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Bully: Scholarship Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (121 reviews)"

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  best purchase

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purchase went good deliverd in 1 day just like ps2 version but even better overall fast delivery and in good condition

  Best 360 game I've bought

| | See all Fleurz92's reviews (14)

I'm actually glad to be able to write a good review for once because i seem to struggle to find a game that i really enjoy playing and for it to not be riddled with flaws. I like to think the producers have actually put some thought into the games, and they definitely have with Bully. Originally called Canis Canem on the PS2, which i completed, i wanted to play through it again on the 360.

I like the whole idea of the game. its very clever just how many things you can do on it. Maybe the thing i enjoy about it most is its nice and simple, and a smallish map that doesnt take half a day to cross. Its created by Rockstar so the whole ideas surrounding the game are just like GTA, except the kids version. The thing that used to annoy me about GTA were the maps were too big, and i often found myself crashing my car into traffic halfway through a mission. The good thing about bully is you cant drive cars, and there isnt a load of traffic, so riding around on your bike, skateboard, moped or go-kart is hassle free! Something that makes the game just that bit more enjoyable!

The missions are nice and easy. Okay so its a bit cheesy some kid can take on an entire school of people and beat them all up. But its a game, and you dont see it often, so just enjoy it! There aren't any guns or anything like that, so you dont walk around a 15 year old serial killer. But anyway, the missions include you fighting the groups of the school (bullies, jocks, greasers, nerds and preppies) that all take a disliking to you. You have to do missions that in the end, leave you having a 'meeting' with the group 'boss'. the missions in my opinon are fun, and like i said, no need to use cheats or anything like that. The side missions, like the classes can get very difficult (ENGLISH and GEOGRAPHY!) so i used a walkthrough to help me with just some of those.

Enjoy the freedom of being able to do just about everything - pulling fire alarms, picking locks on lockers, doing errands for people, collecting over 200 clothes, going to the fair, doing street races etc etc etc.

A decent game, that unfortunatley i finished, because i loved playing it. Nice easy 1000G that takes time, but not a pain in the backside to get.

Definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a laugh or a game they can just relax and play.

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| | See all SamuelUKMedia's reviews (3)

Takes A long time to complete has a good story and is good enough graphically to push the 360 , I am dead happy with it !

  great but glitchy

| | See all aaron77's reviews (7)

A brilliant and fun game to play.funny, brilliant gameplay, extremely fun missions and lots of things to collect to get 100% game completion. Would have been 5 stars, however: There are a few very annoying glitches where it freezes and you have to start off where you last saved which is annoying if you haven't saved in a while. It has happened to me around 12 times. I don't know if my disc is just bad though so it might not happen on all copies.even so, a must buy!

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| | See all Lillyanne's reviews (10)

I really enjoyed this game! Sometimes its good to play a game that isnt too much of a challenge and I think its really well thought out. Really well written, large map and gameplay. Even once youve completed the main storyline, there are lots of other little things to do!


| | See all Ghoatek's reviews (5)

The game is pretty good. The story is a bit lame and the graphics are out of date. The gameplay is fair with a lot of minigames and tons of things to do.Rockstar made a game just like the Warriors but it does not have the same greatness.


| | See all sgmbe91's reviews (1)

I got the game coz it was onli about a tenner and id heard it was good so i ordered it. All in all its a good game just theres a couple of glitches and stuff that stop it being 100% the game seems to freeze every now and again mainly in the middle of a mission which is a lil annoying and the aiming system needs abit of work but all in all a solid game that is also quite fun


| | See all acnescar's reviews (12)

I have brought this game twice because it was so brillant. Its better if your still at school when playing it though . Even though the storyline is a bit silly it`s still a great game.

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  Back to school

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

I bought this game in the sale after all the hype surrounding it. I have to say all the negative press must have been from people who actually never played the game, it is actually anti-bullying! This game is a lot of fun with elements of GTA about it but also very different. Start off with the basics, small school map and grows a lot until you get the full experience with all the surrounding towns. You can do multiple lessons for bonuses and the key missions that move you on to the next stage of the game. I do agree however with some of the reviews on here, even after downloading the patch it did freeze on me on a few occasions, and the graphics are not really next gen at all and more like glorified PS2. These issues however do not impact the whole game enough to put you off. The game itself may be a little short if you just play it straight through, and to be honest, I had to go on the net to find out how to complete some of the lessons (especially in the time allowed). All in All though, at this price especially, good fun game taking you back to your school days :-)

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