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Test Drive Unlimited (Classics)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  A breath of fresh air

| | See all RetroGamer101's reviews (2)

simply the best racing game on xbox 360.playing this game is a experince you'll never forget.this games has a special aura like cod 3.this is my second review and i only review the super best games of all times.

  Great time consumer.

| | See all xWeegeex's reviews (1)

Good game with alot of things to do, a great method of passing time but its nothing special. Average graphics and gameplay.

  Average game but still worth it

| | See all kostas22's reviews (2)

As I had previously owned the PS2 version of TDU, I decided to purchase the Xbox 360 version recently. The two are surprisingly different (due to the PS2 version being made by Melbourne House and the 360/PC version by Eden).
First thing - TDU is unrealistic. The car seems to float across the ground rather than actually being planted to the road like it should. The graphics are also mediocre, and the game cant seem to load fast enough when traveling at high speed through built-up areas. And that was when I was offline. Even the PS2, considering its hardware limitations, was better in terms of speed.
The gameplay itself is lengthy. You have to travel through every road in the entire island looking for events - rather than just beig able to go to them. Sure, some exploration is fine, but to make sure you have found every possible event takes hours (probably days - but I havent been counting).
The police in offline mode are impossible to escape from once you reach the maximum wanted level - no matter how fast you drive, more police cars keep appearing in front of you.
Also, the photo editor is rubbish. Not that anyone would ever use it though...
BUT its selection of cars is reasonable, and the Challenge Editor (for playing your own tracks against others online) is good too. The Instant Challenge feature is also good - so that you dont have to bother going to look for places to race.
Considering the price (currently £10), I would buy it anyway - as long as you dont get bored really easily, this game will last for hours.


| | See all Coreylad's reviews (1)

I borrowed this game off a freind and its amazing racing up and down the streets with other players and this game is full featured and never gets tiring deffo bargin well worth the buy


| | See all marchespie's reviews (3)

The gameplay is great and the online is even better. The only downside to this game is the graphics are quite dated and are not as good as most other diving games for the 360. The price for only a tener you can bag yourself hours of fun. Definetly worth getting.

  Well, ok.

| | See all gjallarhorn's reviews (32)

Was good in it's day, but does have it's faults. To the point.

Graphics are dated,
Car physics aren't realistic and handling is poor,
Island is big, but feels too empty,
Can I turn my lights on on my car? There is no night time here.
Good variety of vehicles,
Some missions are very rewarding,
Fair value for money.
Police in the game are far too harsh.

  had this from day one and its just a Classic

| | See all underplayed's reviews (3)

Test drive unlimited is a completely different type of car racing game. It still is a car racing game, no doubt about it, but it lives up to the hype of the moor (massively open online racing) genre it has now invented, and does so with aplomb. When playing test drive unlimited, you genuinely are able to do pretty much whatever you like, and (so long as you're connected to xbox live) you are pitted in a dual single and multi-player world from the get-go. It is in this blurring of the lines of on-and-offline play, combined with the scope of the environment that you are set in, that test drive unlimited really impresses.

Good challenges and races
Great range of beautifully crafted cars
Mixture of on- and off-line play
Genuinely innovative driving game
Well balanced learning curve

So for me this game is one you will keep playing over and over


| | See all XboxEliteCrew's reviews (13)

If you like racing games, this is a cheap little gem. You will be glued to it for hours and you won't want to put it down. The graphics are good, physics are good and there is a big variety in cars. You can customize your character and choose your perfect house. You can tune the speed of you car, customise the colour and if you want, make your own club between you and your friends and family on Live.


| | See all sparty142's reviews (6)

This is a fantastic game with hundreds of cars and bikes to buy and race. But it is not just racing, you can explore the Hawaiian island you are on, buy and tune vehicles, buy houses in which to keep your cars, and challenge other players. In my opinion this is the best racing game on the 360!