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Mass Effect: Limited Collector's Edition

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  Meh effect

| | See all Mafachu's reviews (2)

i thought the game was good , the storyline was aweful but the gameplay was good , almost a complete freeroam game. It didnt put enough focus on the side quests but the way they worked out the space travel was done well. the aliens in the game were very humanoid and didnt look as stupid as most other games would make them look ( i would give examples but im sure that would be slander) it is worth a buy but its not the best and its a steal at that price , i paid £40 for it and its well worth that.

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  Absolutely amazing

| | See all xbox360lordkable's reviews (12)

I bought mass effect after playing....and loving.....the star wars: Knights of the old republic games. It is simply amazing! Graphically...top of the line. The story is like a blockbuster movie with many twists, turns and discoveries that you feel the center of.
I couldn't put it down!! It unites everything that's good about rpg's character development and storyline wise. And the fighting system is fantastic!
This is probably the most enjoyable game that i've ever played. People say it could be better somehow, but let's be honest, anything could. Only improvement i can think of is to make it longer and give it more quests.
Cannot wait for number 2. Will be pre-ordering as soon as it becomes available. If you want a game thats full of action and makes you feel like the main character in a blockbuster movie, buy it. You won't regret it ;)

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  a good solid game

| | See all adam666's reviews (46)

The graphics are amazing and visually stunning, the storyline is deep and compelling, the characters are deeply thought out and make you compelled to know more about them. i believe the the action gameplay could be better as the AI of your allies can be a bit weak and die easily and sometimes are of no help. overall though it is a good solid game that will have sci-fi nuts and casual gamers drooling at the mouth. a recommended buy

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  So close yet so far

| | See all Redsand's reviews (2)

Don't get me wrong i thought Mass effect was awesome. It was visually stunning, with a well written story, likeable characters, whilst getting to design your own main character and its set in a star trek esc environment.
However i believe the game could of been better with a few changes which would bring it up into the RPG elite. Firstly the battle system is pretty much awful its fiddly and doesn't add anything to the game play. Secondly although the game has a massive environment to explore the story is infact pretty short with side missions which seem very repetative as many of the worlds you can explore are nearly identical to the others. Thridly, I love the whole character customisation but i think it could have been improved maybe following more towards the path of Fable?

All in all its a great game and i would advise anyone to buy it and i hold great hope and expectations for the next games in the series

  Simply Stunning

| | See all JamesHotdog's reviews (19)

I could go into great detail in a long review, however I will keep it short and too the point. I have been playing videogames on almost every platform since 1988, I own the big 3 (360, PS3 Wii) and im a 4 year subscriber on EvE Online. I can honesly say that Mass Effect is THE BEST game ive EVER had the pleasure of playing. Its a masterpiece in terms of gameplay, storytelling and graphics. Bioware has created a universe so dense and rich with Drew Karpyshyn that you get completely sucked in. The story and plot on a whole is a triumph but the reveal near the end of the game is an amazing piece of storytelling before the hairs go up on the back of your neck as you go head first into the games' home straight. As a sci-fi fan its double as enjoyable. I cannot praise this game enough and if I had one criticism it would be the close combat..its a little messy close in but that aside its impossible to call this game anything else other than an epic masterpiece. Buy the prequel novel BEFORE you play the game to set it up nicely. Its not necessary but adds to the event as a whole. Gamers...GO BUY IT!!!

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  Mass Effect takes RPG to a whole new level.

| | See all TheDoctor21's reviews (2)

This game is brilliant and i fully enjoyed playing it. Mass Effect has so much detail and input that you really get drawn in to the characters and the storyline.

The only criticism the game has received is that it is too short, this is nonsence as the game can be replayed using a whole new character identity.

This game shows just how impressive the Xbox 360 really is, a must buy.

  best rpg played yet, graphics next to none.

| | See all jodydonnelly's reviews (4)

there are seval reasons why this is a great game:

the graphics in the game are quite amazing, the movement and reactions of your character look soo natural, aswell as the skin tones of the humans and the other aliens, however, as any other game the is always difficulty making humans realistic and this game is no different, but the alians where done extremely well

the story to this game is great and it is not hard to notice why it was voted to have the best ending to any game out. the story in this rpg is based on your desions aswell as chocies made in the this game baing carried one to the next game.

in this game you can only cary 4 types of weapons, which are your shootgun,assualt rifle, sniper rifle and a pistol, but you can carry many of each and if you find anothe in one of the many boxes around the areas you can switch it and still carry the weapon, aswell as being able to carry many different weapons you can carry many different upgrades like explosive rounds or armor pericing rounds.

since i got this game several months ago i have completed it several times and have managed to complete it 100% and i would still play the game again i enjoyed it that much.


| | See all sazgamer's reviews (1)

This game is brilliant, i had started worrying that there wouldn't be many good RPG's for the xbox but this is something else! Beautiful graphics and well developed story lines, i'm enjoying evey moment playing this. :) I hope they bring out more rpgs like this in the future.

  What a game!

| | See all chastise's reviews (4)

Must say i was a bit late to get this game because i thought it would be rubbish. Then i found out that it was made by Bio-Ware i went crazy (Big KOTOR fan) first time i turned it on i was up till 4am and i had to be up for work at 7am, graphics amazing, story captivating, voice acting is top notch, go get it you won't be disappointed