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The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena (includes Escape From Butcher Bay)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Excellent... Great value.

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

This remastering of an xbox classic packaged with a new campaign couldn't have gone much better. Starbreeze seems to be one of few developers who can handle a licence and following on from the Darkness, they have pulled it off again. A stealth action game that has average graphics but a great story. Assault on dark athena, the new campaign is good, but the original butcher bay is excellent. I never got to play this on the old xbox, and definitely missed out. This is still a fantastic game and is the major reason for buying this package. Stands up well today against other stealth actioners such as Splinter Cell. Riddick knows how to hurt people.

  Beware: Bias may be found

| | See all xKirisuteGomenx's reviews (16)

Just to warn you...I am a massive Riddick fan, I loved Pitch black, enjoyed The Chronicles of Riddick, and played escape from butcher bay on the original xbox about 50 million times.

To put it very simply...If your a fan of Riddick you will not be disapointed and will can get at least 20+ hours out of the game.

People who are not so much into the character of Riddick or who are just looking for a decent game may be less inclined to give it such a high rating and the game would certainly would be nothing without Riddick as there are glitches and graphical errors in places which do bring the game down.

If your a Riddick fan...buy this game.

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  what a bore

| | See all ScottishG's reviews (2)

This game is so boring; don't touch with a barge pole,
The opening Graphics are cool and that is, would not waste your money, online game is the same very repetitive... not impressed at all

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  Body Swerve It

| | See all Wattsy166's reviews (4)

Very dissapointed with this.
Bought this to see me through till Infamous is out.
Controls are poor particularly weapon selection . Ant the movement of riddick is slow and laborious.
Played it through just to see if later levels got better but game bored me to tears

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  The Return Of A Legend

| | See all thatguy101's reviews (32)

Like many people i incredibly enjoyed Butcher Bay on the old XBOX and when i heard a new Riddick was to be released i wasted no times in trying to snatch it up, firstly the remade Butcher Bay, its a great touch there was 7 years between the two games and many moving to different consoles will not remember the story, its great to play and catch up and remember the immpresive feeling you got from getting from level to level, now Dark Athena - One word INCREDIBLY a true Riddick game, the stealth comes into effect more than ever sneaking around the place an awful lot, if your basing your decision to buy the game on the Demo do not, the Demo does no justice just like L4D to its real game, the game is amazing the storyline is breathtaking and creepy, if you enjoyed games like Splinter Cell, Hitman and Butcher Bay you have to buy this game.

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  Trial and error

| | See all bosseye's reviews (62)

The trouble with revisiting and re-releasing old games is that despite the visual facelift they receive, essentially the core mechanic of the game remains the same, which can often remove the rose tinted specs therefore exposing certain elements which have become dated or irritating. Its been 5 years since Butcher Bay was first released and there are elements that haven't dated particularly well which drag the whole experience down slightly.

Visually, its looking awesome, as you perhaps might expect. Textures are noticeably better, lighting is more dynamic and interesting, sky boxes are more detailed etc etc - but its a sexy skin draped over fairly old level design, so although looking lovely you're stalking fairly simple corridors and non interactive areas which often offer little to relieve the linearity. Not a huge problem in 2004, but we all expect a little more from our games these days.

Too often, although Starbreeze would apparently really like you to employ stealth, theres simply no way to carry it through, resulting in a corridor trawl based entirely on trial and error. An inability to find or use dropped weapons means that stealth is the ultimate goal, but often you don't have the tools to accomplish this, a fact compounded by the simplicity of the level layouts - the corridors are pretty but not hugely functional, with often not nearly enough in the way of alternate stealthy routes, or hiding places. Numerous times you'll have no choice but to walk boldly down a corridor taking on gun toting enemies with nothing but your fists. Being forced into confrontation feels completely at odds with how you feel you ought to be playing the game and it happens far too often. Rather than rely on the environment, eg the audio clues, the visual clues etc to assess and neutralize the threat, generally its down to trial and error, die and reload, to scout many areas and find the best way through. Why for instance have the ability to turn off/shoot out lights to create the darkness you require to progress in a stealthy fashion, when this is entirely negated by the fact that the guards simply turn on their torches and compounded by the fact that the simplisitc level design has you in a corridor devoid of nooks or crannies for you to hide in leaving you no option to avoid detection, forcing you into a firefight. In the dark.

Essentially you don't have enough ways to make the Stealth approach work, yet you're often forced to try by an inability to make the shooting work.

In many places everything descends into a straightforward shooter, which although nicely kinetic simplifies things even more until you're just rushing from A-B pausing to admire the lighting. Occasionally you'll hit further trial and error design where stealth would appear to be the way forward, but often its a simple case of blasting your way through - its not until the stealth route has failed a few times that you resort to the brainless shooting that generally works.

The result is a game which often isn't half as clever as my pink spectacles would have me remember and often feels like two unreconciled halves which sit unhappily alongside each other.

Its not all bad news though. When it does work, its fairly compelling - when the envinronments expand slightly to give you the element of choice, and the design is such that there is a wealth of hiding places to scuttle between as you snap necks, its happily engrossing stuff, giving you that 'bad ass' emotional connection that playing as Riddick should engender. Its just a shame that its not clever enough to make stealth work, and too simple and not adequately designed to make shooting a satisfying alternative.

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  One of the best fps!

| | See all megadrivemike's reviews (30)

I missed the first chronicles of riddick game so i'm glad the put it on the same disc as dark athena, I have played both games now and they are both amazing equally as good

Just like the game prey but with a bit more stealth.

The fact that the game is really dark and riddick has night vision make this alot of fun when trying to make a silent kill!
I reccomend for any fps addict its one of the best out there!

Also the original game has been re-made so well, graphically it is exactly the same as the new one.

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  Great fun.

| | See all Razgriz1's reviews (3)

I played through the original CoR: Escape from Butcher Bay back when it was first released several years ago. I loved it then and having just finished this new visually upgraded version, I can honestly say that even now, it still feels just as fresh and unique as it did back then. For me, even if Starbreeze hadn't added in the whole new 10 hour Dark Athena campaign and the multiplayer, it would still be a "must buy" game, so with them included it's a huge bonus and an absolute bargain.


| | See all bigsutty's reviews (9)

well wot can you say the films are great and the games even better. riddick has to be the best character ever. i had butcher bay for the xbox and loved it was the best stealth game out. now they have done it again with dark Athena its awesome. the online is great good old skool death match plus a few other modes. the only let downs online are not many maps but sure they will bring more out and not many people playing online so EVERYBODY BUY IT.