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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: Shivering Isles (Expansion Pack)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Fantastic Addition

| | See all Chamon's reviews (21)

This is a brilliant add-on, and it not your usual token effort, its a huge map, hours and hours of extra quests,weapons,spells,creatures you name it do not be put off by people whining saying "you need xbox live, it wont work without an update, why didnt they tell me, why doesnt the world spoon-feed me the obvious my whole life? Etc" - infuriating! Anyone with the slightest bit of initiative or the patience to spend 5 minutes using their brain instead of throwing a tantrum or even the ability to type "how do i update my xbox without xbox live into google" will know that you do not need xbox live to update your xbox, you can do it with a usb stick, go to the xbox website, search for the update file, its really not hard, download the update file onto the usb then stick it into your xbox, it will update, and you can play the game. It has step by step instructions so that even a small child can do it.......

  simply brilliant

| | See all RobsWicks's reviews (5)

This is as the title says, simply brilliant. The whole experience is either dark and dull or bright and vibrant. and by the end of it YOU become the lord of the shivering isles. the prince of madness :) wonderful i think.

  An explanation

| | See all jaredd's reviews (2)

I had difficulty with this like a lot of people. I didnt have the 1.2 update and so it wouldnt work. There are two ways to fix this - contact microsoft asking for the update on a cd or to connect to live. i learnt that it was free to connect to live so if you have broadband you may as well. Once i finally got going the game was great. Knights of 9 was quite short but you get good stuff out of it and the isles are really good and quite funny since everyone there is insane. You apparently get 30 hours of game in this and a lot of games can only manage about 15 so its definitely worth it.

  GET IT!!

| | See all janthewench's reviews (6)

If you liked the elder scrolls iv this expansion is essential. More choices of weapons and armour and lots of quests and new places to explore. If you are going to buy this get the expansion with the knights of the nine quest on it.

  Good if u buy it on disk

| | See all c00perman's reviews (9)

I bought this on disk instead of nights of nine as the disk has both. Good but inights of nine does nothing unless your willing to do a borig intro quest (in which u have to find and paray al all shrines of the nine)

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  This game just DEILVERS!

| | See all wolfsaiyan's reviews (10)

If you were a fan of oblivion, you are not going to be disappointed with the expansion, an entire new realm with crazy-insane NPC's inside it, all new armor and weapons, spells and even a pet at one point, the storyline is very good and enjoyable, you don't need xbox live since I downloaded the patch when I was offline, definately worth getting!

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  Half the size half the price - Great Value

| | See all 360heat's reviews (3)

This game comes with Nights Of The nine aswel as Shivering Isles and is well worth your investment but only aslong as you are online active.
I dont know why you have to be online but its something to do with Microsoft,not Bethesda.Probably a design choice to try and get more people online.
Overall though i think its better still to buy this package than download online as atleast this way if you need space on your system you can delete the pack and then re-install whenever you like or even sell it on.Downloading means your left with it forever unless you delete it.
Great addition to an already amazing game - you can never have too much Oblivion!

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  THIS IS NOT A GAME REVIEW this is a package review

| | See all dave00's reviews (22)

this game was released so folks that dont have xboxlive can enjoy this game, then after mass releasing this product they realised u needed xboxlive to download a patch otherwise rendering this product useles.(genius!!!)

i would fire the guy who made that blunder i got ripped off big time

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