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Grand Theft Auto 4: Special Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  grand theft auto 4 (xbox 360)

| | See all 818917's reviews (6)

The medium sized box, holds a great deal of cool stuff, an exclusive made company key chain emlem, with spare keys, the cool artbook, giving you a greater insight into the main and later player allies, as well as game physics. You get a great, and exclusive cd, and finally the super cool duffel bag and strap. overall, with the cool metal saftey depot box and the cool card box, a worthy addition to any fans collection. Also there are 2 variants of the box design, one with NICO, and the other with a prostitute.

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  Big price - big reward

| | See all Kilpers's reviews (20)

What makes this Special Edition worth nearly £30 more than the normal game? It depends on what you're like really: are you the kind of person that just wants a 10/10 game to play or do you want a little extra that really makes you feel like the game makers care about you?

The bag is huge - it can carry everything I need to take my gaming to a mates house (and beats putting it all in plastic carrier bags!) - plus it looks the business and feels solid. The book feels special - like one of those table top books that you don't want to crease because it's so perfect. The CD is so-so.. but it's a nice edition none-the-less. The GTA tin though - like another reviewer said - it's brillaint! It's not heavy but it does feel sturdy and as it's lockable it can useful for all sorts of things. So this is why I think it's worth the extra money. Oh - and there's a billaint game in there somewhere too!

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| | See all StuartMacaulay's reviews (3)

Everyone knows, this game is a good as the hype has been, I've been totally addicted since I got it!! The added extras are pretty cool too, the bag is immensely useful (use it for work, visiting the girlfriend) the CD has some OK music, if you like all that. But the BOX!! Now I have something to keep stuff away from my light fingered sister....


| | See all wonderfulwest's reviews (3)

What can i say i was blown away by this game its so realistic the missions and the charcters are much better the previous gta games. i only brought the special edtion as its all i could get on release but am glad i did. the bag is great (i use as a gym bag) plus the art book is really cool aswell as the cd. all in all 10/10 great value for money

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  GTA IV Special Edition Enough Said!!

| | See all DJPegg's reviews (11)

This is class it comes with a Bag with rockstar that has enough storage for clothes or whatever needed, a keyring which is quite cool, a soundtrack album which is ace because the theme track is brill as it kicks off the game a smart artwork booklet and the game which is so much more realistic than the last ones dont get me wrong the last ones were great but this is the game of the year!!!

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  Wow,so much to do.

| | See all moneyman6's reviews (6)

I have been a gta fan from the good old playstation versions.But this Ps3 version is amazing.At first I was a little angry,as the driving just did'nt feel the same and they dont have as many rewards in the game as they use to.Like when you collected all the packages and it unlocks items outside your safe house.....Well that's gone.But the I have been playing the game for 40 hours already and I keep getting side tracked by all the extra stuff to do in the game.There is so many small touches that make this game amazing.But for some reason there's some stuff that just doe'snt feel grand theft Autoy.If I could chose 4.5 stars I would,as the game is great but it's not as good as the 10/10 marks it has been getting everywhere.Also the selected sound track you get free is pretty poor apart from the grand theft auto theme tune.But the lock box and the rest of the items are excellent,the lock box is solid.Not some cheaply made thing.

  An incredible game!!!

| | See all manjigaka's reviews (2)

This is by far the definition of next-gen gaming!
The sheer scale of it, its diversity and richness, the feel of the city, the outrageous commentary on America - and on its complete mess - is something that ought to be brought to the classrooms.
This is going to be one of the most exciting rides in game history!
Can't even be bothered to go to sleep and miss out on all the fun!
This is a single player GTA campaign that you've always dreamed of but no console could provide - up till now.
And the multiplayer? Over a dozen modes of pure mayhem all over Liberty City!!!
What's next? MMO GTA ???
If my wife doesn't file for a divorce now I 'll know that she is an honest-to-god saint!
Do yourselfs a favor: BUY THIS GAME!!! NOT NOW - YESTERDAY!!!

  GTA IV is Tha Bomb

| | See all MissChromeAngel's reviews (3)

This game is incredible, I've only stopped playing to write this review. The gameplay is great, characters are funny as hell especially Roman. Graphics are superb. Rockstar has definately topped 'Game of the Year' IMO. The other goodies you get are also good quality. The keyring is nice and chunky and the bag is of good quality, book is interesting to read, CD Soundtrack a good listen also. The best bit though is the safety deposit box and of course the game itself. Go out and buy it you won't be disappointed.

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  Grand Theft Auto IV

| | See all Ravenous07's reviews (41)

100% BLAST, An amazing game that had a lot to live up to with the media coverage that it had not to mention its younger brothers, the best in the GTA saga so far Rockstar will have a real challenge to beat this. The amount of detail is mind blowing for example when you run down a pedestrian their blood is splattered over you car it is so much fun its worth buy a next gen console for (if you don't already have one). Also the extra gear you get with the special edition is spot on 10/10. Saints Row 2 will be no match for GTA IV PERIOD!!!!!

  Just Buy It

| | See all Boris4267's reviews (1)

However you need to get the money to get GTA just do it. Steal, Beg or sell your girlfriend for a night just find the funds to buy what is the latest installment of the most amazing series of games. It has everything you would need and want from a game. Excellent story line ground breaking graphics, brilliant game play. Don't be one of those people who um's and arh's about getting it, don't here all the stories everyone you know who has it tells just go out and get it now. An absolute must. Perfect.