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Ace Combat 6: Fires Of Liberation

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (68 reviews)"

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| | See all LordEaling's reviews (7)

I'll start off by saying this is a solid game; lovely graphics, great control and animation, fun combat as always. However, this instalment in the series seems to have less than its forebears. I have played three other ace combat games on the PS2 abd am coparing this one against them.The single player mode seems to be a lot shorter than the others, there are less planes, the storyline has crossed the line right over into TV movie cheese. Whilst it can be argued the storylines from before were cheesy, I still enjoyed them, a lot of the tension has been sucked out this time around. As for the planes, it seemed there were no models i hadn't seen in the other games.

Someone suggested that the cause of this is that a lot was being held back for DLC I can't help but agree. Rather than this being the fun I've had in the past this is simply 'a solid game.' Just don't go into it as a fan looking for a great next installment.

  The best flight game on any console

| | See all STRATBOY5's reviews (2)

Was apprehensive before I got this game.
Was not dissapointed at all!! Great graphics and gameplay, gets you right into the action not merely a shooter....carrier landings and take-offs, mid-air refuelling etc. a great selection of aircraft and weaponry...the only game that comes near to Falcon 4 for the pc..
Get it!!!


| | See all mrvaughan's reviews (2)

I dindnt want this game to finish. Worth the £22.99 i paid

This was my first game of this type and i really enjoyed it. I thought it was really good quality and realistic. Completed in 3 week.

Only one bad thing only 15 missions but they are 20-50mins long also it needs a two player game on it (split screen)

When is ace combat 7 due for release!!!

  Ace Combat is back!!!

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Perfect graphics.Great gameplay.Great variety of aircraft and weapons.Good story.But most of all the feeling of you being someone special in the game still is the best reason to buy this game like all ace combat games.Must Buy.

  good game but a total namco DLC paradise but best flight on

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

I enjoyed this game but thought it was made with massive loopholes and parts missing so later on namco being namco could exploit gamers and put loadsa co op modes and planes on dlc on marketplace to compensate for how incomplete the game was when it was released!!
i rebought the game and altho there is alot of DLC its miles better than HAWX and the blazing angels games.

  why only on the xbox?

| | See all stoney300's reviews (1)

The ace combat series has been one of my favourite games and i cant understand how it was always on the playstation and now all of a sudden it is on the xbox but not on the PS3. Could someone please tell me why it is not on the PS and will it ever be again?

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  Ace Combat evolved

| | See all Roly66's reviews (14)

It's more of the same Ace Combat action. The flying is simple and easy to pick up. There's little "simulation" details to fiddle about with, so the emphasis is firmly on having fun.

The graphics are excellent with beautifully detailed aircraft and reasonable ground detail.

I don't find the Ace Combat games great to play for long periods, as the missions can be quite samey. i.e. You're in a plane, you shoot things. But what can you expect, platform sections? :-)

But for a quick high-adrenaline blast, Ace Combat is great, and until they do the sequel to the fabulous Crimson Skies on the 360, this is the best flyer there is on the platform, IMO.

Only three stars as it's not a game to grab and hold you for days and days.

  ecellent game

| | See all chunkyskidds's reviews (7)

I really loved this game the story line was amazing and the gameplay was incredible,online i thought would be rubbish but boy was i proved wrong it was hard and competative and took a long time to get a kill but it felt damn good when you started getting kills

5 Out of 5

Well done to the develepors


| | See all starwars131's reviews (9)

A military flying game thats decent its here we now no longer have to be the american glory taking marine corp we can now be pilots

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  not bad...

| | See all darkprophetic's reviews (2)

I'll start with saying its got brilliant graphics, and a quite a fun gameplay.
It is not as has been mentioned much of a simulator, so dont go to it if you want an accurate flight simulator, got to 'flight simulator' for that. And dont go to it if you like your games to have an involving story.
However this game is good fun, a satisfying gameplay and replayabillity factor, and very good/realistic graphics, especially the landscapes.
For a tenner you cannot go far wrong!!