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Scene It? The Movie Trivia Game (includes 4 Scene It? Big Button Wireless Pads)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Its alright but....

| | See all SJG1983's reviews (41)

Played this game over a mate's house.

If you in to your films and a bit of a film buff get this


If like me you don't watch many films or just never remember the directors etc don't both as you will be last every time and you will receive abuse from the in game host bloke


| | See all SamTysall's reviews (20)

This is a FANTASTIC game and a must buy as this bought our family closer together over christmas and even our kids 6, 5 could play it and had sooooo much fun :0)

  Not bad at all, yet ...

| | See all WhipAss's reviews (1)

As already heard in other reviews, after a couple of games, some questions start to repeat. One good thing is that when you think you've seen it all, new puzzle types pop up which keeps it interesting.
The developers could have come up with something more orginal than a game host that is a "Buzz" wannebee.

The BigButton game pads are fantastic... quality, look and feel. Only hoping that new trivia games come about so you can get more out of them cause after a couple of weeks playing the specific game, things will get boring.

All and all, good fun when having friends over - which is the main idea....

  Want to improve your Gamerscore? Buy this...

| | See all jack21's reviews (12)

This is a good relaxing game that will test/improve your knowledge. The Achievements are easy to unlock and a great way to boost your Gamerscore. I have got 940/1000 for realtively little effort. There are loads of questions, but after about 6 hours total play-time they start to repeat (but thats good for unlocking achievements!). Strangely though - some new questions appear while its starting repeating others.

It was pleasantly surprising how hard some of the questions are, and it tested me a bit. Younger kids/children may find it too hard, and get frustrated with continually being wrong. In addition, I felt some of the questions were aimed more towards the US market.

Overall, a good game that kept me busy for many hours over Chistmas. Despite the TV/marketing, it is just as fun playing single player.

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  good fun

| | See all Smudger67's reviews (2)

I got this game for my missus at xmas and it is good fun to play but I must agree with the other reviews that there are some repetitions and weve only played it a few times however saying that there were some new game types last play that I hadn't seen so it balances out. there was one issue for me though as the game has a very american feel with lots of the clips and questions being about american films you may not have heard of and asking which tv acctors son now plays for the LA rams or something, these things don't seem too bad at first but there are some rounds where you all just look at each other thinking "how the f!!?? would I know that?" however it does give a very level field for you all to play at. Like one reviewer said it is good value as you get the controls and they are all wireless plus you get batteries for all of them and it is fun to play especially if you are only getting it out for parties as the repetition issue won't be a prob cos you hopefully won't remember the answers, this is just as good as the buzz games I think it will keep us amused for a while to come.

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  And the award goes to.... Not Scene It?

| | See all Gremlin1986's reviews (3)

This game is pretty brilliant.

But it's not the best console quiz game out there.

When you get started it seems really fun, then you sit through a minute long clip of a black and white film you've never seen. This isn't a problem in itself, it creates a fun atmosphere if you haven't got some smug person who knows all the answers.
This is only the first problem you'll encounter though. The guy that taunts, encourages and belittles you is trying too hard to be "Buzz" from the playstation game of the same name. He doesn't even come close though, in fact, sometimes what he says is irrelevant.
Also, if you decide to have a party marathon and play the long game about ten times you'll soon notice the same questions popping up.
This is extremely evident in the soundbite round.

But don't think this game is rubbish, it's still got 4 stars.

This is because the game is great fun. A bit of alcohol or a few jokes in between rounds soon pass the time and help you ignore the guy talking.

Also, as a four player quiz game this is amazing. And although the questions are repeated a bit quickly, i'd be amazed if there weren't updated versions coming out within a few months.

Buy it, play it, get any new versions and enjoy the show!

  Brilliant Party Game

| | See all peter92's reviews (9)

This game is really good at a party with its inbuilt party mode so you can join and leave the game as you please and with downloadable content + new scene it games and different games altogether. Things can only get better.

  Great for wet weekends and parties.

| | See all WelshAdam's reviews (21)

If you're feeling bored and want to kill some time with family and friends or whatever the scenario, then I'd strongly recommend this. It's ideal for parties and anyone who's generally into this sort of game. Sometimes you will get repeated questions despite what the description says about "Minimal Repeats", which I imagine can make it wear thin rather quickly, especially if you're going to be playing on it regularly. Nevertheless, there are a great range of questions which are fun to answer even if you're not all that big on films.

The pricing seems rather fair too. I'm far from a hardcore gamer so I'd usually say that £35 for a game is considerably steep but bearing in mind that this package includes the 4 controllers, the little infrared detector thingy which plugs into one of the consoles USB ports as well as the game and all itself obviously, this is a fair bargain.

A good bit of fun for even the most casual gamers like myself, perhaps not on your own so much but certainly with others. Well worth the money!

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  Mulitplayer Brilliance

| | See all Shmozy's reviews (15)

Ive not played it on my own, as i really dont see the point.

But the Multiplayer is just incredible
the fun you can have on this Game is Fantastic
Esp when You beat a Die Hard Rocky Fan when you get some Rocky Questions

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  Just what the 360 needed!

| | See all jamcal's reviews (3)

What a good idea this game is. I played Buzz on the PS2 a year ago at a party and had hoped that the 360 would bring a game out in the same format. Now they have I think it has everything Buzz has and more.
I have managed to get my wife to play on the 360 too, amazing! she hates the machine normally.
I am hoping that they bring out additional vesions just as the DVD versions have.
All round a great game to entertain the family.