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Iron Man

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Put on your iron-suit...

| | See all moliii's reviews (5)

Not the best game around but still quite entertaining. Graphic is not that bad, keeping in mind it's a game from some years ago. The game itself is a bit repetitive, but also not so long you have time to complain about it. It is also quite easy at the lowest difficulty level, but if you want to go for the 1000 points prepare to face some very hard times to beat the game at "superhero" difficulty.

  another naff movie tie in

| | See all symondo's reviews (9)

poor graphics very poor game design no depth annoying gameplay - you are attacked from all sides have stupid time limits to get extras etc the game while playing is cluttered you can't lock onto a target very annoying as there are usually a dozen things all firing at you from different directions borrowed this from a friend gave it back to him 2 days later got half way through and just couldn't be bothered to try to finish it it was Soooo annoying to play....avoid! even for £8! its being sold for £8 tells you all you need to know!

  iron man

| | See all tommyr1's reviews (18)

if the like the film then buy the game as it follows the story , the graphics arent briliant but te game is good

  Really good if your a like the movie

| | See all omarion's reviews (2)

This game is good fun if you are a fan of the movie which i am so i loved this game i would give it five stars only i have seen far better games so if only fair but as far as this game goes it one of the best super hero games i have played .

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  Pretty Good!

| | See all matt1399's reviews (27)

This game is not bad the levels are quite long and adventourous and theres lots of tanks,planes, turrets and flying soldiers trying to blow you into a billion smithereens which even though sounds fun it can be the most annoying thing in the world i am about three quarters through the game and its been good so far although i cant seem to figure out how to upgrade your suit and its pretty tricky to fly but its overall pretty good

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  Good Enjoyable

| | See all helloimtom's reviews (8)

This Movie Tie-In is surprisingly good! yeah it can abit what the hell, why are there soo many enemies trying to blow my ass to hell! but once you've got passed the annoyance its fun to buzz around in the sky, mod the suit and take flight as iron-man, its good for Fans and people who want to blow stuff up as a crazy iron man

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  Good playable game

| | See all hungpony's reviews (4)

I actually enjoyed this game. Take it at face value - its a game and try not to compare it to the movie. The graphics I found were not too bad - yeah its not COD4 its not Gears of War - but after all its a 12 rating so my kids also enjoyed playing this and were able to legally play on it.

A very good game and great for achievement points.


| | See all Mrmetcalf's reviews (1)

Rubbish! Why would SAGA even think about making this game. The story line, pathetic. The levels quick and boring. The graphics, just bad. For your own sake do not buy this game! Get COD 4 or Just Cause instead.