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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Its C&C and its goood !!

| | See all Angrypeppy's reviews (98)

Firstly, this does not break the mould and follows the same path as its predecessors. That said, I like the format, the controls work well and some of the kick butt weaponary means ground troops can be tough as nails. Another worthy addition that continues the good vibe.


| | See all MNM448's reviews (15)

Gotta love this game. Every bit of it is exciting with controlling different armies and using all sorts of powers. This game will keep you entertained 24/7.

  Kanes Wrath!

| | See all Hus101's reviews (1)

If you like strategy games such as halo wars or tom clancys endwar then this is the game for you!! ...Its a very addictive game i just got it today and have been playing it all day ...many different types of forces you have your ground and air fighters which is really nice the graphics are really good gameplay is easy at first but can get hard at times ...tutorial in the beggining really does help if your new to rts games overall it is a superb game i would have given it 5 stars if it had more unique stuff within the game and alot more different forces to choose from but apart from that it is a great game!

  nothing special

| | See all themadhatter182's reviews (37)

Essentially a slightly re-vamped tiberium wars. With a few new units including the massive redeemer and MARV tanks and the faction specific units - which frankly suck, but make the game slightly more interesting.
The campaign mode is easy, regardless of the difficulty setting and can suffer from extreme slow down in various places. The clockface selection tool often sticks on a unit after using it to select, which is mildly irritating... Some missions are really anti-climactic as the build up is suddenly destroyed with "mission complete", and the bonus objectives are pointless as there's no achievement for getting them all...
The acting in the video sequences is pretty bad, but thats to be expected. Kanes wrath is a good RTS and follows well from it's predecessor, even if it doesn't bring anything new to the table.
To be honest I wouldn't be too depressed if you miss it because it's nothing special, If you've got time to kill it's alright.

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  CAC kanes wrath

| | See all xbox360harry09's reviews (1)

great game new sub factions a new type of game called kanes changle witch is like a test really of all the other factions
over all great game best cac yet red alert 3 good but this is better

  Simply amazing

| | See all jemmylemmy's reviews (31)

I cant fault this game really
Great graphics!
Great controls!
Great gameplay!
Two things that are slightly annoying are that it takes first time strategy players alot of time to take in
And the sad act people online ruin it because they play it way too much and have no life

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  a must-have for C&C fans

| | See all bleedingpepper's reviews (93)

unlike the PC version, you DONT need C&C3 to play this game. it works seperately.

the game itself is really good. in terms of the armies, there are now 2 additional sub-factions for each of the main sides (GDI; Nod; and Scrin) making it 9 armies to pick from.

sadly the story campaign is pretty short however, which is the main criticism and it only involves the Nod factions meaning that it restricts the purpose of the extra sub-factions which is a shame. at least you can use them in the skirmishes and in online games though!

the control system has been greatly improved since C&C3. its pretty similar, but the vital addition of the 'Command Stick Interface' makes life much easier (you hold Left Trigger and use the analouge stick to pick an action/menu represented on a 'circle'). as a result, ive found this game really enjoyable and less frustrating to play than C&C3 (as much as i really liked that as well, the controls was a real issue).

the exclusive Kanes Challenge mode is a nice addition. it makes up for the fact the GDI and Scrin armies have no storymode, but is repetitive as all 9 factions have exactly the same missions to play through.

overall, its excellent. the short story mode is the main criticism, but the new control interface is excellent, and its great to see it carry over to Red Alert 3. C&C fans should definately buy this.

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  c&c continued..........

| | See all xxKLSxx's reviews (18)

Wey it's command and conquer.. Differant and new units, menu system is much improved from tiberium wars, yet another great c&c title, roll on red alert 3..
Good game, good graphics, really hard and solid online :-)
Play me... O kls o

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| | See all Aarona's reviews (2)

Great game £25 is well worth it. Boot camp is a great idea that helps alot. Controls are easy to use and this game has come on alot from red alert on the ps1 this game is more futuristic than red alert which was like back in the days.
Graphics are great and gameplay is very good. You will get into this game quickly unlike most games.
And you will be playing for hours.
Well worth getting

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  Soild game

| | See all James06's reviews (126)

Great game which will keep you playing for hours. The thing which really makes this game even better are the easy to use controls which makes controlling your force an easy task.

The campaign is good although a little easy and online is great to. Once you have completed the campaign give Kane's challenge a go as this will keep you busy for a while as well as allowing you to play as the different factions.

Over all a fun and exciting game. Would recomend this to to anyone both new comers and old to the C&C series.

Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
Gameplay 10/10
Over all 9.5/10

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