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Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (113 reviews)"

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  wat a game!

| | See all josephw's reviews (6)

wen i first got this game i fot it was gonna be ok not briliant. I WAS VERY RONG!!! the game is 1 of the best i ever played in fact id go as far as to say the best game ever! it is onestly fab!!!!! :O :O :)


| | See all acrobacebat's reviews (19)

Amazing game, Amazing graphics and a great story line..the game itself seems very very real and everything makes sense. Recommended to all

  Not the best..

| | See all 360trade's reviews (21)

Its ok, bad graphics though, id say it is worth around 5pound, sad to say i actually fell asleep while playing this game...ok, not the best

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| | See all PsyberPixie's reviews (2)

Such a good game has kept me entertained for hours, its like a supernatural GTA, hijacking tanks and helecopters, the whip power is very useful for this :-P. Very dark game, great story line but dont want to give any of this away ;-)


| | See all DoubleH1970's reviews (1)

This game is amazing, the storyline is amazing, the powerups and abilities you aquire are amazing the only thing letting this game down is the graphics but even the graphics are not terible. A definite must have game in my opinion.

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  Alot of fun

| | See all Jonboy80's reviews (3)

This game is so much fun, not really my kind of game but I have to say I loved it and played it to the end, you can run and jump around the city at will and get points to upgrade your powers of which there are many, this time your the monster and they run from you.

  Stand out from the Crowd

| | See all j2000nr's reviews (9)

Having read many of the reviews that this game has been given, i have wondered wether or not the people have actually played the game through to completion!! Let me explain why, the first part of the game you are presented with this god-like character who has all of the upgrades, then you are placed 18 days or so into the past where you have just escaped the labs where you were created. I don't want to say too much about the story as that would give all the twists and turns away. Then you start without any power ups and so have to go through the process of upgrading yourself through the collection of genetic material.

One of the finest points of this game, in my opinion, is the Web of Intrigue. This tells the story behind the events in the game, it reminded me of the '1000 years of dreams' in lost odyssey. Key characters in the game show up when they are near you, and if you consume them, literally, then you get all of their memories and the more you find and consume the more of the web opens up.

Controlling the main character is very easy, as the game is incredibly responsive, especially as you power up your character your parkour becomes very impressive. The offensive upgrades are brilliant, they cover all the main hand to hand combat situations that you would expect. i.e. the fast but weak claws, the very long reaching whip, or the super weapon, the blade. Defensive upgrades are also very good, there are only 2 though, shield and armour. As you progress you will also get the opportunity to drive / pilot tanks and helicopters, which have the most powerful weapons in the game, great for clearing out infected hives or military bases quickly, just don't stay in one place too long!

There are effectively two ways to play the game, the first is to kill everything that moves or the second is to blend in with the crowd, as when you consume them you can make yourself look like them. As the title to my review suggests i went all out destruction. There are of course downsides to this, such as the constant intrusion of the military, which as the game progresses can become difficult but with a few well timed sneaky consumes or a flying attack against the strike teams then you can easily destroy them.

The game actually takes place on the island of Manhattan and you are free to explore it right from the start, which is excellent, its worth taking a look around as there are lots of things to find.

This game is truly excellent, the graphics are superb as well as the game mechanics. This is the first 360 game where i have actually wanted to get all of the achievements. If you are a fan of action adventure games with a touch of an rpg - esque upgrade system you will love this game.


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  Too Much Freedom is a Bad Thing

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Prototype comes from the same school as many of todays games by being about experiments going wrong which results in fighting the military or the "infected" in order to survive. This weeks experiment is Alex Mercer who gains super powers after he's meant to have died and he can suddenly manipulate his body to form giant claws and rip everyone to pieces and can also absorb people and take on their memories. Not to mention the ability to go absolutely everywhere by running up buildings and running through everything; a normal run down the street becomes a game of car hopscotch.
The game gives you the freedom to destroy practically everything and kill anyone even though your not supposed to as too much freedom draws out the military but I question how effective they really are; a number of times I would be playing car hopscotch or a GTA style tank hijack or hacking people all over the place and the worst they can send is a helicopter that can be taken out by an air conditioning unit. While at other times I would rampage the city with my tank and not even be bothered the military.
In the end you'll lose interest in the freedom and do the missions just to get a decent challenge out of it. My point is that a game genre like hack & slash doesn't need to be open world to be fun and I don't think Prototype really needed to be open world. It's still good and I'll certainly choose this over many of the other "infected" games that litter the current gaming market.

  Worth a bash

| | See all cheekymunky's reviews (1)

Some of the reviews are a bit harsh. I Enjoyed the game, the concept is great, story was cool and the upgrades were awesome. BUT as others mentioned - it gets repetitive, and eventually quite boring. I'm glad I got it, and if you can get it cheap its worth a punt. A bit of a let down, but I'd be interested in a sequel (if the rumours are true!)