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Battlefield 4 (Pre-Order Edition - Day 1)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Broken Game Play

| | See all customrider's reviews (2)

This game promised so much from all the hype and trailers. But since its release has failed on all formats. With the multiplayer games crashing, freezing, loss of unlocks, lag, bad tickrate, campaign saves lost, i could go on but won't. It has been 4 months since first release and ea/dice have still failed to fix all the issues in some cases making it worse. It is now on it's 8th patch/update (4th march). When it is working it is a fine game but should never have been released in the state it was. In fact i would say as a game it was and still is "not fit for purpose" for which it has been sold and gamers should not have to put up such shoddy workmanship. If you intend to buy this look at the forums and ask people who have previously bought this for their opinion. I would have only given it 1* but i have always liked the battlefield series, so hopefully it will soon be fixed. P.s. The map dawnbreaker is known as gamebreaker and avoided by those who already have the game.

  Great game but up the gfx in the options :D

| | See all ThePaleOne's reviews (12)

Yes u can up the gfx in the options if u have a good connection which everyone does these days . So all u moaning about crappy gfx THERE IS YOUR ANSWER . or also get a better tv . Some tv's also make games look crappy . Its not always the game .. BF4 plays like a cross between bf2 and bf3 for me with maps that feel more like a battle field . Wasnt keen on alot of battlefield 3 maps if I am honest . The vehicles on the game also play well amd feel real heavy :D .. Also another thing to note is NO VIP PASS so u can pick it up any time u want on the cheap ..

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  You will never play COD again after playing Battlefield4....

| | See all Gordavfc1874's reviews (1)

Not tried the story mode yet but the multiplayer is by far the best 1st person shooter there is. Loads of the Battlefield regular vehicles like tanks,APCs, jeeps, planes, helicopters but added in BF4 are new types of gun boats as well as new guns, camos and equipment. Enviroments change during games, flood water rises, tidal waves that wash wrecked warships ashore. Loads of buildings to flatten to as you would expect in the Battlefield series. I preordered the game and got it a day before release. I will never buy another Call of Duty, as COD feels like half a game after playing BF. Off now to drive a tank through a building.

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| | See all ConfusedMoose's reviews (5)

This game is awful. The graphics are worse than BF3, the game feels like a beta. How it got 9/10 is beyond me. Save your money and wait for The One version. I can't expand anymore other than it's the biggest let down I've ever known. This game is even worse than BF2 graphics wise

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  Gear up and get ready!

| | See all greenly1's reviews (2)

As far as immersive, realistic, challenging and breathtaking this game blows all others trying to compete out of the water. Ignore negative reviews from what i'm gathering are not good at the game and so are slating it.

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  i really dont know whether...

| | See all mattkf's reviews (1)

I really don't know whether it's the actual game because I keep looking round websites some say its the game and some say it's just an update I ordered it a couple of days ago wishing I hadn't because I don't know what im getting. when it's came I will write another review saying what it is exactly.

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