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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game Of The Year Edition)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (66 reviews)"

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  Nice graphics, but horrible fighting

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Oblivion is a game that you can't let go of, for the first 50 hours that is. The Knight of the Crusader quests are great, but when you're done that, the game gets quite booring. The storyline is alright, but you could ask more from a game with such high expectations.
The most irritating part about Oblivion is that when you level up, the world around you also level up. For example: In the beginning at level 1-5 when you're out in the forests, you might meet a wolf that will attack you, but when you are at around level 30-35 you will meet bloodthirsty minotaurs around every corner of the road that will literally hurtle you into oblivion with their horns!
All in all, I think its a game you should play simply because its a classic and you may or may not like it.

  played this game for more then 404 hours

| | See all suzynoclue's reviews (1)

Best rpg ever! A lot of quests and side quests. And most important, it's a real freeroamer!! Ride on a horse, fight with monsters, break in as a masterthief, kill every-one and everything or just pick flowers;) A MUST HAVE FOR ALL GAMERS! I can't wait for Elders Scorlls V Skyrim...WANT TO GAME IT NOOOOOOOOWWWW


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What a great game and now you can get all 3 of them! Lovely graphics and story with easy controls. The scale of this game is massive with it having a free roaming land which has no end. Get this game if you like RPG's. Word of warning though requires alot of playing time.


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... you either love it or you hate it "/
at first i was thinking "ok, this is slow and boring" but once you escape the sewers it kicks off, first of all the oblivion gates. when you come to your first oblivion gat its hard, but when you ge tthe hang of it the become a fun little challenge when you run into them, and if you didnt like closing them then you can just simply ignore them "/. the main questline was fun, trying to find deadric statues and recruiting towns to help in your fight, whats not to like. and if your not a fan of the main quest then theres brilliant alternative questline to take 'The Dark Brotherhood', 'The Thieves Guild', 'The Mages Guild', 'The Arena' and 'The Fighters Guild' each with a completly different style of mission,
Now for the shivering isles...
Not the best DLC ever but its adds a good 10 hours of gameplay to your oblivion game, plus theres some good things to get out of the quests like new swords and better armor, but the whole quest seemed like it was a bit too obvious of what was to come at the end (wont spoil it for you though)
Overall 10/10

  Classic Victory

| | See all ShikariKid's reviews (4)

Elder Scrolls is one of the first games i remember playing for Xbox 360 and it's amazing.

The graphics are outstanding to say the least and if you're an achievement hunter then you'll find that they are fairly placed on this game.

The storyline is enough to keep you interested and with way over 100 hours of game play you won't be getting bored anytime soon.

It's defiantly worth the money

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  Out standing

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Seriously this game is amaing. I have had it now for just under a year, and my god it great. I still play it about four hours a week, when im not playing my newer games. Vast vast vast vast vast vast vast game. buy it now

  Not enough words to describe how good it really is

| | See all Jackarsenal1992's reviews (24)

Its just brilliant at any price i absolutely love it and there is so much to do that you will be hooked with your character and you can play it again and again becuase it truly is that good. The all time great game of the Xbox 360 time.


| | See all Bionicman1979's reviews (8)

The best RPG game ever. I know nothing that compares to it, except maybe Frontier Elite - for those of us old enough to remember that! Ive had this game for years and still play it from time to time - its putting it down that's the hard thing!! Its completely open ended. My only critism is the fighting style is a little poor, however it excels in every other aspect so well that its not such a big deal. I have tried to get a few of my friends to like it, some have loved it and some have refused point blank to even try it- usually its the whole Dungeons and Dragons theme that puts them off ie. Magic Sword of Akatosh with 25 frost damage! Understood, its a bit geeky, but absolutley brilliant!! If your not put off by Elves and Magic swords then buy it. Love it.

Trade in your real life for a pretend one.


| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

In my opinion this is by far the best game ever made! There is endless replayability, amazing graphics, a HUGE open-ended game world to explore {over and over again} and you will never grow bored as each experience someone has is different from another persons'. This is compounded by the fact that you can make choices during your quest which affect how people treat you, how much shopkeepers will sell items to you for etc. There are lots of guilds to join and do objectives for {these are extremely fun}, such as the Fighters guild, the Dark Brotherhood, The Thieves guild and The mages guild. There is also the arena, {a Roman-style colloseum battle arena} which you can fight opponents in and fight your way up the ranks. There is never a shortage of things to do in this game, whether you are exploring the hundreds and hundreds of dungeons, caves, forts and ruins or maybe you want to create some potions or sneak into someone's house to steal some valuable items. You choose the way you play; e.g. sneak around and stealthily pick off enemies or go in all swords swinging or casting some destructive spells like fire, lightning, frost etc. There is fantastic variety in this game to suit all gamers and with well over 100+ hours of gameplay time {for the main quest and guilds-----not including the add-ons} this game is well worth the money! As I said there is endless replayability and even after you finish the main quest {which is brilliant and so well put together}, you find yourself just running around working on levelling up your character, or finishing some more dungeons or completing some side quests to help people out or make some extra gold etc. You will never find yourself bored and considering the fact that with this Game of the Year edition, you also get The Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine add-ons. Wow!! As if the original game didn't have enough content in it..This adds even more excellence to an already excellent game!! It should be against the law for Xbox360 owners not to have this game! It is an absolute MUST-BUY!! In fact this game is so good that it just seems inadequate to give it only 5 stars! I love this game and I'm sure you will too. Do yourself a favour and just buy this game, you will not be disappointed and it is pretty cheap these days aswell.


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This is one of the best games I have ever played!!!!!!!!!!
Ill describe a bit about the game.
This is an rgp, I was never into rpgs, until I played a game. I heard oblivion and I thought, Wow, what a catchy name! So I gave it a go. I got this in 2007. I have not traded it in since then.
If you want to go on an adventure, you can do just that.
If you want to pickpocket someone and place a sword in their pockets you can do just that. If you want to be a mage and make friends and practice spells, you can do just that. I, personally think, you should get it for PC. But Xbox is all the same and is still epically truly amazing.
This is on of the best games of my life, and the day I got it I couldnt get to sleep, so I played it all night long. Its that attractive.

This is the Game of the year version, and I, personally must say that the shivering isles and knights add ons are AMAZING. You must by this. You'll regret it if you dont!

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