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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Nothing else like it on Xbox!

| | See all BentleyBros's reviews (7)

The reason I love Sacred 2 is because there is really nothing else like it on the 360. You have a huge world to explore, hundreds of quests to complete and literally thousands of items to find. It is definitely one of the biggest games on the Xbox. Just like any game this big though, it does have a few glitches. The framerate is alittle bit wonky and the graphics rough around the edges. I also find the choice of using RB to bring up the menu alittle weird. Still though, Sacred 2 is an amazing game, especially when you're playing with friends (either locally or online). The sheer amount of loot to collect is definitely one of the reasons to keep playing, and the world is just dying to be explored. Sure the quests do get alittle repetitive after a while, but you soon forget about all that and just think about leveling your character and finding the best armour and weapons for them! If you're short on cash and can only afford one game, I highly recommend this!

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  Worth buying

| | See all ShikariKid's reviews (4)

Graphics - 8/10
Gameplay - 8/10
Storyline - 7/10

As there isn't many games on Xbox 360 that are this detailed in the form of RPG games, it didn't have much to compare to but however it is a great release.

The map is massive, and i mean massive. This game will give you many hours of gameplay just doing sidequests, and with over 500 Quests and 6 characters (Temple Guardian, Shadow warrior, High Elf, Inquisitor, Dryad and Seraphim) there is so many different ways to play.

Each character is unique and brings it's own style and strategies.

Granted, the storyline is ok but the game doesn't bring it out in much detail like an RPG game should but overall i give this game 8/10

It's worth the buy just from the hours you will get from playing!

  VERY Under Rated

| | See all EdgarismFrag's reviews (2)

This Game is a breath of fresh air! what a game! The scenery is very well done, the trees swaying in the breeze casting different shadows and the light sources flickering just brilliant.

Gameplay is very good, combat flows swiflty with each skill and weapon assigned to different buttons on the controller. there is a heck of a lot of equipment and 'Mobs' to kill that is a fact so many different variations and shapes and sizes its just fun to dungeon crawl. the classes and skills are picked by the player for whatever their needs may be (kind of like WoW with talent trees). another great thing about this game is the HUGE map i can not describe or compare the map with any other game its just HUGE, with different areas of climate and scenery and dungeons (which can go down multiple levels).

Massive world, lots of variety in monsters, items, classes, skills, scenery, and quests (heard theres over 600!)
Game camera is very anoying not being able to see fully ahead but you learn to use the Mini map to 'see' ahead instead.

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  Acquired Taste..

| | See all SLiiPKNOT's reviews (17)

Must admit I bought this game pretty open mindedly in the hope it'd be as good as it was hyped up to be. Was hoping for it to be better than fable, I found that it was quite boring. But it's a game that is to of acquired taste.

The graphics were pretty poor, and noticed now and again when walking around the frame rate was very shoddy and jumpy.

I'd probably refer it to more of a Oblivion game, I never liked that either. But I did like Fable. It looks like a good game for people into this sort of stuff and don't mind time consuming games.

3 stars were given because it looks the part, but due to an acquired taste just didn't get into it.

  Review of an early explorer

| | See all spunkyspew's reviews (2)

Game graphics were really good, as was the facility to put your items in a chest for your other characters. The game was easy to learn, and simple to master, sometimes too simple as mobs can be one hit on the lower settings. The early mounts, moved well under player guidance, and were easy to perform mounted combat from. Teleports were few and far between, so having the mount made questing faster.

On the down side, the mounts were very weak and died easily, not a good thing when you're paying a lot of hard saved gold for them. When you leave cities you are attacked constantly from mobs crossing the paths, making your path to your next quest objective a constant battle. This made questing hard work, to the point where the game lost it's enjoyment for me.

The game somewhat got better as I levelled due to the mounts being higher level that I bought as I levelled, and having the ability to run through the mobs due to having more health at high level so didn't have to fight them to survive. However, the amount of mobs that the programmers put in at low level outside of cities, for me, made the game somewhat un-playable. Most games of this type I have come accross have very few or no mobs on the paths at low level making the environment safe for the young adventurer.

I feel that if you want a simple adventure and have a great deal of determination, then this is the game for you.

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  Just get this game !!!

| | See all DinkyDonky's reviews (3)

Its just so much fun to play.I'm not such a RPG fan,but I've tried Fable 2 and Oblivion and to be honest, its more fun than both of them.True,the graphics arn't as good as fable 2 but you do get used to it .For the first 5-10 mins you might think why they say its so good but half an hour into it and you get more and more drawn into and by the time an hour or 2 has passed your hooked.Yes it is that good.Recommended and they say there's over 180 hour's of play great value too. Well under rated for sure ....

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  15 out of 10!!!!!!!

| | See all Acrez1's reviews (1)

This game is amazing i love it so much there is just so much stuff to do it is amazing im on like 13 hours and unlocked about 6/7% of the map it is huge if u like fantasy RPGs u will love this. Its like a cross between Fable 2 and World of Warcraft, i think it much much better than Fable 2. This is by far THE most underrated RPG on the 360, if u are unsure about this game like i was, DONT BE its amazing!!!! 15 out of 10 !!!

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| | See all stringer11's reviews (1)

Really good game so fun with your friends online if you like rpg games this is a must buy its a under rated game!!


| | See all LilShaun's reviews (16)

this game was great, although the quest system was very annoying. almost every time you updated a quest it would return back to class quest. and i felt the skill system introduced you to the amount of skills too soon and ruined a lot of the fun.

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| | See all sarahtotty's reviews (1)

This game is amazing if u like things like diablo and everquest game then u will love this.Me and my hubby been playing for 2 days now and the game is huge .I think we only actually explored 2% of the map in this time. The diffrent classes u can have and there skill progressing make this game a great find for RPG lovers and the armour u can find is endless altogther a great RPG game for anyone who loves questing and the hack and slash games.

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