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Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Its ok.....

| | See all RandomPerson's reviews (3)

Its a lot more like the originals than Legend, however, they have also a lot of the bugs and problems of the earlier ones, like occasionally you have to make sure you are perfectly aligned for a jump or she will miss, and 99% of the time you miss. Also, I found there to be other little bugs, such as creatures getting stuck, and Lara getting stuck in some cases. Also, the game seems to be longer, but I think this is largely to the fact that you have to go round and round in circles just to pass a room in many places. I have also found a number of places where she should have grabbed ledges etc, however doesn't- usually e.g. if you press a switch which brings a new ledge, she won't grab where she did before. I think they should have spent a little more time designing the physics of the game. However, it's still quite fun to play.

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  Like playing the original, except through rose tinted specs

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

After Tomb Raider II the franchise went down hill, the reason why the original Tomb Raider (TR) was such a success was not down to Miss Croft but down to the level design.
For TR Anniversary what those lads at Crystal Dynamics have done is to re image the original TR. you will find your self in a few environments that you don't remember, but for most of the time you will enter an area and feel all Nostalgic.
What is great is that though the puzzles are still there you may find that you now have to solve them in a different way.
My most memorable moment was stepping on the hand of king Midas, so when I found my self in the same room again I just had to kill Lara again for old time's sake. This is what I loved about TR the puzzles and the environments, TR is not a shoot em up it's a puzzle platform game
All the levels are there and it's just like playing the original TR through rose tinted glasses.
If you have played TR Legends then you will find control of Lara a breeze as they are exactly the same.
I like the fact that they have remade this and not messed with what made TR great in the first place.

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  P*E*R*F*E*C*T - G*A*M*E

| | See all SamTysall's reviews (20)

We loved this game and i have played all the Tomb Raider games and this is by far the best ever :0)

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  At last the Tomb Raider I remember!

| | See all Foxlyn's reviews (11)

I played this on the PS2 and when I got a Xbox 360 I bought this game, because I was curious about the differences. I am pleased to say alot of differences, the graphics are better, the moves more fluid and the sound is great. I love this game and was nice to see they didn't repeat the mistake of Legend, although that was way better than angel of darkness. It truly is a tribute to the original Tomb Raider game.

  The Challenge of a life time

| | See all Vern69's reviews (34)

Gameplay (9/10) - Each level took me several minutes to complete and along with artifact and relec hunting comes even more gameplay! Certainly one to keep you entertained for a long time.

Graphics (8/10) - Great backgrounds and detailed atmospheres - more work could have been placed in to the Lara's look i.e. weapons and the enemies she faces.

Achievements (6/10) - Achievements can be easily achieved for picking up certain weapons, but certain achievements such as find all relics and artifacts on one level is very time consuming.

Overall (8/10) - A well worth purchase for any Tomb Raider, but still not up there with such Tomb Raider classics as The Last Relevation or Tomb Raider II.

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| | See all Stalios88's reviews (1)

I have liked every tomb raider game ever made (including chronicles and angel of darkness) but have to say this is the best yet. It's the origianl with the playability of Legends . . . perfect!

Does anybody else agree that remaking the second game in the same way could possibly be even better???

  Tomb Raider How it Should Be Harrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

| | See all shefflad's reviews (6)

Im a straight talking guy so ill keep this simple, quality game from start to finish, this is one of the best 360 titles out there and for £25 squid its a steel.
To be totally honest, this game is in my top 10 games of all time finally tomb raider has been resirected, and brought back to life, thanks crystal dynamics and eidos uv made my life that little bit happier.......!!! CLICK TO BUY N0W DO IT. DO IT NOW!!!!!

  Better than Legend.

| | See all Straughan88's reviews (54)

This is tomb raider at its best. At least in this one you actually rade tombs unlike some of the levels in Legend.


| | See all MazzaMarriott's reviews (10)

I got this game at £14.99, in the sale. Just to see what it was like, and it was great, the graphics, the game play, the story line, the controls.
After the first mission it just gets better and better! The first boss, the T Rex was amazing, took me a few goes but i finally did it. I am still playing it now, it takes forever its great. so many missions and checkpoints to reach. It gets harder and harder as you make your way through it, and thats how a tomb raider game should be, it requires more thought to complete the levels and tasks set.
I didnt think it was going to be that good from the reviews i read before. But for me, it was what i expected, the Croft manor was a great effect and just how it should be.

Great game, buy it and see for yourself.

  sheer torture and tedious

| | See all 360PROgamer's reviews (1)

ive only played this game for 2 hours..but i found myself going round and round..you can forget the achievements because every time i tried to explore an area i kept ending up sliding down some ravine and back to the start of the level!!!! i only bought this game because i played the demo of LEGEND and liked it but it was out of stock,,the grafix are poor and so is the gameplay and controls..if u like chinese torture then buy this game..if not steer clear...

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