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The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena (includes Escape From Butcher Bay)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  at last...

| | See all SJackson1988's reviews (8)

Now im sure there are alot of people out there that would just look and turn their head at this game, thinking that because you get 2 games for the price of one that they will be complete rubbish. But wait...after playing through escape from butcher bay (the original game that was released on the xbox) everything came back to me, it still feels as fresh as the day it was released all them years ago! from the story to the graphics, the voice acting to the combat system...it just works, now if i were to say this game is a breeze i would be lying to you all. As with a few games out there the hardest difficulty is actually...difficult! some points are frustrating but very satisfying when you finally get past the bit where you get stuck. I havent played alot of the online multiplayer, and the small time i spent playing it didnt really do it for me, maybe it is becase there arent many people who are actually on there or maybe it just seems to be missing something...or maybe im just comparing it to COD4 (which is much better than MW2!!!) This is one of them games that you will either love or hate, personally i loved it! you actually have to use your brain and not just run in and blow stuff up (like alot of games i have played previously) i would recommend you give this game a shot and see what you think before you just turn ya head and walk away from it. my verdict on Riddick is an 8/10.

  Great value for your money.

| | See all TheZ4M0's reviews (8)

Great mix of stealth and first person shooter. This is two games in one disc, so it's a great value. It's one the same vibe of The Darkness (same studio) so you either love it or you hate it.

The most important thing about the game is that once playing, you feel inside another world (like let's say, starwars movies wich feels like stories happening inside a rich universe). There's not many games out there that really achieve that feel so the rest (graphics and all -not bad anyways-) doesn't really matters.

It won't dissapoint any sci-fi fan.

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  Love it or hate...I love it!

| | See all CrippledHooba's reviews (18)

This game definitely has the marmite syndrome, of you either love it or you hate it. I loved every minute of this game, from the amazing story to the great gameplay. This also has the best voice acting I've ever heard in a video game. Just an amazing franchise has been created here.

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| | See all fernandomag's reviews (1)

This game is the best game to which i could have played you eat.... It is the best game give 360 combine caution with trepidant action(share), the perfect music, graphs and lighting, incredible, so many butcher bay like dark arena they are the better(best) thing of the better(best) thing, if you like the shooters this one is " the best game " five stars!!!!! If you do not buy it, you were sorry about it (i sit my english, it is bad)

Now in spanish: Jjjaja

Este juego es el mejor juego al que he podido jugar jamas.... Es el mejor juego de 360 combina cautela con trepidante acción, la música perfecta, gráficos e iluminación, increibles, tanto butcher bay como dark arena son lo mejor de lo mejor, si te gustan los shooters este es "el mejor juego" cinco estrellas!!!!! Si no lo compras, lo lamentaras

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  annoyed that i wasted my money on it

| | See all RhysLG's reviews (5)

This game is just shabby feels like they have made no effort to make a good story or a good game even movements are slow, when you want to climb it cuts into a sort of cutscene which is something you would expect from old gen consoles, the objectives are often unclear as it is very awkward to navigate around the ship, and the escape from butcher bay campaign is also as terrible in all this is a terrible tribute to riddick as i doubt he would be the slow lumbering lump he is in the game go buy something like dead space instead dont waste your time or money bying it.

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  Outstanding Single Player experience.

| | See all KTroopA's reviews (2)

Not since Half-Life on the PC have i played a shooter that feels so well designed and cinematic. The combination of Action and stealth is spot, on. Cant get thru a section - shoot the lights! The music and graphics are excellent for what is a remastered xbox game. Truly a superb game from start to finish. The closing levels especially ramp up in true hollywood action style ala MGS. buy and you will not regret.

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  Very, VERY good

| | See all JoeyThorn's reviews (11)

This game is great, one of the better titles out for the 360. Singleplayer is in a word... Godly, there is no other word to describe the experience of being riddick throughout not one but two campaigns. The multiplayer is pants but thts not what this game is about. 5 Stars for a 5 star game!!!

  one of the best games i have played

| | See all thecheese's reviews (1)

great game butchers bay is brilliant, dark athena could of been better because of that i have given 4 stars but still a really enjoyable game well worth 17.99.