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Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Long Live Lara Croft!

| | See all Leonhart's reviews (30)

Considering the original Tomb Raider came out nearly 12 years ago, this game just goes to show that we will never tire of Ms Croft, even after over a decade of her adventures.
If you have played the original TR (and if not why not?), then this game will bring the fond memories of Lara's first adventure flooding back, only this time with a much more fluid control system, new areas to explore, fantastic graphics, and much better and more exciting puzzles. For anyone who hasn't played TR, then this is one of the best Indiana Jones style adventure games that money can buy. Think, exploring vast empty tombs, full of traps, treasures and monsters, and if you die no one can hear yopu scream.
Good as the original was, the find key, open door method did become a bit tedious by the end. The puzzles in Anniversary require a lot more skill and thought. For anyone who played TR Legend, then this plays much the same, only it lasts 5 times as long.
My only gripe about the 360 version is that, unlike TR Legend, the graphics are not proper next gen, and are only slightly smoother than the earlier PS2 version. The effect of this is that the textures and tones often look a bit washed out and untidy, as if you are running it on a low end PC.
Still, for 15 quid, there is no better adventure game you can buy for the 360, and unlike most games you pay £50 quid for, and finish the same night, this will last you a good 20+ hours with plenty of replay value in finding all of the games secrets, and unlocking all of Lara's costumes.
You will not regret buying this game, I only pray that one day a remake of TR2 will come, as this is still my favourite to date. Enjoy!

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  She can raid my tomb!

| | See all Tewit91's reviews (77)

OMG!! for £15, seriously buy this NOW!!! you cannot get a better game for £15, no matter what console you're talking about.
I just can't praise it enough, especially at this price!!

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  Felt Good

| | See all GameMuncher69's reviews (10)

Felt good to play Tombie again after all these years! The game where, for me, it all started. Improved graphics and gameplay, just buy it for the sake of playing Tomb Raider again. Tidy price, cant go wrong.

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  Blast from the past

| | See all Almerfud's reviews (4)

this game really is for any one who thinks that the first tomb raider was the best one,they remade it but in a 360 way,i forgot how hard the first one was,its great for its value.

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  Brilliant value, gorgeous game

| | See all JayPlay's reviews (19)

I loved the original, and this is a classy remake, with the usual awe-inspiring caverns waterfalls and dungeons. It ISN'T a con title, it IS a remake of the first Tomb Raider game, where Lara is hired to find the Atlantean Scion, only to be betrayed by the businesswoman who hired her.

So, if you're thinking that a tiger, bats, and a "castle" where in the beginning of the Tomb Raider saga then you're wrong, and mistakenly remembering Tomb Raider 2 (the "castle" was supposed to be a section of the Great Wall of China).
Basically this is a huge amount of fun for 15 quid, with nice unlockable secrets to boot.
And just to clarify, it really IS a remake of TR1.

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  TRA review

| | See all gizmob21's reviews (18)

I did enjoy playing this game. The graphics & game play are fantastic. But, at times the difficulty of the game brings the occassional disappointment which leaves you with a blank expression.

Don't get me wrong though this still is a great game and puts previous installments (angel of darkness) to shame.

This game also goes into more depth with the storyline & only has a few new controls which helps as previous players haven't much to learn & can get back into the game quite fast. Give this a try but dont let the occassional difficulty get you down.

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| | See all Bobski45's reviews (2)

If you had the original 10 years ago, buy this game. Legend graphics, original game with a few twists. Well worth 25 quid.

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  I can Take It Or Leave It

| | See all Steve1969's reviews (54)

1st of all I had the original Tomb Raider on the playstation and I loved the game and the promise that this goes back to the good old days of Lara Croft was very appealing to me.

My 1st impressions were good, alot of climbing and jumping and the occasional battle with a bear, bats or wolves.. here i found the 1st problem, while the shooting parts work pretty well in wide open spaces they dont work so well when you are confined to a narrow corridore in a cave, trying to jump or roll out of the way while shooting usually means you end up jumping into a wall and falling within reach of the beastie thats trying to munch you and the rage headshot also has problems in tight spaces.

My next moan is the achievements.. im a average gamer and for me to complete an entire level on the 1st attempt without dying is probably above my skill level but this is what you have to do to get your gamer score up.. or complete the level finding ALL the artifacts and items and while this isnt exactly beyond the reach of pro gamers some casual gamers may find this frustrating.. also killing the bosses only seems to get you points in you do it on the 1st attempt without dying.

While the game does have more of an original Tomb Raider feel It just didnt give me the same feeling as the original did, this one felt like it was just going thru the motions and attempting to impresinate the original.

Graphics wise its much much better than the original tomb raider, Lara's breasts are breast shaped and no longer look like 2 traffic cones and i would say they are slightly improved on the graphics on Tomb raider Legend.

This isnt a bad game but while playing it i just felt like it was a cheap imitation of the original, lacking in so much of original but then i could just be looking back thru rose coloured specticles.. oh well, it will pass the time until COD4 and Assassins Creed comes out.

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| | See all AGameRA's reviews (4)

Having already played half of this game on the PC, I have to say Crystal Dynamics have really pulled the Tomb Raiders out of the ditch that Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness had dug it. With totally overhauled controls the game feels fluent and easy to grasp along with capturing the originality of the game still. Manoeuvres such as jumping from ledges, to balancing on poles and even to swinging from ropes are all handled easily by the innovative new control scheme. One element that makes a true Tomb Raider is the tense, isolated atmosphere it created, something which Legend had failed at returns in this fantastic remake. Exploring the re-designed environments really did bring a feeling of nostalgia, and makes you reminisce of when you first played Tomb Raider way back in 1996. Anniversary also allows you to explore Lara's home once again which is always a nice addition, something which a few previous Tomb Raiders had left out. Being a Tomb Raider it has to have puzzles and Anniversary surely doesn't fall short at this hurdle, you will find yourself encountering countless puzzles which will take you time and effort to figure out. Another addition which makes the 360 version all that better are the inclusion of achievements. Achievements really do enhance the gaming experience by increasing the playability value for the game. My only complaint with the game, which I'm sure a few will agree, is the camera angles. They aren't terrible, just at some points in the game you'll end up getting frustrated. Overall Tomb Raider Anniversary is a solid remake which is worth a buy, and only £24.99 you can't go wrong.

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