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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (60 reviews)"

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  Amazing - Best Tomb Raider Game

| | See all Richy26x's reviews (5)

Not just another sequel, in its own rite an absolutely amazing game, visually stunning very rich high def graphics, brilliant gameplay, start off straight away in an underground tomb with the same kind of classic tomb raider style puzzles to progrees through different rooms etc, I reckon there is 60 hours of game time on first play. Totally immersive game and in my opinion the best tomb raider yet

  Brilliant for what it is

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Tomb Raider on the old PS1 is the game that really got me in to gaming. Some people say that the series is old hat now, but his game delivers for Tomb Raider fans.

I used to be big on COD online, but now I just chill out and play games like this cos they are so interesting.

  This is a must-have.

| | See all Powerman's reviews (54)

Underworld is the Tomb Raider game we have all been waiting for. This honestly has brilliant graphics, no more so than when on the cargo ship in the first level. Absolutely amazing on a large HD TV.

Movement is fluid and easy to master. Puzzles are well thought out and will have you scratching your head sometimes.

Combat is easy, but that never was the scope of TR. Instead it is the constant exploring and the sudden dawning upon you that you have discovered a new place on the map.

Sound is good without being intrusive, and the graphics, as mentioned, are beautiful. Thor looks amazing!

I have been playing this with my kids for hours on end, and we never get tired.

And at this price, it's a steal.


| | See all Shafa23's reviews (8)

This game is excellent. I wasnt a fan of the fist 3 on the ps1 but this one is the tops no doubt. played it, completed and loved it.

  What a Game!

| | See all Bugzy10's reviews (1)

This game is phenomenal i have played tomb raider games before but this simply is the best one i have played the other two for xbox 360 were boring but this one is fun to play its a game where you can enjoy playing it the whole way through i have given it 4 stars because i think 5 stars is too generous because there are better games out there but still i found this game was a great success in the tomb raider series and i can't wait for the next one.

  What they should have brought out 3 games ago

| | See all MisterDan's reviews (6)

Admittedly you need to be a fan of Tomb Raider to really appreciate this title, but I think its a triumphant return to what made this game such a hit in the first place. Lara, running around simply stunning backdrops, raiding tombs, solving puzzles and blasting the odd baddie when they decide to pop out for target practice. Ok, the story is a bit loose, the AI is awful as enemies happily stand there as you pump them full of lead and it does get glitchy in unexcusable ways, but its a game thats a joy to play through. The puzzles are never too hard, the maps are linear but very well thought out and you really get drawn into the atmosphere of the game as you jump, grab and swing your way through the impressive looking and inspirationally designed levels. Crystal Dynamics have done a great job of re-animating Lara as well. Def worth a 10r thats for sure...

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  A flawed beauty.

| | See all Maarkface's reviews (29)

This game is pretyt good fun, to be honest. The puzzles sometimes have you scratching your head, the combat isn't too bad (but then combat has never been a focus of TR) and the visuals are really good. The detail of everything is nothing short of awesome.

Unfortunately, it's let down by a few flaws. The controls are jerky and often fail you whilst you're trying to perform precise maneuvres, and of course the needless slow-motion do-stuff-or-die sections. Handily, a feature on the PDA will point you in the right direction if you get completely stuck.

Unfortunately though, the game just feels that it's lacking something. Crystal Dynamics seem to have gone for more style than substance and features that made Core's games more amusing such as the unique death animations are left out in favour of ragdoll physics.

It's a fun game, but the bottom line is that the games by the original developer are still much more fun.

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  Lush environments!

| | See all SkaraManger's reviews (11)

I was very impressed at first with the graphics, from the sea diving mission to the jungles in Mexico. It offers quit a bit of game play, and I haven't yet finished it! some of the fights can become a bit repetitive, but the slow-mo accommodates for that. Overall I think this game was well worth it when I got it for £17.99 and to those who are getting this for even cheaper, you can't go wrong!!!