that there is absolutly no exploration at all, you follow set paths through the story and you cant really do anything other than continue the story! not really that bad because by the end of it i had enough of just the continous battles and the story isnt great.

Some of the characters are not really likable just annoying but the voice acting wasnt too bad. Overall its a decent enough game just doesnt have much depth. I bought it for a tenner off play and what a bargain, kept me happy for 30+ hours lol

  Very traditional JRPG

| | See all HitmanN's reviews (9)

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much out of the game, but it managed to surprise me a little. I can understand that some people can't stomach this stuff, mainly because it has its share of clichés, like repetitive battles and very linear story progression.

The game plays very much like for example Star Ocean games, except in battles the characters move one at a time, for a few seconds, hitting and slashing the enemies, performing special attacks or using items from a limited item bag. It's a shame that the battles are turned into a button mashing event after about 1/3 of the game. Until then, you can spend time planning your moves before executing them. Later on you have to act right away. What could have been a tactical battle system with emphasis on character positioning and approach, is actually just a pure action fighting system. Quite repetitive, but satisfying if you're used to this stuff. For a challenging experience, I recommend skipping some battles, so you fight with lower level characters. In many JRPG's that would be a suicide. In this one, it's actually possible.

What I loved about the game is the music. I'm a big fan of Motoi Sakuraba's works. It's not overly epic, but still gives this grand feeling to everything that is supposed to seem big and meaningful.

I played with Japanese voices, which were quite nice. Can't comment on English voices. I always choose Japanese over English if there's a choice. I've got too many bad experiences with English dubs, so yes, I'm biased.

Graphics are a mixed bag. I really loved the graphics throughout the first half of the game, but later on you get some repetitive corridors and psychedelic stuff. I guess it's supposed to go together with Chopin's feelings as he progresses through the world he's dreaming of on his deathbed, or something like that. It's not horrible, but I liked the first few locations better.

Characters are shown in a somewhat cel-shaded type look, with outlines of the body and items in a pencil-like way, and strong shading for surfaces that are not lit. Works ok, I think. Character and enemy designs are mostly cutesy stuff, so don't expect terrifying monsters or stuff like that. There is no blood, even when people die of wounds.

Each chapter of the game has a moment where the story is quite crudely set aside, and a brief slideshow of photos with Chopin's life story start playing, along with his compositions playing on the background. I actually went through with all these slideshows, but couple of times I thought they broke the story a bit. Like playing right after a dramatic event.

Almost everything in the game seems to be named after instruments or musical terms or styles of music. In a way it seems a bit cheap solution, but hey, it's supposedly a musical genious' dream. I think it fits ok. The whole JRPG world approach actually works nicely when it's a dream world. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't find treasure chests littered all over the place, but in someone's dream... it's at least a bit more credible.

The game is of average length. Playing through the main story takes about 30 hours. There's at least some extra to explore though. I doubt I'll be playing this again anytime soon, but with the low price it's sold at right now, it's a bargain if you like JRPG's even a little bit.

  One of the greatest RPGs available for the Xbox 360

| | See all SuperSolidus's reviews (14)

I personally think this is a brilliant game overall. Fantastic graphics, epic music and a fruitful story. The game gets better as you advance in the story so just give it a chance especially at just under £10, what a bargain.

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  no thanks

| | See all franbeec's reviews (4)

Personally I thought the game was very slow, especially the battle stages. I played it once for about 2 hours and did not come back to it since. I thought it would be great as I read really good reviews on it but it reminded me of a rip-off version of Pokemon but with humans

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  Good but not great

| | See all Flynnstone's reviews (7)

I bought this game when it was first released,and to be fair to it it was one of a few RPG's available at that time and it stood out. I have just replayed it recently and compared to the other RPG's i have purchased in the interim, it dosent stand out as much. With its cutesy storyline and its anime'ish cel shaded enviroments and characters it may put older gamers off, but if your looking for a little bit of a gem buy it ,but only if you think you can stomach polka!.

  Not to be missed

| | See all xboxchick's reviews (36)

From the cell shaded loveliness to the enchanting music this game score high on all accounts, its challanging, engaging and just a real joy to play. Anyone who appriciates JRPG should not miss this. Its magical.