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Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Better than Demon Souls, worse than Dark Souls 2

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If you haven't played Dark Souls 2 my advice would be play that first, it is a superior game in every way. Darks Souls 1 controls are very clumsy by comparison and there are far too many 'cheap death' scenarios that have carried over from Demon Souls (if walking along narrow girders whilst archers fire at you and one hit knocks you to your death floats your boat then you will love Dark Souls, as there are lots of areas like that. If you prefer well constructed levels with hard but fair combat and deaths will be your fault and not the game mechanics, then get Dark Souls 2 instead. If you don't like Dark Souls 2 you will absolutely hate Dark Souls 1 and Demon Souls.

  Changed me as a gamer

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First of all may experience of this game went like this: Neutral, I like it, I hate it, I like it, I really hate it, why did I buy this game, neutral, I like it, I love it, this is one of the best RPGs in existence.

The first thing you will notice about this game is the difficulty involved in the combat. It can be very challenging and annoying during your first few hours until you get used to it. I recommend having a friend guide you through your first few hours to make it less frustrating for yourself...I lost count of how many rage quits I had during my first 10 hours.
You play as the chosen undead fated with a pilgrimage to find your humanity and obtain the Lordvessel. The rest of the story I will leave for you to discover.
The combat is well thought out, it's fluent, realistic and satisfying to perform huge crushing attacks! You can play as your standard Knight, Sorcerer or Theif along with other classes like the Wanderer and Cleric, so it's your typical RPG when it comes to character creation.
Weapons are varied and feel true to form when you weild them. Although I can't say the same for spells, so far I havn't run into any lightning or frost based spells which is pretty disappointing. Buffering spells are next to useless, Iron Flesh buffs your defense but slows you to a literal crawl so it's really not worth it.
The game has a lock-on feature which helps so much during combat, but can also hinder your combat if caught in a narrow corridor or a cliff edge due to the sometimes utterly stupid camera angles.
The scenery is gorgeous and original and there are very few generic enemies aside from a few skeletons or ghosts. Graphics are still appealing 2 years down the line and textures are very detailed in a lot of areas. Battles are intense and has some of the most iconic boss fights in modern gaming (Ornstein and Smough anyone?).
Despite a lot of praise about the difficulty from reviewers, there are certain areas in the game that are close to impossible, and most arn't boss fights. An area in Anor Londo with some archers on the ledges was RIDICULOUSLY difficult due to the sheer force the arrows hit you at (even when blocking) and the precarious way you're standing on the ledges is just silly. A certain boss, whilst not particularly difficult to kill, can be very frustrating due to the tiny room you are in and the moronic camera angles. The only time you'll die during that fight is when you can't see an attack coming because all you can see is a wall.
It's also one of the most well polished games I've ever played, glitches are few and far between and never game breaking. Although a few areas have terrible framrates.
Overall, Dark Souls is a fantastic game to play; it's immersive, long, satisfying and above all, varied. Truly one of the greatest games of our time and the best RPG I've played for years.
If you're fond of the Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale etc, then don't miss this epic game!

  Only buy if you ENJOY repetition and failure

| | See all ghostlemur's reviews (1)

The game is very much old school. If you like that sort of thing (which I do sometimes) then it is a very good, atmospheric game. However if you like games that reward experience with increased power and ability this is possibly not for you. The game is very much 'on rails' in that you will meet the exact (and I mean exact) same opponents every time you die and re-go through the levels. I imagined from the reviews that this would be expansive, creative and immersive gaming. It is definitely not expansive - there is a path and you have to walk it. You may carry any amount of weight but woe betide you put anything on as you will slow to a crawl. You cannot sell anything you find - it has no value and levelling results in practically no benefit. After 5 to 6 days of play I was still getting killed by 2 skeletons with very little discernible difference from when I started.

That is probably the one thing in the game that forced me to stop in the middle of play and sell this game - if I am going to work (HARD in this case) - I want to see results, a gradual improvement or at least moving the plot along. Instead I felt I was working harder than at my job and literally getting nowhere (this being for fun apparently). That and the giant 'boss' monsters that are sometimes easy (first few) and then impossible (moth fairy thingy). I would liken it to the banyan tree in jet set willy - ages to get there and then not even enough time to see the problem before 'splat' dead. This game made me angrier than anything I have ever done - some may like this - but for the sake of your blood pressure be aware of this before playing.

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| | See all Scurvybutcurvy's reviews (1)

An excellent game, like it says, prepare to die, levelling up is great, weapon/armour array is massive and within that you can apply charms to enhance weapons further. Bosses are progressively harder and varied. World is plenty big enough to roam around. The online play allows you to invade other players worlds or defend whichever god you are currently worshipping from invaders. Couple of unnecessarily difficult areas exist such as avioding multiple swinging blades on a norrow bridge that will bring out your Tourettes, but up on a par with Bethesda RPGs. Recommend it wholeheartedly.

  Best Game on XBOX360

| | See all supersnooper's reviews (1)

Simply the best game on XBOX360. Old school difficulty leads to immense satisfaction when you beat levels and bosses. As the title says 'Prepare to die' but in a good way. Just get it and support these great developers. Absolute genius!

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