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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Excellent Graphics

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

Well after watching the film, and being absolutely blown away i decided to pick myself up the game. Why the hell not ey?

Having played it, at about 50% completion. The game gets a 4/5 overall from me. But 5/5 for graphics

Everything seems to be to my liking to be honest, the graphics are immense, the storyline is long with an extended strategy based bonus extra which is actually quite fun to play to be fair. The fighting is good and i love the fact that you get vehicles to have a mash around with.

For less than 15 note pieces its worth it without a doubt.

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  3D is pretty sweet.

| | See all Bragg2012's reviews (1)

Just got this to try out my new 3Dtv, stuck the game in side by side mode and then flipped the tv to 3d mode and bobs your uncle. I had to tweak with the 3D settings for a while, both on the game and the tv to get it at a comfortable level of depth but this is expected when first setting it all up.

The graphics really come out to play in 3D mode and it really immerses you into the world. The downside is its not a really engaging game, the storyline isn't as immersive as the graphics and the control scheme is rather clumsy at times when there is a lot going on.

  Good Game

| | See all DancerBoy1990's reviews (2)

Avatar in my opinion is a really good game, with an ok storyline that is different to the film which in my opinion is good because it gives you something different also the effects and game play are awsome.
Its easier to be the humans then the avatars but good with either.
overall its a good game especially for the price of 15 pound.
advise anyone who wants good game for a cheap price that this game is for them.

  NAILS 1976

| | See all Nails1976's reviews (45)

I bought this game for 15 pound after watching the film. This game is the nuts it has stunning graphics good game play and you get to be both the Navi and Marines. If you love third person shooters then this is the game for you its really good i love it 10/10

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  Very good game!

| | See all ultramikeness's reviews (4)

Really enjoyed this game. Great price from Play and service as always. Having completed the game with humans I am looking forward to playing through with the na'vi. Great game!

  OVER RATED!!!!!!!!

| | See all footycarlo123's reviews (3)

the only reason why i bought this game was because it was like (5 STAR FOR THE AVATAR GAME) but its not i dont really like the way the story line DOES NOT follow the real story line from the movie. the gameplay is alright for both RDA and AVATAR but the map on story mode is restricted to one small path and its hard to get around to check points and when you do get to them and complete the mission you have to travel like a million miles to the next checkpoints but u do have these hores that you can travel on (if u are a avatar) but they are hard to control and the gameplay can glitch sometimes and if you are thinking that this game is easy achivements WRONG they are all secret achivement this secret achivement that. over all dont buy this game for over 20 quid AND AS I SAY IN THE TITLE THIS GAME IS VERY OVERATED so buy this if u want but i would NOT recomend this game

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  bad story, average gameplay

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

it was always going to be hard making a game from the film and unfortunately they failed. Finished the marine campaign and by the end I was almost asleep it was that boring and samey. Then I started the avatar campaign and wow was it one sided. Me on my own against hordes of people with guns armed with a bow and sword, you can guess how it went - not well. This game is just another cowboy vs indian scenario which they have tried to balance out but have horrible failed on the avatar campaign. The main problem with the marine campaign was it was completely repetitive, same missions and enemies over and over.

The online however has its moments and though it may not be great, it can actually be fun as the balance between the races actually works (most of the time). However I did end up in a match as a na'vi where although the rda got vehicles I got none and spent most of my time wandering bored across the map.

The graphics are nice though.

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  Not bad

| | See all halochrisf's reviews (3)

i agree with GeoShu. it's got a great story line to it. but the gameplay has just let the game down, although it has the 3D option on the game for 3D TVs. just don't expect the graphics to be as good as the film.

  Good Story, Poor Gameplay.

| | See all GeoShu's reviews (6)

The film was fantastic, inspired me to buy the game (against my better instincts)

+ Impressive Enviroment.
+ Doesn't follow the film.
+ Conquest mini-game is fun for a while.

- Missions can be very mundane.
- Combat basic and boring.
- Mediocre graphics.

DO NOT, pay anything more than 20 pounds for this game.
Even at 15 pounds it may not be worth it.

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  Excellent game

| | See all Manarchy's reviews (6)

First off the game was not based on the movie, it is based around the movie. The same world, the same species etc. Also some of the things put in the game made it into the film like some vehicles. If your looking for a mirror of the film then your not going to get it IMO.

I found it an absorbing and wonderful world to play in whether you choose to be the na'vi or humans. Each race has a different storyline by the way, so the game wont be the same for either side after you have made a choice. Also if you are human then the world is a hostile place indeed.

I have played the game through as the na'vi and i finished it in around 12 hours, im expecting to finish it in around the same time as a human. This has given me 24 hours of playing the game straight through without doing the side quests of finding a certain amount of things like A-Pods or killing a number of enemy per level. Then you also have the side game of Conquer which is a light hearted take over the world game but does have a bearing on the main single player game with added bonuses.

All in all i reckon for only 15 pound you have about 40 hours gameplay out of it and for that i cant complain.

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