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Race Driver: Grid

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (182 reviews)"

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| | See all LiveforMusic's reviews (4)

This is a pretty solid title. The Graphics are stunning, the cars look amazing, and the damage is crippling.
Allthough lacking the customisation of games such as Forza, Need for Speed etc, there is a wide range of cars, tracks, and disciplines. You can however, create your own racing team, name it, chose the livery and the sponsors.The Ai is well scripted- if sometimes annoying- you get shunted about a lot- and the "progression up a ladder" idea is good. My only niggle with it is this- It's a little too... involved- not a casual game, you do have to really try hard to win at it, which I know, won't suit some people. That, and the seasons seem a tad short.

That said, this is a definate winner from codemasters, and well worth a look if you like racing games, or are a fan of the ToCa Race driver series.

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  Adrenelin pumping mind numbing excitement!

| | See all Hayez29's reviews (5)

If all you want from a racing game is fast paced action, crashes and pure racing, this is the game for you.

The game is probably the best racing game I've ever played, you can change the difficulty level to suit your ability! The damage is so realistic that at first you barly finish a race, but after awhile you get used to it and wonder why you always crashed!

If you like the technicalities of racing, and enjoy developing you car then this is NOT the game for you! However, if you just like racing I would recommend this game over any other.

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  Quality game and a bargain.

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Grid is one of the best racers on 360, even one of the best games on the console. It belongs in every petrolheads collection and anyone else who likes racing games will enjoy this. A weighty half sim, hal arcade feel make sthis stand out, as it is realistic but still fun. The graphics are fantastic and the crashes and resulting damage spectacular. There is a great range of cars and a lot of events, from Japanese drifting, to Touring cars and Formula 3000. This really does get everything it attempts right and with good, lag free online modes, this is the best racer on 360. A bargain that you won't regret.

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  Best racing game money can buy

| | See all gazza127's reviews (18)

Outstanding graphics,
Very realistic,
So many race/car options,
Very large game so well worth the price,
Challenges can be set to different difficulty levels if you find some races too hard.

I honestly cant think of any.

You are a new driver and you have the start your career by first racing for other teams. As you gradually start to win races and earn money, you can therefore buy your own cars and start your own racing brand. Earn money and reputation points each year until eventually you become the best of the best.

This is the best racing game money can buy. You cannot go wrong, especially at this price.

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  Good but very repetative

| | See all Fangula's reviews (6)

Really great game. Carries on some good stuff from the previous Race Driver titles. But i found it ver repatative driving in similar if not the same events just in a faster car. Track selection too small as well. Good game for passing the time. But if you want to do 100% you will get very bored very easily.


| | See all jakeyboyles's reviews (1)

this game is one of the greatest if not the best racing game released so far. Graphics are great! gameplay is brilliant. online even better!!!!

the games A.I do push you around alot and can get frustrating. but hey!! makes it more fun (Y)

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  Best bar none

| | See all moses2's reviews (2)

without doubt one of the best driving games ever made. The drifting alone in this is worth buying it for. Graphics are outstanding and the game content is amazing. 5 stars- buy it now

  Great Game

| | See all UkTuRkEy's reviews (10)

This Game Is A Must Have For All Driving Fans, Great Graphics,Great Game Play And If You Like Your Achievements This Game Just Throws Them At You. Would Of Given It 4 Stars But Peoples Easy Ability To Cheat By Tapping You And Knockin You Off The Road On Live Happens Alot!!! Cheaters!!!!!

  Best arcade racer out there

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

Graphically this game is spot on. The cars look stunning, the scenery looks stunning and it all moves at fantastic pace to give a real impression of speed, and there are no graphical errors or break that I can see.

I have Xbox 360 version. But have downloaded both PC and PS3 version and can't see any difference.

A real tough racer though. I have had this months as I gave up trying, but then I tried after a month or so and it clicked. And now I am racing to my hearts content.

The game includes lots of different styles of racing and not just tracks, demolition derby etc.

Each car drives differently. Old amercian muscles roll, tuscans under steer, F2 racer are very fast and brake late etc, etc.

The AI isn't bad either. You bump and bang, they bump and bang.

There is the novel reverse time mode. So if you do crash out you get 4 chances to reverse time to a point before your bump and away you go. Ok, the racers out there may bemoan such a feature, but to non racers and learners out there, it's a great idea to help save your race and keep up you interest.

Doesn't have to the features of such games as Forza 2. But, this game is better for not having them.

A top quality game, and now at a very very good price.