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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (209 reviews)"

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| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

I wish i'd of brought this game along time ago to be honest. I used to watch my friend play it and I was a bit scared just looking at it. The game will scare you get you wont be able to get yourself off it it's that good. Your kept in constant suspense and the storyline is very gripping and thrilling. There are loads of different enemies and guns to use and special powers to use and special areas to explore. Especially for the price of around 7 pounds get this! 5/5 one of the best single player games I have ever played.

  Dark, eerie and atmospheric.

| | See all Shadrad's reviews (8)

Dead Space lands you in deep in outer space on a spaceship full of tentacle enhanced beings that ultimately want you dead.

Armed with an arsenal of weaponry and an impressive armoured spacesuit, its up to you to ensure that you prevail under rather unfavourable circumstances.

Whilst navigating the eerie corridors of your intergalactic vessel, you are tasked with surviving the horrors that have been housed with you in the space shuttle - the tentacle beings.

Dead Space is a visually appeasing title with rich detail from the ground up and encapsulates the ambience of a dread ridden spaceship with a wonderfully creepy score.

During your adventure you'll be tasked with drowning foes in bullets, fearing what's lurking around the next corner and solving a number of puzzles in order to progress through sections of the level.

As Third Person Shooters (TPS) go, Dead Space is one the best around and thanks to its unique surrounding, is a welcome change from some of the type cast titles that make up the TPS genre.

  A ~Must buy for any console

| | See all mikepowell162's reviews (4)

i have never felt such fear from a video game as i have when when walking through the tight corridors of the ishimura. A simply outstanding game well worth full price

  Horror In Dead Space

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

When a Deep Space Miining Ship goes dark after a planet crack in deep space a repair crew is sent to investergate, what has gone wrong on the ship. After docking the crew is attacked by grotesque monsters and for an engineer called Issac Clarke it becomes a fight to survive.

Dead Space is one hell of a game that will make you jump all over all place, an easy enjoyable storyline and will writen charactes just add to the over all feel of the game. The aliens are well designed and the ship it's self gives a great haunted house feeling.

Buy this games and you will not forget it in a hurry.

  if you dont buy this i will kill you

| | See all aragorn7's reviews (76)

you simply dont know what you are missing,and the price is awesome.as soon as i completed it,i started again with my upgrades,thats how good it is

  Very, very addictive

| | See all MetalLoverBen's reviews (16)

When I bought this game, I wasn't expecting much. There was next to no hype about it and nobody I knew had bought it. When I first put the disc in and started playing I thought 'Wait, this looks pretty good'. The more I played, the more atmospheric the game felt and the scary moments really added to the addictiveness of the game. It was like 'I have to complete this game so I can put it down and stop being scared'. The game is very polished, the graphics are excellent and the gameplay is original.The very little hype this game got was very decieving. It blew me away.

  Fantastic Game!

| | See all crazyboy655's reviews (10)

I enjoyed the game very much! The storyline was fantastic and the weapons were awesome. Non stop killing and fun around every corner! This game is a must buy!


| | See all Jammy2791's reviews (13)

Get it. its just fantastic, anoyed that all my achievements went (after getting them all) because i had to make a new gamer profile, but its still just awesome

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| | See all deadbolt's reviews (10)

I can't speak highly enough of this game. it's an immensely engaging, brutal, gore filled, insanely scary third person shooter that's unlike anything out there.
You don't know what's going to be lurking around the next corner throughout. It just keeps you hooked and at nerve's end from the very start.
Go out and buy it before number 2 comes out, and when it does, go get that as well.