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Xbox 360 Premium Console + Halo 3 + Forza Motorsport 2 + Viva Pinata + Extra Controller

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Games Console

| | See all AndyLane's reviews (2)

I've been looking for a PS3 for a while but decided I'm going to wait for the 80GB version. This left me with a whole in my gaming world so I decided to buy an XBOX 360 Premium.

The verdict....Brilliant!! Fast, easy and so much fun. Games are great. Prices are reasonable if you shop around. Play.com always have good offers on. I'll still probably buy a PS3 eventually but thats got nothing to do with IF they are better or not. I'm just greedy!! If you want HD Gaming then buy one of these. They all come with HDMI as of July/August 2007.

  XBOX 360

| | See all ONS101's reviews (11)

Before christmas i was looking everywhere for a good xbox 360 deal. Then i found this and snapped it up straight away as it such a good deal with both 2 controllers and 3 games. Halo 3 is awesome especially if you get xbox live aswell. The other 2 games are not a let down either, anything but. The xboxitself is just amazing with its storage possibilities, hd gaming. JUST AMAZING DEAL


| | See all Hinch1's reviews (5)

Great value, fast delivery and turned out to be one of the new falcon model with HDMI.. Also comes with one of the most anticipated game of the year!

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  Considering an Xbox 360 Premium? Buy this!

| | See all Jay1225's reviews (6)

Simply the best deal around.

*Halo 3 - the astounding adventure continues, a must for all fans and a recommended game for any shootem up fans (although it goes beyond the average shooter). probably the best online game after COD4.

*Forza - Great racer, following the Gran Tourismo style.... ignore the rubbish reviews about poor handling cars etc.... its a progressive game where new and better cars become avialable and get upgraded. Handling and speed of cars improve to reflect real life cars.... poor handling and slow cars at the start only push you to become more successful and win better cars! Rant over.

*Viva Pinata - This game surprised me. I was expecting a rubbishy filler game which had been added to this bundle to beef it up. I was wrong. Its a great family game that anyone can enjoy but even someone like me who loves his shootem ups and RPGs can become an addict.

* Add to this bundle a wireless controller worth £30

All in all this is a fantastic ready to go for anyone deal. What I mean by this is you get 3 games which appeal to many different people if in fact they dont take to all 3 and the ability to have 2 players.

Phenominal value and fun.

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| | See all Peeky111's reviews (3)

For the amount you are getting it is great price, a bargin, if you added ir all up it come to around £350, so it is the best offer around, the extra WIRELESS controller provided is perfect for family or freinds great for any1 A++

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  Best Bundle

| | See all L2XeWoN's reviews (2)

I am always looking at bundles for the Xbox 360, even know I already have one. Out of all the bundles I have seen before, this has to be the best I've seen. The console comes with 3 of the best Xbox 360 games in my opion and I have spent many hours on each.

If you were to buy this for kids then I would highly recommend it. It comes with two controllers and all three games have a multiplayer on a single console. The only problem is that Halo 3 is a 15 so if you do get it for your kids you might want to watch them while they play, unless they are 15.

This console is also HD out of the box. It comes with a component HD AV cable, which is accepted by nearly all HD tv's.

If you are a Movie fan, there is a feature that Microsft is curently offering which allows you to go onto the Xbox Live Marketplace and download HD movies straight to the console. This feature does cost you money as your renting movies but I have found that it can be cheaper then renting a standard defenision movie from rental shops.

The Xbox 360 is a family friendly console, with the dashboard update* that came out 4th December 2007 there is an advanced and easy to use family console settings. This is where you can set age ratings that your children can play. But don't let this scare you if you want to play an 18 year old rated game as there is a feature that allows you to have multiple acounts on the system.

* You may have to connect to Xbox Live to get the update. You don't need to pay anything for the dashboard update. If you are not part of Xbox Live then you need to make a Silver (Free) Xbox Live Account.

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  I love the whole thing but...

| | See all Truffle123's reviews (4)

One of the controllers just doesn't work, and thats a shame because if that hadn't of happened this would have been the best bargin around, i suppose it is, sept the broken controller, just be careful, the wireless controllers have a habit of breaking, so get wired controllers. Apart from that this is an ace console and the best i have ever owned! Craphics on Halo blew me away and still do!

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| | See all davidLL's reviews (2)

paid £250 for mine this is a killer deal, use play all the time cant be faulted!!

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  Best Deal On The Web

| | See all Andeeh's reviews (1)

This is a superb deal, its fun for whole family with games suitable for racers - Forza 2, Younger Kids - Viva Pinata and for shooter - Halo 3

With the extra controller you can play with a mate!

Overall a superb deal!

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  God Bless The XBOX 360

| | See all ChewieUK's reviews (5)

I have owned my XBOX 360 for 3 years and sent it out for repair 3 times. Would i swop it for a play stattion 3? Not in a million years. The games are awsome and controller is perfect. X-box live is worth the money too. BUY ONE TODAY. I couldn't live with out one now!! I LOVE MY XBOX 360

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