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BioShock (Classic)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (438 reviews)"

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  Fascinating game

| | See all SuperSolidus's reviews (14)

I will be honest I wasn't too sure about this game at first because of the dark nature but wow I'm glad I gave it another chance. Rapture throws everything at you whether its Big Daddy's, mad splicers, security bots, turrets etc you name it it's there. The story springs a few surprises keeping the game fresh with continuous unlockable weapons, powers and upgrades as well as playing mini games in order the search for cash and other little goodies. There is the comedy feel to bioshock that sets the game a part from the rest making the game really enjoyable throughout. Overall this is a must buy.

  Utterly Fantastic

| | See all bertiebubble's reviews (23)

Bioshock is possibly the best game I have ever played. Gameplay is amazing, graphics are awesome, storyline is unreal. There is no other game out there like it.
The replay value is brilliant as there are multiple endings and you can experiment with various weapons etc...
It brings you into another world that is big, colourful, frightening, dark and unique. I particularly love the oldfashioned 'setting'.
Cannot wait for Infinate, buy this game and you will not be dissapointed!

  would you kindly buy this game

| | See all jjlovesamerica's reviews (21)

This is a phenomanal game full of mystery and wonder. okay a bit gruesome but my gosh a hell of a game with a story line that got me hooked from begging to finish. better than halo reach to me any day just bought the second one. you will get the joke in the title if you play the game have fun!!!!!!!!!

  How can this be bettered?

| | See all Beefylips's reviews (8)

What else can be said that hasn't already been said about this game? There are further superlatives to be used but in the end "awesome" will suffice nicely!
This is not a game you will "get" straight away. If there is one minor criticism that can be raised it would be the way the game commences - a rather loose and rushed sequence where your plane crashes into the ocean without very much contextualising prior to that. However, as the plot progresses this comes to make more sense, as does your very presence as a player in Rapture's undersea environment.
This alone, coupled with the fabulous array of Art Deco architecture and design, means you will be interacting in an environment that has not been featured in any other game before or since.
So the gameplay - immediately you are working with tools and weapons and this is boosted further a couple of levels in when you obtain your first plasmid. The uniqueness of each plasmid and the fantastic concepts behind them of them (wasps - you've got to see this power in use to get the full impact) are just great. Very quickly you'll settle on a couple of favourites; mine was electro-bolt. Alongside these what FPS would be complete without pistols, shotguns and crossbows? These are all there to be used.
Achievements are very accessible, although one or two near the end were pure guess work - taking Sander Cohen's photo when he is dead, for example. The rest are a matter of utilising original features such as the camera, killing certain gene splicers and getting through the remaining levels.
The dialogue that goes along with your journey is good and collecting the additional voice recorders throughout the game provides hints to secrets and these add further background.
Hacking does get pretty repetitive but does genuinely help you as you disable locks, security cameras and gun turrets or open safes for lots of cash and goodies.
The supply of equipment and ammunition is quite well staged as at times I was running very low; dangeroulsy so in some instances and this means you conserve your shots rather than go hell-for-leather.
There are a couple of spoiling points - I thought visibility through the suit porthole when finally your character becomes a Big Daddy is awful, and rather than making the game more challenging actually spoiled it greatly. Also the end is as rushed as the opening sequence and a little cheesy.
However, I still have "Welcome to the Circus of Value!" ringing in my ears and the Little Sisters / ADAM / EVE creations are pure genius from a story point of view.
This game sells regularly for under a tenner and I obtained a limited edition metal tin version from Play for less than the value of a brown-back, so why are you wasting time reading this?! Get yourself a copy today and enjoy one of the best gaming experiences you will have on any platform, ever.


| | See all easynow's reviews (12)

Seeing as FPS games are ten a penny these days, it felt like it was going to take something special to make me sit up and notice an FPS again but this game acheived it. I completed the campaign on Halo3 in days, it took me weeks to finish this masterpiece, even after first completion there is still so much to do, well buy it and see...

  A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys!!

| | See all TheMike92's reviews (27)

This game EASILY earns its 5 stars. A game set in an underwater city overun with splicers and lunitics (Very Nice). walking through the city of rapture is bliss, Really its the best gaming enviroment i have ever seen. the plasmids and tonics a great, being able to earn different tonics which help the way you hack or how fast you run, whats not to like, then theres the plasmids which give you powers , XD. and i havent even got onto the big daddies yet, WOW these were one of the best designed enemies in any game ive seen, just the right difficulty that you dont mind running into them once in a while, and they look great too xD
one of the best games on 360, MUST BUY

  Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

| | See all texasjack's reviews (1)

The voice of Andrew Ryan welcomes you to the dystopian underwater city of Rapture, and begins what is possibly the greatest gaming experience you will ever have. The design of the city is one of the most outstanding features of the game the underwater setting being more than easy on the eye. Whilst the vast and dark corridors create the kind of atmospheric tension that some games can only dream of having.
Drawing influence from the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, this games storyline is another of its outstanding features, creating a complex and riveting history of the city, as well as one of the most unique antagonists and most perplexing plot twists in recent history.
To finish all I have to say is;
"Would you kindly, buy this game"

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| | See all Ardboy1's reviews (3)

This game was great, i enjoyed every second of exploring rapture, it kept me hooked and definately worth my money, i would recommend it to anyone :)

  Splice is Nice

| | See all ponder's reviews (32)

This is an atmospheric game - the Splicers can be really creepy. Plenty of shooting, but you also have to think about what you're doing. Well worth picking it up at classics prices.