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Mirror's Edge

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (140 reviews)"

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  A fast Paced, addictive and interesting game

| | See all eden06's reviews (4)

Now this game is available for the price of a good DVD, there has never been a better time to play. The story is fairly standard fare but the stylised graphics make good use of the technology and the feel of the game is very appropriate.

At it's core, this is essentially a time trial game, getting a player from A-B in the quickest time possible with at times multiple paths to your destination. Once the immediate gratification of the story has been moved aside there may seem like very little to do, with only a few time trial maps and a tiny bit of downloadable content to enjoy. However this is really where the game becomes a more addictive experience and it's link to more pure, old school racing games really shows through.

Essentially the highest points on the leader board will always be dominated by those players who have put in a solid few hundred hours dropping the odd split second or two from their speed runs and exploring the game to that level of depth wont be for everyone. But at this price, it's hard to say no to what, to the casual gamer will definitely be a good 4 hour run through a very well realised futuristic cityscape, and to the more hardcore score grinder, a much more addictive experience in a thoroughly beautiful playground in which to perfect your performance and runs using some very, very gratifying acrobatics.

For the casual gamer, buy, enjoy a few runs and trade in, for the hardcore leader board purists....you've already got it anyway, right?

  Cat & mouse FPS

| | See all 360gamerater's reviews (3)

This is a cross-genre FPS/platformer which looks and plays very well. Set on the rooftops, subways and streets of a Big Brother city you play as a dissident with some awesome parkour abilities.

Evasive action is the watchword here. The system work really well and presents more of a challenge in enemy evasion than Assassin's Creed does.

Yes - there is hand to hand and artillery combat but don't buy this expecting an all-guns blazing FPS. It is definitely original, skilful and fast paced and only very rarely is it frustrating: if you fail you will restart from a well-placed checkpoint. Perspective and aim is important in this game making evasion suitably challenging.

LOOKS great
GOOD LONGEVITY because you will want to play through flawlessly without checkpoint restarts. good additional content
STORY uninspiring but at least passable
well at Beginner and well on Harder difficulties
**** as there were a couple of bugs in places, and the projectile weapons occasionally felt really clumsy
original, challenging and exciting

  Something new!

| | See all TheMike92's reviews (27)

when i played the demo for this i had to buy it... its something completly new, you play a free runner on the run from the cops.. pretty simple story but with this new gameplay that wont matter, the graphics are good but not great but if you cant get thrpough the storymode then theres time trials for more arcady gamers, and if you love thestory then when you finish try the speedruns, there addictive, overall 9.5/10


| | See all RyanSimbo's reviews (44)

This game is amazing. I rented it when it first came out and when I realised it had to go back, I bought it for about 30 pound. I can't get enough of this game, I've completed it a few times now because I think it is pretty easy when you get the hang of it and complete it the first time round. Although, it's a great game to go back to and play again and again without getting bored. 5*


| | See all SamsSales's reviews (41)


The game is free running, or parkour. Type that into youtube. It's great this game its in first person view mode, you feel like its you running around. Controls are simple its like one button to jump and u just run into walls she'll climb them if she can, or if not then jump from the wall to another wall behind that. It's simple enough after a while, and is a great fun game. AMAZING VALUE AT 3.50 LOL stupid the way its at that price because this is a great game, but i dont know... just buy it.

  fun, fresh but flawed.

| | See all eddiedean's reviews (19)

a very original game, that could redefine the way fps' are approached.
it gets repetitive though, and the battles look like they came out of a ps1 game.
but as a whole it is a very fun and relaxing game, and you will definitely have a good time playing it.
i, for one, have high hopes for the sequel.


| | See all Math3w's reviews (9)

the control in this game is hard.. some of the races are insane.. and I personally found it refreshing.. (at first.. but having fallen one too many times is very very frustrating)
original game
go for it.

  Finally a fresh idea and some fresh excitement!

| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

A must for all serious gamers!
This game is awesome. The buttons are a little difficult to get the hang of as they are not naturally set out at first but you soon get used to it and there is not another bad point. The game lets you run, jump, hang, flip, wall run, swing and string together sequences of moves off almost any in-game object or surface. You can spend a lot of time sneaking up on your pursuers and killing them with your amazing moves or just steeling their gun from out of their hands and shooting them. Alternatively just be fast enough and skilled enough to run past them without taking a hit.
Its great that you can choose how you want to play: as a gun wielding athlete or as a silent and evasive innocent.
Brilliant imagery and graphics with outstanding gameplay and level dynamics. Never get bored and never want to put down the controller. A must for all serious gamers!

  Very Original - Gets Boring

| | See all REVIEWMEOFF's reviews (17)

I played the demo to this game before i bought it and all i could think was how original and quality the gameplay was. The graphics are pretty good too. However once i had the game i became bored of it very quickly. Every level was so similar and you end up just running around and jumping..... and thats it. The combat is very poor, its hard to shoot/fight people and you generally have to just run away. Over all i think this game was a nice idea, but far too repetative.