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TNA iMPACT! Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  Not as good as the WWE games but it's enjoyable

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I played this game when I liked wrestling and I enjoyed it although there were some flaws. Some of the flaws included not being able to turn round to face the enemy you want, bad camera angles and a somewhat repetitive career mode. But putting the flaws to the side, you get a fun wrestling game. You can play as up to 25 of your favourite iMPACT! stars. The achievements are relatively easy too which is always a nice bonus. There are online modes too. It is a decent game but be prepared for a lot of gameplay flaws. Recomended if you're a fan of wrestling or it will be a bore to play.

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| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

first off this game isnt wwe its a rival it lacks gamemodes of wwe but its still enjoyable the story mode short but a.i is tuff at tyms but online i havent had any slowdown gameplay takes bit of tym to get use to not bad at this price nice for achievements i have 800 so far

  Total non stop boring

| | See all Joe222's reviews (1)

I brought this game hoping it would be a nice difference to the normal svr series, however this game is terrible all the chracters have the exact same move set and this results in the game having virtually no gameplay or replayability factors. Dont be like me and waste money buying this game there are plenty of ways to insure your money is well spent.


| | See all Braaaaaaaaan's reviews (1)

this game is not good :(
i brought it thinking it would be goood
but no "!
and story mode took me half an hour

  lacking any and all depth

| | See all corvis's reviews (31)

Let's get this out of the way, the graphics are good and the actual gameplay itself is alright.


For a game that has been in development since at least 2006 (I remember seeing promo art with Jeff Hardy in it!), you'd expect something truly special.

There is nothing here.

A handful of match types (literally) and about 25 wrestlers to pick from!?!? Considered the WWE games offer at least 50-60 wrestlers and match types that go into the double digits, there is no excuse for this.

There is then the story mode, I finished it in a few days and there is no reason to go through it again.

I read an interview with a producer and it was pretty much them constantly saying "it'll be in the sequel", at this rate I'll be surprised if there is one.

  WWE but 10 times better

| | See all mellortt's reviews (19)

After buying tna impact i wasn't expecting much but an old wwe style game but after i put it into my xbox 360 i was stunned by the graphics (which aren't actually too bad) and the fighting mode. But it is a lot better on 2 players.

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  TNA Impact: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

| | See all FishBoneDiscs's reviews (190)

I am a fan of the WWE games but thought I would check out its competition, and I was suprised that TNA could be classed as competition. After playing the game and seeing a few matches I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The game is very poor with stupid fiddly controls and a boring story line. There is a small choice of matches which are all dull and boring. The 'superstars' are poor and boring. TNA is a joke to be honest. If you want a solid wrestling game then pick up Smackdown V Raw 2009 and you wont be dissapointed. As for this... You would be wise to stay well clear.

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  A good game - just lacks some bare essentials

| | See all NWOXPac's reviews (2)

TNA Impact is a game which has recieved plenty of criticism for its "crappy" storymode, the apparant fact that story mode is too difficult & that the only good factor is its graphics.

The storymode itself isn't amazing, and contains too many jobber characters to be anything more than average if done more than once. The lack of variation makes it stale, and the arcade type consequences of losing a match make it more like Tekken than TNA.

To those of you who find storymode hard, I too had bad points where it took up to 15 attempts to beat someone. Then once I'd done it I realised how simple the stratergy would have been if i'd just used it in the first place instead of trying the same one for EVERY match.

The graphics are the only thing that make this game superior over SVR, because the movesets are very limited but thats a factor which can be ignored if your enough of a TNA fan. Fortunately, for me thats a case I can relate to.

The online mode is lacking in game types, but its fun and challenging to face other people in 1 v 1 matches because its quite easy to counter people who use cheap tactics like chair swinging. The huge flaw is the fact that people can quit the moment they know they dont stand a chance (for games against me that becomes apparant after 30 seconds at times :P) - and recieve no punishment other than maybe a bad rep on XBL.

Overall, I consider getting this game if the pros outweigh the cons - but for people used to SVR...I say stay with that. Two completely different systems of play which can result in the same thing - fun ;)

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  Great Game !!

| | See all wildalex121's reviews (25)

Eazy to play, thought the story mode was ok, it gives a very arcade type feel to the gameplay unlike the smackdown! Games that seem to be more simulation type now. Very fun to play and a bargain at £15 if you ask me.