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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (With Exclusive Steelbook)

Released on 20 March 2008

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

4.0 out of 5 (216 customer reviews) | Write a review

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While Logan Keller is in pursuit of Irina Morales in Mexico, Six has ordered your team to Vegas. There, terrorist mastermind Alvarez Cabrero is hatching a scheme to bring Sin City to its knees - and it's up to your team alone to stop him from turning Vegas into a devastated inferno.

Return to Sin City for the last time in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and put an end to the terrorist threat. There, you'll unravel a web of betrayal that will take you beyond the events of Rainbow Six: Vegas. At a remote hideaway you'll witness the astonishing conclusion that will bring an end to the crisis in Vegas... once and for all!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (With Play.com Exclusive Steelbook) Includes:

  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Windows icons & avatars
  • Instant messenger thumbnails, backgrounds and emoticons
  • Forum icons and animated signatures
  • A selection of the best Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 videos

Game features:

    Full PEC experience: A greatly improved PEC experience - your character evolves online and offline, in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

      Advanced strategical A.I: Terrorist Leaders are now a strategic target for Rainbow - leaders control respawns, so when you take out the leaders, enemies can no longer respawn

      • Terrorists Enemies have a wider variety of reactions and use ballistic shields
      • Team Rainbow can use the leap-frogging technique for safely approaching an area defended by an opposing force Teammates cover each other successively when they move forward

      Enhanced multiplayer modes:

      • Up to 16 players
      • Two-player split-screen mode
      • 13 maps for co-op and adversarial play including three maps from Rainbow Six: Vegas, revamped maps from Rainbow. Six: Raven Shield and all-new maps

      All new co-op experience:

      • Co-op story mode: Two players can combine to play through the entire story mode
      • Jump-in-jump-out mode: A second player can jump into a single-player at any point, becoming a fourth teammate in the Rainbow team
      • Co-op terrorist hunt: Up to four players can work together to eliminate all terrorist threats on single and multiplayer maps.

      New adversarial modes:

      • Demolition: Attackers plant an explosive device at one of two predetermined locations and protect the bomb until it explodes
      • Team Leader: Teams must keep their leader alive while they escort him to the extraction point while preventing the enemy from extracting their own leader

      customer Reviews

       Average rating (216 reviews)

       not there best one but still good

      | | See all jacksonmilliken's reviews (8)

      Top 100 Games Reviewer

      There are lots of bad points to this game but one of the rare good points is the GAME PLAY and well thats the most important point about a game that the game play is good .

      Unlike run and gun shooters tactical shooters take a more strategic approach to taking out enemies. Much like R6 V, R6 V 2 takes this element in the direction of real time strategy, as players will command their squad mates on the fly. These commands are simple to initiate and include ordering your teammates to prepare for entering a room full of terrorists. Then, after peering through a snake cam that allows you to see what's going on inside, you can order your team to open the door, toss in a grenade, then storm in and take out whoever is left standing. You can also order your team to rappel down the side of a building and surprise enemies by busting through windows. This aspect of the game is hugely satisfying and really gives players the feeling of playing the lead role in an action movie.

      As described in the previous example, your goal is to strategically order the members of your team to take defensive positions that aid in your squad's victory. While scenarios exist in the campaign that will allow your teammates to do all the work, the game is designed to keep you in the action. In fact, you'll often choose to take point and be the first to rush in and clear a room full of bad guys. If your character dies in the process, you can choose a different strategy the next time around. For instance you may choose to have your two squad members hold their position at one door to a room while you take position at another door, then storm the room from both sides at the same time. If that doesn't work, you may choose to provide cover fire from an elevated position while your team takes care of business down below. R6 V 2 makes this kind of coordination easy and you'll have an absolute blast designing your own methods of attacking your pursuers. The beauty of tactical gameplay is that there is no one way to sucesfuly take down your atackers. Much like a game of chess, the experience can be different every time you play the game.

      With every good game come a number of bad elements. These elements may be in the form of glitches, oversights, lack of polish, or just plain neglect by the development team. R6 Vegas 2 is no exception to this rule and there are a number of annoyances that are worth mentioning. First off, your AI teamates dont always like to follow orders. For instance, after you've knoted up your ropes and give the order to scale a building, your squad may just sit there instead of acknowledging your command. This hapened a couple of times during the campaign and was downright frustrating. And when orders are followed, your squad mates do not always follow them correctly. While one teammate runs to the covered area you pointed out, the other often stops and kneels in the line of fire. They'll also run into you a lot and blatantly refuse to follow orders when there is clearly nothing in the way of their ability to do so. These occurrences appear to be the largest issues you'll experience. Luckily, they wont happen very often and will not hinder you from completing your mission.

      Another minor issue is with the game's voice command system that was introduced earlier in the series. What this does is allow you to issue verbal commands into your USB headset that your AI squad mates will follow in the game. This is a really cool feature that was spoiled this time around by its inability to recognize even the simplest of commands. Instead of following your order to "get over here your team will "frag and clear" thus starting a firefight that you have not been ready to begin.

      my advise is rent it

       A definite improvement

      | | See all SubsonicDust's reviews (10)

      Vegas 2 isn't the greatest sequel ever, but since the original game set such a high benchmark, it would've been silly for the developers to play around too much with a winning formula. What we've got with the sequel is essentially Vegas 1 but tweaked, tuned, and polished. The visuals are markedly superior to the last game's, the multiplayer has been enhanced to offer two brand new game modes and an improved matchmaking system, and there's plenty of new content to get stuck into and enjoy.

      In short, if like me you couldn't get enough of Vegas 1, then Vegas 2 is a must-buy. For those new on the block who are looking for their next fix of FPS-ery, the game offers a solid and entertaining experience, and one which you should definitely check out, even if its production values are a touch behind the curve.


      | | See all Aji621's reviews (23)

      People For god sake, it irritates me so much when i read "its not much different from vegas 1"

      What more do u want?

      Its a continuation!, Why change somthing if its already brilliant????

      the improvments that have been made such as sprinting and co-op story is much better, Lag? What? i havnt had lag so far and ive had it from release date, dont blame the game if your internet connection is poor!!

      The game is brilliant. The Graphics ARE Better, dont listen to what ever idiots say they arnt, its crisp fun fast gameplay.

      and the terrorists still have the same funny sayings, which makes it brilliant!!

      My Girlfriend hates the game, because it gets more attention than her, and For that reason, i love it!!

       great, but......

      | | See all andy117's reviews (3)

      After reading many reviews on this game from many different people/sites/magazines it became clear that nobody disliked the game...yes it did have some miner faults. First off:

      The campaign: In my opinion all FPS games should have an outstanding Campaign, if that is achieved then the multiplayer follows. However I only really enjoyed playing one mission (the mission where you land on top of a hotel and travel to the bottom). Apart from that, the other missions just didnt have a thrill. The opening mission for me should make you want to play the game and explore what the game has to offer. The campaign just lacked real thrill for me. However I did find that the variety and tactics that the player is able to use add alot of fun to the game. For instance:
      1)Voice commands: Great fun but lets face it..for any game that includes this addition into the game will always have troubles due to everyone speaking differently. But a nice addition anyway.
      2) Co-op: This added a whole new dynamic to the game, e.g. 2 door leading into a room...host send his team mates onto the other door, sets a flash bang then entry order as you and your mate enter the other door and pick off any remaning enemies. It may sounds slightly dull but when in that position it makes you and your mate think before just going in all guns blazing, remember the creaters of the game said the terrorists were smart(improved AI) and they were right, equall guns, usually always have a better position than you, and they have sheilds, a challenging aspect trying to take a guy with a sheild down.
      I'll not labour on and bore you..but you get the idea that if only the missions have that thrill factor I would be seriously considering a five star rating.
      Hopefully my next Clancy buy of End War has the thrill factor of a game or I will be dissapointed.

      This leads me to my final Point..The multiplayer. Two main points about it...
      1)The detail: It was great in COD4 about the perks, just being able to adjust your weapons added a new dimension to multiplayer. But Rainbow took for me to another level. The detail and depth in the amour/weapon customisation is fantastic..a real treat for me. There is so much option to choose from and when picked correctly and to your style, adds a hint of an advantage to you against the enemy.
      2) The depth: The depth in the maps really make you think about where your next move is before heading in. Rainbow is a FPS of thought than bust-a-move action..but dont twist these words and turn you away, all you need is a shotgun and the correct map and you can burst into any room and spill some blood. The depth in the maps could be criticised because it is to difficult to kill somebody because they can easily run away and you have lost them..but take the time to learn the maps..learn the good positions and your flying(it took me time to adjust to COD4 from halo 3)
      There is only 1 thing that lookng back on nowmade me certain its a 4 star game.....It lacks the addiciton factor...Halo 3 had it...COD4 has still got it. Rainbow just doesnt clinch it..could of been one heck of a game had it been released a couple of months before COD4, but COD4 has just set an all time high for FPS games, its gonna take something special to challenge or beat it and I believe all FPS game need to put that extra effort if they want their game to survive.

      Sadly Rainbow had fallen at the last hurdle.

       Don't compare to CoD4 this is a gr8 game

      | | See all TheShume's reviews (6)

      What i cannot understand is why people keep comparing this to CoD4. I believe R6V1 had the original ranking system so in fact CoD4 stole it and tweaked it a bit. Also people keep saying the game play is slow, well that is what Rainbow six has always been, it is not a charge in and shoot them game it requires tactics and some stealth, notice how there is no melee, that is to stop people doing that. In conclusion this game is actually a gr8 game, the graphics are not that bad the game play is excellent and i highly recommend it to anyone.

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      Rating16+ (PEGI)