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Beautiful Katamari

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  So much fun!

| | See all Eythan's reviews (4)

This game is so much fun, its always great to play one of these games.

You get such a feeling of accomplishment by the end as you start off picking up things like buttons and end up with whole planets! its great!

I recommend this game to everybody, young and old, its great fun for the whole family! :D

  Roll stuff in to a ball.

| | See all thealbear's reviews (27)

Ok the whoel idea of rollign stuff to make a huge ball may seam a little strange, and to be fair the game is a little odd. But its unique and i always like that in a game.

  Fun But Can Be Spoilt By Repetition

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Katamari is simply a game where you roll a sticky ball around to collect various random objects. The concept is very simple but the tasks are very hard and the game has a habit of rubbing it in when you fail. Even when you complete a task the game feels that you haven't done good enough to satisfy it, this doesn't help when the King Of The Cosmos is several thousand times bigger than the characters you control.
The translation of this game is questionable, although there is no voice acting the text that appears when the king speaks is mostly gibberish and on at least one level he never shuts up.
Wacky & fun are the words I would use to describe Katamari but I warn you now it only takes one annoying task you can't complete to spoil the fun.

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  Crazy oddball fun!

| | See all Beamboom's reviews (11)

I have heard of people that do not like this game - but i've not met one yet. I assume this is one of those games that you either love or hate. As for me, i *love* it: The crazy soundtracks, the totally psyched out characters, the stupid storyline, and the king who is so full of himself and the rest of the world that he's simply adorable.
The game is all that: Crazy, psyched out, stupid, full of itself and the rest of the world, and adorable. And i love every little bit of it.

Roll a ball to pick up stuff to make the ball as big as possible. That's the core of what the game is about. If you think this sounds even remotely fun, buy this one. If you think this sounds just stupid and prefer realistic games, let it be.

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  It's all I want to play.

| | See all WolfgangRegent's reviews (9)

After hearing people talk about this game I was very keen on wanting to play this. So after finally getting a hold of a copy it's all I want to play now. My mission is to recieve the achievement of making the biggest katamari. I'm replaying the game again attempting to gain 100 points on each level, I crave the praise from the King of the Cosmos.

£9.99? It's an amazing deal.

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| | See all SOFTTOFF's reviews (1)

Completely Crazy. I don't know where the Japanese get their inspiration from but it is a brilliant game.

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  very, very mundane

| | See all Dave101t's reviews (12)

I bought this at 9.99 a day ago, thinking that at 9.99, it could be a forgotten gem, like viva pinata, but i was wrong.
You could forgive the stale graphics for great playability or a great storyline, but this game has neither! It reminds me of the shoddy games delivered through the 1990's on the sega saturn!

This game may appeal to children, i like simple games but this really is the worst game ive played this century.

2 Stars because children may like it.

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  wooo amazing,

| | See all 0TheDaddy0's reviews (7)

If you loved this on the ps2 then the 360 will blow you away, amazing and hours of fun ! A definte keeper.

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  Simply Brilliant

| | See all Bellybob's reviews (3)

I know that there is a huge emphasis on graphics, story-line and game-play in modern games. I remember in the gameboy and SNES era when games could Be about italian doctors running around throwing pills at people, or a small orange creature eating dots to escape ghosts. I liked this simple time because it was the time when video games where exploring there limits and abilities.

This is what i dont like about new games, they stick to the same money making formula using the same concept, idea and game play ....... *cough* HALO *cough*. with such a large ability to make game more realistic all game developers are heading that way, and i disagree with this advancement going to waste because there is such a large ability to make games look brilliant and also make them fantastically eccentric.

Except for namco with this game 'Beautiful Katamri'. this game is shining example that a game can be great without having to have the highest resolution graphics and the same point fire interface. First of all the control simple is the strangest set up i have ever used but because of this i love it. it take about a game or two to get used to it but once you have its clear its the best way to do it. The whole story line is pure gold, making no sense because of the literal translation. Length of the game is pretty poor with around 10 or 12 levels but this is excused due to the fact its the most addictive game on xbox and has a massive replay factor.

Although short, its sweet and will keep me entertained until this disc shatters from over use.

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