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WSC Real 09: World Snooker Championship 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Best Snooker game there is

| | See all Jordo1981's reviews (4)

Make no mistake, this is the best Snooker game out there. I was dubious at first as most Snooker games over the years have been rubbish, but this changes the way the game is played. Whereas most Snooker games in the past will take ages even for you to pot a ball, WSC Real will have you banging in 30-40 breaks within an hour or so, as they concentrate more on your White ball skills and table management rather than just potting here and there. The graphics are TV realistic with the same camera angles as you would expect, the physics of the table and balls are perfect and the career mode is brilliant - no difficulty settings but you enter tournaments slowly getting better and better and progressing a round at a time, improving your world ranking. Eventually you end up playing players such as Mark King, Nigel Bond etc as you get further into competitions. Massively addictive gameplay as you get bigger breaks, progress further - and the feeling of clearing the table to win by a point is superb.

Some negatives include the commentary, which is absolutely attrocious, making no sense whatsoever, and seemingly completely random - better to turn the sound down and put some of your own music on instead. The create a player could be better with only a few possible ways to look. The progress is SLOW - if you lose you don't get any better (a points system), and losing in the first few rounds of a tournament over and over is frustrating .

Other than that, massively addictive game - definitely worth a go!

  Best of it's kind

| | See all MackemSpartan's reviews (1)

As other reviews have stated, this game is definitely for snooker and pool lovers a like. Once you get used to controlling the cue ball you'll be flying through your shots like Rocket Ronnie. The game has a good progress level as well, in qualifying you may be able to miss 1 or 2 shots and get a away with it, but miss against the top players and you'll not visit the table again in that frame.
Only sad thing is there doesn't seem many players online so not much chance of pitting your wits against a fellow snooker enthusiast.

  Worth it for the money!

| | See all 360king's reviews (18)

I have read most of the reveiws posted and there isnt really much more to add really, it is a good snooker game and if you enjoy snooker I would highly recommend it. As everyone else has said, the commentary is the biggest flaw, another one is that you always seemto meet the same players in the tournaments, I must have played mark selby in the semis, and ronnie in the final, of 90% of the tournaments I've played!

Apart from that it is a good game and i would recommend it

  Good game but has issues

| | See all Deathchild's reviews (3)

I bought this game recently from play.com and have been looking forward to playing it but i've had it just over 4 days now. The game itself is rather good but if you played the 2007 version then you will notice that a lot of the commentator comments are exactly the same from the previous one. Also i dont know if it is my disc or whether its a fault on the game but sometimes when i play a match a window will pop up in the top right hand corner showing the opponent like when he's under pressure, Thats all well and good but the window doesnt always disappear meaning that when i'm trying to cue a shot up the top of the table i have this stupid window which wont go away and makes it impossible to see where the ball i'm aiming for is or where the white balls going to end up, Forcing me to restart the game. I think this is a game fault as my disc is scratch free, And, as there are no updates at this time for the game it does get kinda annoying, Especially when your half way through a game. ( I still managed to get a 105 break with the window still being there) Other than that though its a great game for all snooker fans and beginners.

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  Suprisingly addictive

| | See all Pavi11's reviews (3)

I bought this game as I wanted a relaxing game to play. This game has some faults, like the loading times and being snooker you can lose very quickly in a slow way, however this game is very addictive and well worth the £17.99 price tag.

I never thought I would play a snooker game as I thought it would be boring, how wrong was I.

  not worth it

| | See all postie69's reviews (1)

i bought this when it came out for a high price nw seeing it gone down shows that it has lost intrest u cant change the gamplay diffuculty minor glitches and commentray i gave this 3 stars becuase its a good game to buy if ur bored and want something new


| | See all Strangler's reviews (59)

Bought this when it was released and it stayed in my xbox for at least 3 months i was totally addicted to this from the first red potted.The game for me is the best snooker game i have ever played.The graphics are great fine detail taken into consideration, all the top snooker players are here and very realistic stats and skills.I would have given this 5 stars but there is some minor glitches but there not too much too be concerned about. Great Game!!


| | See all speedy1234's reviews (10)

Its a okay game not the best though. The graphics are not very good and the overall game gets boring after a while. I would not recomend but if you are a snooker fan it might be a game for you.

  Waste of Money

| | See all Craskie's reviews (7)

Snooker is the one sport i love and am good at, but this just lets me down... for many reasons, when you start and have limited skill using any form of power will leave the ball jawed, then you watch as the oppostion clears the table.
Then you have what can only be described as appalling commentary - Virgo says my shot is marvelous which is quickly overturned by another commentator as rubbish.... is the shot bad or good?
I found the best way to play this game is remove all sound, and listen to your own music.
The pool function is far better than the snooker function, the graphics are sharper and the play is smoother, however where there is a plus there is a minus, as they have some awful woman commentator, who will shout 'Happy Days, hes got position'

Unfortunately, i paid full price for this, i would wait until its £15, you might currently find it a tad overpriced for what it is!!

If your a snookering fan, take yourself off to the local snooker centre and play that instead..

Overall, i was very let down by this.... and could pick loads more problems and poor bits but shan't bore you with them all

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