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Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (3) (Solus)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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| | See all ACDCman's reviews (5)

OK the game is good and some of the music is fantstic but its called legends of rock... I see Guns and Roses, Pearl Jam, Mountain, Foghat, The Who, Eric Johnson who are legends but c'mon Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party and AFI they are not legends where is the stuff like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen its stupid.

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| | See all 0Skater0's reviews (3)

Amazing game
Great tracklist - Only half of it suits the legends of rock title tho... we need some jimmi hendrix, van halen and other real rock legends rather then bands from now time like the killers and afi
dont get me wrong their amazing songs but they dont suit the tittle...

All in all amazing game
will certainly be buying guitar hero 4 when thats out into this year or next year
deffintly need some jimmi hendrix tho

  a complete bore

| | See all derekparker's reviews (6)

bought it and put it down about an hour later it is terrible, the guitar is too loud and the songs are just irritatingly boring as they just drag on

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  Lets rock

| | See all GfanUK's reviews (8)

I'd never played a Guitar Hero game before. But with the new wireless guitar and a release on the 360 I thought'd I'd give it a shot. I was not disappointed. Somehow this game makes you feel like a rock star, just by pushing coloured buttons on a plastic guitar. I love it

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  Yes Please!

| | See all Mickie29's reviews (1)

I've always wanted to play guitar but was never able to grasp it! Played GH2 at my friends house and was hooked! Went out and bought this and WOW! So much fun. Once I got the hang of it I couldn't put it down! Even my girlfriend approves!

  Pure FUN!

| | See all Jonothegreat's reviews (4)

So much fun, good online, nice characters to unlock like the amazing slash and some of the best songs ever made


| | See all kurtthedrummer's reviews (3)

this game is just truely brilliant. i dont even play guitar,(im a drummer infact and i look forward to rock band),this is the first one ive played and i cannot remove my eyes from the screen.i recommend this game to everyone.it WILL give you hours of fun and enjoyment.if i could do a 10 star rating then i would.just superb

  Amazing Gameplay...

| | See all yorkied's reviews (1)

Sure it is the same as all the other guitar heroes.... but nothing can beat the expirience of playing the co-op mode with your mates. You even get to play as rock legends like Slash, Tom Morello and even the Devil (Lou)

  Mostly More Of The Same .. Will That Wash A Third Time?

| | See all Erasmus's reviews (15)

The answer in this case is yes ... mostly. The Guitar Hero franchise has always been about the music and the difficulty curve ... it's fair to say the third installment finds a reasonable groove in these regards.

Considering the torch has been passed to Neversoft (as Harmonix are on with the imminent Rock Band), it's refreshing to see that the developer has mostly stuck to the groundwork laid by the previous two incarnations. The mechanics are the same, holding frets and strumming notes, hammer-ons and pull-offs and so forth. The one note of interest here is the error margin for hitting notes has been relaxed a great deal, so it's easier to pull off a lot of the advanced techniques ...

... which is handy, because there's a hell of a lot more to play. Seasoned GH veterans should have no difficulty with Easy or Normal, but Hard and Expert are much more of a challenge (if you thought Free Bird was tough, try a dose of Metallica's "One" or Dragonforce's "Through The Fire And The Flames"). Be warned that a lot of hard work is needed to get through these difficulties, practice is the key here. Additionally, the tracklist was well chosen and seems to suit the difficulty curve well between the earlier and later levels.

One welcome addition is the more fleshed out Co-op mode. The bass / rhythm parts seem to be more considered and much more technical on later levels, and the addition of a co-op career mode is great, though it would have been better having both online and local play here. The online co-op is limited to quick-play or competitive face-off & battle, but at least it's there, and it's great fun whichever mode you choose.

The other new addition to GHIII is the Battle mode, which requires hitting certain combinations of notes to unlock 'attacks' (such as broken strings, amp overloads) which you can throw at your opponent using the guitar tilt. It's a valiant effort in revising the formula, but in practice it's actually a waste of time, and not particularly engaging.

Despite the few criticisms, this is a solid third in the series, and credit has to be given to Neversoft for not dropping the torch. If you already have GHII, you may find more value in the Solus pack, but the improved wireless Les Paul in the full pack should be considered, especially if you're serious about the co-op mode (where you will need the second guitar).

Play This If You Liked: Guitar Hero II
Worse Than: Being Tom Morello

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  Great fun

| | See all papalazarou7's reviews (1)

Like the last review I too have only played the download. This was my first experience of guitar hero and myself, my sister and my nephews were all rocking away within half hour. I dont consider this to be my usual type of game being a fan of F.P.S.s but we had loads of fun. Cannot wait for the full game to come out this Friday.