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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (209 reviews)"

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  One of the best games

| | See all Rino83's reviews (1)

Dead Space is one of the best games I have ever played.
I started playing with a C64, so I played a lot of games, but this one is awesome!!!

  *insert clever pun here

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

keeping it short.
this game is essentially using the same style as resident evil (before it went bad - resident evil 5 i'm looking at you) with the controls etc.
other good points:
- careful aiming is needed, adding to the effect
- incredible audio
- decent length
- a different pace of game to many others out there
- very good price

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  Dead Space - Dead Good

| | See all SneaksieThief's reviews (3)

To summarise:

Good points:-

Fuidity of movement is excellent.
Longevity of game is excellent.
Weapons are varied and interesting.
Atmosphere is spot on.

Bad Points:-

Not really that original, using elements mostly introduced with other games.
Subtitles too small to be really useful.
Environments a bit repetitive.

Good game.

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| | See all Hiedihi's reviews (3)

Right ok! Ive orderd this game, came on Friday, I played it but .... this might make me sound sooooooo thick but can anyone advise me where to find a weapon?? I was sooo excited when this came as I heard it was really good but I just cant find a weapon and these alien things are just killing me so can someone please help me?? I know it sounds soo stupid and I sound thck but I'm just totally stuck!! Thank you.

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  Great Game

| | See all NeeBaby's reviews (7)

This is a fantastic game but christ does it go on and on. Still playing it well over 10 hours in total and no where near the end yet. The graphics are good, gameplay excellent, missions do not get boring and definately makes you jump! A bargain at 15 quid.


| | See all AgentInter's reviews (5)

I picked this game up due to it's price and the fact that I was bored. It was made by EA so I wasn't expecting much and when it came I threw it to the side because I forgot that I even ordered it - I had no intention of playing it.

Then a couple of weeks later I was bored and decided let's try this out. I was shocked, just shocked. How the hell could EA make a game this good?

This game is one of the best games I've played this year, the game is simple, the controls are simple and it doesn't take long to learn how to play effectively. The atmosphere and environments are really good and the death scenes were amazing.

Achievement wise, most of them are fairly easy and rewarding to pick up with one achievement being ridiculously frustrating and another requiring you to complete the game in the hardest difficulty which is tough. It'll take two and a half playthroughs - minimum - to get all 1000 gamerscore available in this game.

I don't want to say much more as I'm sure all the other reviewers have filled in those gaps but this game is a game I'd recommend to others.


| | See all Turnman's reviews (12)

Dead Space is one of the best games I have ever played if not the best. I am a big gamer and this satisfied my needs it has everything from a great story to the graphics being brilliant and is probably the scariest game you will ever play so it's not for the weak hearted. One of the things that stand out is that there is no HUD which means more room for great graphics and they really make it realistic with your health bar on your back and your ammo on your gun its is truly a stunning game.

  A Masterpiece

| | See all KartingBod's reviews (1)

Survival horrors arnt what they used to be like it the old days of resident evil 1 etc but dead space keeps this catagory alive, the fact that your just an engineer with no combat experience adds to the horror as sometimes you have to run away while been chased, the slow controls makes this happens instead of the "press 'A' to obliterate everything in the room in 1 second" approach that alot of games opt for these days, the weapon designs are genuis as you can only have one real gun while the others are just mining tools, and who cares if its linear, linear games are good its supposed to be a game, sandbox games (where you can go and do as you please) feel like having a second job e.g. GTA, Oblivion etc, back on the genre, I found myself progressing through the game slowly with my weapon constantly raised incase something pops out and trys to have my limbs for supper, it takes alot for a game to achieve this, and this is achieved through atmosphere, and pant wetting sound effects. I believe there is replay value as it will take a number of playthroughs to upgrade everything and there is downloadable content aswell to keep you playing.

  Excellent - how did I miss this ?

| | See all dustyq's reviews (14)

what a bargain .Definitely more fun than Resi 5, achievements well balanced and do not rely solely on harder difficulty levels.would have got 5 stars if a multiplayer mode was included but ts not that kind of game.It has boss levels although these are a fun challenge rather than irritating like the over rated Resi 5.Put the lights out and enjoy.

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  One of the best games ive ever played

| | See all andybgc's reviews (19)

i cannot believe some people dont like this game, i bought it when it first came out and finished it. ive recently got it again at a bargin price to finish off all the achievments.
im a HUGE resident evil fan and i prefer this to resi 5 as this is actually a survival horror game which resi hasn't been since number 4.
OK i still love resi 4 and 5 but as a survival horror dead space is up there with the best of them. For this price you simply must try it. its amazing. I hope there is a sequel.