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Brutal Legend

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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  So so for the brutal

| | See all shiftydenny's reviews (33)

I won't sugar coat this , I like rock I like jack black I like games should the 3 of met , yes....... Could it of been a lot better yes ... To much of the same stuff not enough to make you want to replay it

  Amazing story, shortest game ever

| | See all DaveRUK's reviews (10)

Storyline is great. Brilliantly funny with some of the best characters I've seen in games for ages. However the story mode only takes about 4 hours to complete. Lots of side missions, however all are nearly identical (based around a few different scenarios, e.g. racing, fighting etc), so not worth doing unless you want to waste your life boosting gamerscore.

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  Fun one

| | See all Wolfball's reviews (1)

First off, you need to NOT take that game seriously. It doesn't deal in that. It's meant to be funny and in that, it really succeeds. Voice acting is a strong feature here and gameplay is pretty cool. Be sure to not let your epileptic kid play this one though, as there are a lot of lighting effects involved :)
Overall a real fun experience, though I have to agree that's it's a little repetitive. But for once that serious developers go for something trully original, I'd say it's worth it. Excellent soundtrack.

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| | See all cazz2k8's reviews (5)

I thought the sound track was brilliant however, the game was terrible, awful story line and repetitive.

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  Heavy metal, light game

| | See all TheZ4M0's reviews (8)

Don't take me wrong; I love this game and you'll do if you are into heavy metal since the world and the plot revolves arround the stuff seen on molst old school (DIO!) metal albums' booklets.

Also the game has the kind of charm like, let's say the past generation "beyond good and evil" game, and you'll hear awesome tracks while seeing a reel of jokes about the hair metal-heavy metal world. But the good part ends here.

This plays like a sandbox but instead of jumping you get hack n slash style controls, with combos and such. You can drive a car (hot rod) but don't expect variety on vehicles or weapons because the core here is to slash with the axe, long range attack with the electric (thundering) guitar, block andinteract with allies like the elika moves in prince of persia but not so deep, just 1 attack for eacht type of ally. Even side missions are repetitive to death and the world is plain boring to explore since the only reason to do is to find unlockable dragons (you get a character enhacement for every 10 dragons found), portals to ozzy (store), extra tracks for the car and few awesome places to look at, like motors merging with mountains, giant stone swords and the likes.

I didn't give multiplayer a try (yet) so can't comment on this. Gameplay is good but not so deep. Music is good. Graphics are so so, since cartoon style is much forgiving than a more realistic approach but still has some detail in close up cinematics.

My rating, a 6 or maybe a 7 just for the wrapping, but the core of the game should be rated mediocre, wich ain't good nor bad.

Buy it half the launch price or cheaper and don't expect much of it and you'll get a great game with a lot of charm and humor, two things hard to find in games nowadays... unfortunatedly games nowadays have a lot of other stuff in spades that this game lacks. Keep it in mind.

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  Brutal Legend

| | See all pauljea's reviews (5)

At a glance 3 stars out of 5 may seem alittle harsh for what is, for most part, a great game.This game is fun with some top cutscenes and excellent voice work from the world of Metals biggest Gods...Ozzy anybody?,the mighty Lemmy?..what about Rob Halford?..The grahics and game world are perfectly realised and really nail the awsomeness of the genre.The show stopper though has to be the soundtrack and the way it's used at various points within the game.The cut scene which had Mr.Crowley palying springs to mind.However,unfortunately a couple of minor niggles refrain me from giving this a 4 or maybe even a 5 star rating.Firstly,and most importantly is the randomness that is the stage battles,it just feels awkward and confusing.I mainly found that I somehow managed to get through these by pure luck and not skill.Maybe thats just me?,but everytime I knew I had a stage battle coming up it just seemed to take away from the flow of the game.The side missions also get alittle repetative but are worth persisting with (this adds to the longevity of the game) as I see previous reviews complain of the game being too short.Lastly,and this niggle is a personal one...Where the hell are Metallica,Maiden,AC/DC and Led Zeppelin??...I know this is probably due to licencing issues but a missed oppurtunity me thinks for these bands not to feature in a epic metal game like this.My advice is buy it,(especially at this price),grow your hair and rock out to a top game!

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  Brtually Awesome!

| | See all James91w's reviews (13)

I first saw this game advertised on a TV commerical, the mix of heavy metal, fightiting and jack black meant I had to try this game out! So I rented it.

This game is defently a rental as the story very lengthy atall, the soundtrack is superb if you are into heavy metal or rock, the combat is just great with the use of a guitar as a weapon! The story line is also very good and the chracters just make up the entire game.

If you have a good few hours to get caught up in this amazing story, soundtrack and gameplay I seriously reccomend you do!

  Can you go wrong with Jack Black at the helm?

| | See all Seleca10's reviews (4)

No, not really, this is a great game and while you're playing you'll get a few good laughs and be able to rock out to a simply awesome soundtrack... that is, if you're a metalhead.
Anyone who follows the virtue of classic rock will love this, battle hordes of emo kids and glam rockers in a purely hack and slash style feels ultimately satisfying.
The story is very unique and obviously all the voice acting work is superb.
Few problems, length. The game is very short and it could take you a couple of days to beat really. I was also expecting a few more special moves to be unlocked and sometimes felt the 'hack and slash' style of gameplay a bit repetitive and mindless.

Best part of the game: Your car, the Duece. Simply awesome.

  Demo is better than the full thing

| | See all TheSnare's reviews (4)

I bought this game simply because the demo had a really good flow and the game looked like it would be really good.

Sadly after you do the introduction area the game suddenly turns into a few different type of game that don't really fit together. The main stadium fighting mode really doesn't flow well and I often won battles and didn't realise why or what had really happened.

The humour also fades out and you end up going through a very shallow story doing the same things over and over. The hack and slash also becomes quite light as you are often flying around, using your vehicle as a cannon or other tasks. I never really felt too connected to what was happening.

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