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Xbox 360 Arcade Console

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Customer Reviews

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  Perfect for those who just wanna play games...

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2 days delivery!

Perefct for gamers, kids and folk who just wanna play games and not faff around with anything else.
Comes with a memory card-256MB.

  xbox 360

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Well i've had my 360 since release day and its still going strong to this day no problems,i've also bought the elite aswell and after nearly 2 years of trouble free gaming it got the red ring of death but microsoft repaired it free of charge as they have made the warrantys longer on the rrod problem,so if your's suffer's from the red ring of death just send it back as it wont cost you nothing if the console is 3 years old or younger.....happy gaming.....

I've also got a sony ps3 and the xbox 360 is alot better for gaming online than the ps3 is and has alot more better games aswell......

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  So Good it's Bad

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Yep the Xbox 360 is absolutly awesome either way u look at it, great graphics/sound and a host of great games too play. BUT!, with such great attributes too the 360 there is a big price too pay.......i am obviously talkin about the "RROD/E74" problems, i had mine a year and a half before i got the RROD which i thought was reasonable considering there r people who literally buy a 360 and having taken it out the box they have the RROD. I got mine repaired 3 weeks ago and already the 360 has started to freeze and show the RROD!

So it looks like i may hav too convert too a PS3 which is a shame bcause i personally think the 360 beats the PS3 in evry department hands down, but Microsoft cant b bothered too get there finger out and fix this problem which is extremly frustrating when it comes too dishing out more swag too fix the thing.

But hey if ur a first time buyer of the Xbox 360 go for it, but do so at ur own risk bcause it has the potential to turn into little more than a money pit like mine, you've been warned!! :(

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  A deal with the Devil

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Let's be clear about this; the 360 is a truly shoddy piece of engineering.

Millions of dollars spent on R&D, millions more correcting the 'red ring of death' problems, and still the one company synonymous with all that is computing can only peddle a design that would embarrass a Japanese schoolchild. In rushing the system out to steal a march on Sony, Bill Gates et al have created the most unreliable games machine to date.

Hardware failures remain commonplace, even after a number of rethinks for newer models or when older consoles have been returned to Microsoft for inspection. And don't think the problems are one-offs. As I write, my late-2006 X-Box has completely failed for the second time in 18 months. Of course, the warranty has also expired, and so the cost of sending the machine away for the second time? £92.

It doesn't matter which version you go for - they're all the same bar simple aesthetics, HDD capacity and basic packaged peripherals - the fact remains that a crusty, wheezing, eight-year-old PlayStation 2 is still infinitely more reliable than a 360 can ever dream of.

But stepping outside for some air, and allowing the anger to slowly drain, there remains a compelling case for owning this machine above all others.

Take a look at that price. The 360 is by far the cheapest way to get into next-gen, high-definition gaming, and for the uninitiated, there really is a difference. For the same opportunity, Sony will ask you to part with 250 English pounds to acquire the new PS3 slim model, and it is not backwards compatible with the vast library of PS2 titles many people still own and love. Microsoft have kindly offered, indeed, insisted upon, a free downloadable upgrade to enable immediate access to all their last-gen treats.

The quality of the graphics and sound, coupled with the comparitively easy negotiation of the impressive online features makes for the complete experience, regardless of whether you're new to games or if they've completely destroyed your life after years of abuse. The future promise of Project Natal is also indicative of a company intent on prolonging the lifespan of the current model, and after the Wii's success, the 'controllerless control' could open the final doors to every last family member with games that offer more than simple novelty value. But hardware means nothing if developers fail to support you, and this is where Microsoft takes an idignant driving glove to Sony's chiselled features.

Much is made of the PS3's superior processing power, but having slowly established themselves again it is clear that the Japanese giant are woefully reliant on tired old franchises. Where is the killer game that will force the undecided into a purchase? Surely after 15 years (yes, 15) it can't be Tekken? As pretty as they are, the indestructible cars of Gran Turismo must be thinking about a cosy garage after a decade on the (same) tracks? And as for Metal Gear Solid, some of the cutscenes are six months long - people have been born, died and reincarnated as a squirrel in the time it takes to listen to the extended drivel in those games. Anything new?

Halo, Gears of War, Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto downloadable content... there's only one home for them all at present. The simple fact is that the 360 is matching the PS3 game-for-game and then trumping it with some genuinely exciting exclusives, and that, above all else, is what matters.

Yes, this machine will almost certainly let you down at some point. But if you can forgive the fact that it was apparently designed by chimps with a giant Crayola, and that the technology does at times seem no more advanced than a boiled potato, you will enjoy the finest gaming currently on offer.

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If your reading all the messages saying they brake, yes they are right but they dont brake unless you treat them in the correct way. I play xbox near enough everyday for most of the day for the past 2 years and mine has only recently broke but i didnt get 3 red rights my eye broke in the disk drive proberly because i have droped the xbox 3 times, if you dont want red lights then look after it keep the dust out of it, put it on its side, dont move the xbox when u have it on (the laser cuts the disk) and dont put anything heavy on top of it. I'm buying the arcade because i cant send my xbox away cause i took the faceplates of which brakes the warrenty thing and the arcade is cheap so if you brake yours buy this and just stick your hard drive on it.

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well i have/had a elite an it's gone faulty for the second time after microsoft had fixed it ....... my warrantey run out so i can't do anything except buy a new one because i love playing gears an halo but also cod... i like the consoles just a shame they keep breaking

  They break

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Everyone should know that Xboxs are renowned for breaking. 3 of my friends owned an Xbox and all 3 of them broke and I have heard of SO many other cases in which people have complained about their Xbox breaking. It's a good value for money, however it won't last long and you will be sending it back. So be warned. If you want a good decent console which will be worth your money and last you a long time then get a PS3, Xbox premium or and Xbox Elite.

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  Whats the point?

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Everyone is amazed by xbox games, whats the point in buying them when you dont have a decent 360 to play it on, the graphics are very poor, but for those who just want to play games its a great choice as it is a good price, I can only talk though of playing a week of my friends console.

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