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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Not even worth a 1 star

| | See all benbro9's reviews (7)

Unfortunately for 360 and PS3 owners they have been punished by a rather awful marketing strategy, the graphics have been downgraded significantly to make the latest PS4 and Xbox one look miles better, to force consumers to upgrade, all you need to do is compare Fifa 13 on 360, PS3 to that of 14 on the Xbox one and PS4 you will see that apart from the crowd and the odd improvements these 2 are closer in graphics and gameplay. Meaning the latest gen versions follow up on Fifa 13. Do not buy Fifa14 unless you have a PS4 or Xbox one, do what I done and just manually change the Fifa 13 team rosters to match 14 and you will be happier.

  No comment

| | See all dudiczek's reviews (1)

Just buy it and you will see... not playable, it feels painful to play this game... no fun at all


| | See all seanm12's reviews (1)

Without doubt the worst FIFA game ever created. literally nothing good about it!


  Great game, but bring back indoor arena!

| | See all MaxWright88's reviews (2)

As an avid fan of all of the FIFA games over the years (including the world cup varieties and street), I've got to say that this game is great! What I enjoy the most about it is that it actually makes you play football! For too many seasons, it's been easy to pick up the ball with a midfielder, dance through the defence and blast in from 12 yards - but that's all changed!

A number of reviews here are complaining that the game is bad, that the passing and shooting is inaccurate, that legendary difficulty is too hard - probably all things that mean that you just need to work a bit harder to be good at it. Yes, it does mean you can't just pick up where you left off from '13 or '12 (so if you want something you'll be good at straight away then maybe rethink) - but it finally comes as a football game you need to play to get better, something you put time and effort in to get better at and ultimately should be more rewarding as such! After all, how many of you feel you've cheated when you play on amateur and win 27-0 against classic XI?

The game play is much better than before, gone are the days where you can simply pass through an entire defence, gone are the days where you can score from anywhere if you shoot early enough - this game actually starts to mimic what playing at a professional level is like and makes you play the game as if you're playing football.

On that note, I'd say well done to EA, but it's really about time they bring back the indoor arena from FIFA 98 - stuff of legends!

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  fifa 14

| | See all biggiekc's reviews (1)

If like myself you have thoroughly enjoyed fifa 12 and 13 you will be shell shocked after half an hour on this so called up date. After some 15 years with konami, (fifa 97 being the last EA football game I purchased before fifa 12) I dared to whisper fifa is the only choice forget the rest, this year it's time to re-evaluate, it's so frustrating the game I loved sucks, how can that be nobody takes perfection and flushes it down the toilet , unfortunately E A sports have done exactly that, there are to many disasters to mention all of them so I'll just mention the worst things 1) shooting is awful it's back to the days off it feeling automatic , I don't feel like I aimed the shot and it goes at lightning speed like the old shot engines really sucks, it's too easy to score headers like 20 yard headers at will, like the suarez header but as routine as the suarez header awesome, on career mode the lay out has changed , it's ok, well it's bearable if not for the other things, nowhere near as good as we have come to love, oh my the scouting network sucks, you can't search for players generally, I used to search 17-25 year olds and

  New system, amazing when you get the hang of it!!

| | See all BetaDiscs's reviews (1)

I don't agree with most of the reviews on here, its a lot different to Fifa 13, you just need to be prepared to put in some time to learn the new engine. It's a lot better when you do, you won't get the ridiculous scores from previous games, but its a lot more realistic...

  FIFA 14

| | See all archieblonde's reviews (1)

Despite what everyone thinks I think this is a great game! As previously mentioned it is very realistic; it makes you work hard for a goal and you get a real sense of achievement after scoring! The title menu is fantastic, easy to use and looks great, likewise with the graphics!! A definite purchase for any football fan!

  who made this game??

| | See all stuffhappens's reviews (3)

well below par in all aspects, graphics are the same if not worse than 13. Passes never link up between players. the defence is a mess to control and have the turning circles of tractors. the AI is still ridiculous and almost unplayable on world class/legendary.

However it is more realistic and the gameplay is much slower, if that's what you like then go ahead but personally I found my mind wondering throughout, especially when the non stop lag kicks in online.

Overall this game has been rushed out and brings nothing enjoyable to the gamer.


| | See all Murray33uk's reviews (1)

Have to say there is a learning curve to the game, its not just a pick up and play any more, it makes you work for your space , plays more like a simulation now, you dont get the daft scorelines of previous fifas more realistic. On Line Seasons co-op is a fantastic new addition and seasons mode is just as normal - slightly harder but again if you work for your space you have time to pick the right killer ball.

4 out of 5 for me

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