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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (209 reviews)"

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| | See all STALKER's reviews (23)

This game here is the epitamy of horror games, truly an amazing and terrifying experiance, especially with the creatures scutleing through the vents, looking to attack you when you least expect it, and dont think running into sealed room will protect you, the enemies are amazingly smart, and will look for air vents of floor panals, etc. to kill you, theres plenty of upgrading weapons, armour, however you will need to turn off all the lights, and stick on the surround sound to max, then you will truly feel deeply imersed into the gameplay. Just expect plenty of gore, and horrific noises, and that is just the surface

  Sacrriest Game Ever

| | See all daxter's reviews (10)

Be scared, very scared. This is fantastically atmospheric with pure jump out of your skin moments, at last the survival horror genre is back to its best. Play it if you dare.


| | See all baker2d's reviews (29)

so i have played through the first chapter.. and omgosh.. this game is a must.

I'm not the biggest survival horror fan, I am more of a COD4 veteran. However.. this is a pleaser.. honestly. You do need this.

  Dead........... AWESOME!!!

| | See all Kristo's reviews (13)

Now this is what survival horror is made of. Dead Space gives you fantastic graphics,great storyline & a million others superb things. Ever seen the film event Horizon? It borders on that slightly. I dont jump at most things but this game made me about 5 mins in. Graphics & gore are superb & it always keeps you on the edge of your seat as you sneak round the every corner. this is what its all about. BUY IT!!! 5 star

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  Dead Great!

| | See all biotom's reviews (50)

There is one thing to say about this game; IT'S AWESOME!! Gameplay is perfect, the atmosphere is nervewrecking as hell, the action is great and the graphics are stunning, but the best part of this incredible game is the sound! This is a game where you won't be able to relaxe a bit, you will always be on the alert, and that's definately not a bad thing. A must buy, no doubt about that!

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| | See all davepz's reviews (3)

If you like doom, and GOW (fluid controls), buy this! Flawless looking game. The sound is unbelievably amazing and surreal.
Feels like Res4, a compliment of the highest order. Just play on hard. There are far too many save points, i don't want to ghost through the game, takes the tenseness out the game a little? Hope not. One and a half hours in just finished mission one. 11 to go, yes! Bring it on, lights out.

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| | See all Madmarky01's reviews (1)

Ok got my copy of this today and what a game this is a must buy for all Horror fans by far the best game i have played in a long time there is no hud so u have to keep your eyes on the screen and sometimes u dont want to this,thiis a scary game dont play in the dark alone or will need a new pair of shorts
GFX -10 cant ask for any better
Sound -10 used to the maxium
Gameplay 10 Get ready to be scared
Controls easy to master but there is not quick turn around but thats not a bad thing
Overall this is a must by game u will play it more then once im sure

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  Superb Sci Fi Horror

| | See all corky2k7's reviews (102)

This is brilliant from what i have played i wont ruin the story but it is great and very scary/jumpy so if you likethis kind of thing defanatly get it and its reviews from sites show its the best of this type since bioshock

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  Exudes excellence... and a whole lot of blood and guts!

| | See all Outini's reviews (1)

This is the kind of game survival horror fans have dreamt about playing on their next-gen consoles. It has a fierce atmosphere of dread and succeeds in making you jump. There are dark corridors you just don't want to go down because you have no clue as to what horrors await you next. The quality of the build is phenomenal sporting one of the most ingenious inventory/HUD/menu systems in modern gaming with all of these elements slipstreamed into being part of the game, keeping you absorbed in the very heart of darkness and action. And let me tell you there is darkness... and action... and blood, lots of blood! The story, plot and voice acting are some of the best you'll see all year too. Do yourself a favour and have a nervous breakdown by buying Dead Space and playing it alone... at night... with the lights off. You'll be lucky if you see the dawn! (Not for the faint of heart.)

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