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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Not bad at all.

| | See all coventryjames's reviews (4)

Dont believe all the negative reviews.

This game is really quite good and well worth the 11.49 asking price.

Its amazing to look at and makes good use of the Frostbite engine, which also the same one used by Battlefield 3.

Single player is around 5 hours long so i'm guessing most people who buy this are going to go online with it.

Grab a bargain while it lasts!

  Better than expected, MP only

| | See all BunglesSpurs's reviews (1)

I bought this game for the MP only as generally all reviews for single player I read are poor at best. I am pleasantly surprised by this game. The menus seem bitty but once you are playing the graphics are decent as are the maps. The game runs fluid and I have had no lag issues at all, and its fun. At 11.49 i'd have no worries in recommending this game.

  Great game.

| | See all carter17's reviews (2)

I think that this is probably one of the best games made! 2 stars is to low for this game in my opinion.

Positives and Negatives:
P: the graphics are amazing! astonishing in fact, much better than any other shooter game. black ops 2 had a better improvement this year but this game beats it by far!
P: good and true storyline! the developers have stated that this storyline has been created from the actual events. so, top notch there!
N: storyline is great but way to short! i completed it within 5 hours of hardcore fighting! a good gamer will complete it in same time or quicker.
P: multiplayer is fantastic and more realistic from the previous game. just as fun as before!
PN: HD content, the developers have added a disc that installs this content. so another thing for graphics there, without it the game would be nothing and bad graphics.

i loved this game, i thought it was amazing and plan to carry on playing for a long time!

  This is not Call of Duty.

| | See all joeytomtom's reviews (4)

Odd title maybe but the quality of a game is subjective. It has to be. Whatever game you play you invest a portion of your time Into what you hope will be an enjoyable experience. You win some you lose some, and a bad game for someone, especially one that's compared to a counterpart that it really has very little similarity to seems a little unfair. So the after Xmas sales in Game I pick up this game. I'm not expecting much but it was 25.00 and I could deal With the loss if it was as bad as all the reviews say. I am happy (25.00 worth) to say that I loved every single second of the single player campaign. The Frostbite engine does a wonderful job of capturing the beautiful locations, the action is skilful and sometimes brutally unforgiving. This is what I mean. This is not Call of Duty. Even on easy mode this is challenging to say the least. The cutscenes inject a human element into the game, and are visually stunning and somewhere this side of the uncanny valley. The much maligned door breaches happen now and then, but it's fun getting the headshot quota which unlocks new and interesting breach skills.

By the end of it all I can only assume people bought the game expecting all modern war shooters to be Call of Duty, which of course they are not. There have been a lot of criticisms about this game, in particular the glitches, the bad ai and the constant door breaching. I might be playing the wrong game but I can say that for me none of this was apparent.

This is a cracking, hard as nails game which had me instantly replaying the single player missions again on Normal as soon as I had finished on Easy. I can't say I've done that with many other games out there.


| | See all Finnius's reviews (1)

I thought the game was great! The Graphics were better than CoD i thought and the multiplayer is more realistic. However i think that it should be more like Battlefield 3 in the way that you can destroy most things instead of the top of a concreat bollard, even with a grenade. Despite that though i thought it was a great game and dont be mislead by other reviews.

  Not sure if it diserves a Medal

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

When I first heard the announcement that a sequel to MoH was to be released I was very excited. I eagerly anticipated what it would be like ,with "baited breath" !! I prayed it would have a much longer campaign, better graphics and a much neater multi-player layout.

Well obviously no one was listening to me that day !!. Ill start with the campaign. It's fairly ok - bigger than its predecessor but that's not saying much at all. It could have been a third larger, that I feel would be suitable in size.

The storyline doesn't in my opinion feel like a continuation, which is a little disappointing. It doesn't fully explain what the characters are now doing, and as for the interlude regarding one of the Tier 1 teams marital problems I don't care!! The cut scenes between levels seem to tell a different story to the levels you play half the time. When you start a level it says things like "1 day ago or 2 weeks ago" Just act out the story in real time chronologically. Its much easier.

As for the graphics they're fairly good but there is room for improvement. I had noticed quite a few glitches in both campaign and mutli-player platforms. These are just "school boy errors" and should not be occurring.

The game play is good but at times does become a little monotonous and repetitive. A classic example of this would be the "door breach options" shotgun, semtex or your foot etc. We get the point and after you have busted your third door, usually its like "bla bla whatever".

Finally the multi-player game play is ok but the whole layout of the multi-player lobby / interface is so overly complicated it almost puts you off before you've even started.

In conclusion this game is quite simply average. Its a shame to say that for a big name in the gaming industry its not quite as big on popularity or quality, as I would expect from accomplished and well established developers. Hopefully if there is a 3rd game in the series then, Three times the charm I'm sure.

  Disappointing,lacking......Don't waste your money

| | See all Lon3wolf's reviews (1)

Very disappointing game play/graphics..........I feel robbed after playing this game for an hour......its terrible.....


| | See all DAWGY30's reviews (20)

This game should never of been made.. they scraped the barrel with the earier attempt but this was a flat on your face dissapointment DONT BE TEMPTED AS I WAS ...AVOID AT ALL COSTS .....

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