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Iron Man

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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| | See all AddTheMan's reviews (7)

Movie tie-ins are usually pretty poor, but this actually isnt bad. The gameplay is involving and there are plenty of enemies to keep you busy. The controls can be tricky to master, especially the in-flight parts of the game. Would prefer it to be more of a free roaming approach like Spiderman 3, instead of Mission by mision action. Other than that, i enjoyed playing.

  Not a Total Disaster

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

It's not as bad as others are making out but then again it's not the greatest game out there. Iron Man is a rather simple game but has been put together well, Ironman looks very good and the flight control is entertaining, though the game does look nice its all rather empty and though the game has characters from the movie,
the actual game has little to do with tit. If you're interested in Ironman and the Game then I suggest waiting for it to turn up at a more reasonable price like less than £20.
So to sum up, it's not a total disaster and the game does have some redeeming features but it's not worth the full asking price.

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  At Last!

| | See all fudger's reviews (2)

At last- an Iron Man movie and game! Controls a bit fiddly at first but enjoyable escapism nonetheless. Haven't seen movie yet but been a fan since Iron Man first appeared in Marvel Comics- Yes I'm that old!

  Brilliant movie, Bad game.

| | See all Chigawa's reviews (11)

Annually treated to a superhero-fest of some sort on the silver screen, and equally bombarded by rushed, poor attempts at a film tie-in. I talk of efforts such as; the spiderman movie games, batman begins: the game, the incredible hulk: the game and so many more.
Having waited for an Iron Man film for so long, and having ENJOYED the Iron Man film,immensely, I was anticipating a good effort, considering the fact that the premise of Iron Man lends itself to a game almost perfectly; upgradeable armour suits, multi-weapons, engaging storyline and flight ability.
But, unsuprisingly, the game leaves a lot to be desired. Bad camera views, generic enemies, repetitive combat, lacklustre voice over acting and weak storyline.

The trend of movie to game franchises flopping, and game to movie blockbusters disappointing, doesnt seem to be changing anytime soon, but as more Iron Man films seem to be on their way, maybe Sega can get their act together next time around.

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  rushed this game to be out in time for the movie much???

| | See all lostboy2000's reviews (7)

Ok, I am a huge marvel fan and must say the Iron man movie rocked!! The game however does not!! For one of the best marvel characters I was expecting something a little better than this!! The graphics are so so and the game play is basically the same level over and over. Destroy these guns then destroy these crates etc.
Now I'm not sure they could've done anything else with this title but I mean come on, some mini games(races) or more levels or more villains from the comic book, anything other than what it is which is just straight forward rushed to be released in time for the film tripe!! Now I have had my rant, back to the game itself. Ahem, As I said the graphics are so so and nothing at all to shout about, The iron man character looks nice enough flying but when on the ground runs like a complete gimp, the controls are very fiddly and take a while to get used to and the unlockable costumes and one man army mode add nothing to the replay value!! If you want a decent marvel game with iron man in it buy Marvel ultimate alliance!! Lets hope the Hulk game fairs better and is at least as good as Ultimate destruction!!

  Not good enough.

| | See all ukrichard's reviews (8)

This could have been so much better, but if anything I'm disappointed in it. The controls are a bit off at first but after a while its easy.
All the levels are basically the same thing, theres NO free roaming dispite what some people may tell you. Simply because you can't go anywhere because if you go to "far" you get dragged back to the area.

I got rid of this game, and I didn't even complete it, it was just irritating repetitive and flat out boring. For kids I'm sure they wouldn't ever stop playing this.

You can unlock a few armour suits, from what you may have seen in the comics, but they don't really offer any changes, just the look of the character model.

The levels aren't even in the movie (which I have come to expect) but still, they could have at least tried. At the second to last level it gets rediculously hard, I'm not sure what the developers were thinking because I can doubt a child can complete this without a litle help from more experienced gamers.
When it comes to the characters talking, you can barely tell if their lips are moving.

However there are some good points: The voice acting is good (not great, but good) but could have shown a little more emotion considering the movie was amazing.

The graphics are smooth and run nice and easy, without any glitches or freeze frames (not that I've seen anyway). Yes, the levels are pretty big, but you cant freely roam around without being attacked by baddies (if only this were more like the Spiderman games). You can enjoy the scenery only seconds before enemies swarm you.

I'm not gonna tell anymore. This game was BAD.

  Not bad, Not Great but not bad

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

Graphically very nice, pretty much what we expect of next gen's these days. Iron Man looks the biz.

Starts a bit odd as it assumes you know the movie, which I don't at time of writing. But that doesn't affect the game.

Control of Iron Man is pretty good really. Hovering is easy and targeting is also easy. Transferring to full flight is a little funny as you use the left trigger to hover and gain height and then the left bumper for full flight. I found myself shooting straight up and all over the place to start with but once you get used to that it's easy. The hover movements are really easy.

If you set it to easy level you will fly (literally) through the levels.

I got this for my nine year old and he loves it. But he always plays on easy so I reckon in a weeks time he will want to get rid of it.

As a movie tie in, not bad. But not for the serious gamer me thinks.

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  flight controls

| | See all Gavbowksi's reviews (1)

Hey i downloaded this demo and at first thought wow the flight controls are crap but after going back a second time and looking through the options i found you can change them so my advice to you guys is if you find the flight controls crap like me change it to the invert Y axis then you can push down on the left stick to go up and push up to go down i hope this helps as i now love the demo lmao :P happy gaming :D

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| | See all TimRowan's reviews (16)

This game is great, all action games like this have been terrible recently, but this breaks them all, hundreds of different combinations of ways to destroy enemies.
Choose to fly or to run, choose to shoot lasers or rockets or just destroy everything with your bare hands.
The modifying armor feature clinched it for me.
Definite buy.

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  If you want Iron man. Stick with Marvel Ultimate Alliance

| | See all Robtoz's reviews (2)

As a fan of Iron man, I Downloaded the demo after eagerly awaiting the game. At a first glance it seemed really good; a way to customize your weapons and armour functions and the graphics look very nice, however as soon as I decided to fly I was instantly put off the game. For a game with large open areas in which flight seems to play a large part, the flight controls are terrible.

If you have xbox live, download the demo and try before you buy.