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Beautiful Katamari

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Rolling onto the 360! See what I did... there... sorry.

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First things first, Katamari is a fantastic game and one of the best little gems of gaming history ever created. We Love Katamari on the PS2 was criminally unloved (but they didn't release the game in huge numbers so perhaps that's the excuse) and this new version of Katamari is simply top-notch.

So why only four stars, you might be thinking?

Well... the fact that it's really all based around one giant level just isn't really enough in my eyes. Granted, you can roll up the entire world and then the universe and it's nice that the levels are all connected... but after a while you get that horrible feeling of repetition which is quite off-putting. If anything, on the designers point of view, it's actually remarkably lazy. We Love Katamari had a dozen or so levels or rolling-up goodness and we're kinda stuck in the middle of one big level.

Where shall we roll today? Inside the house? Or outside the house? *sigh*

(For the record, there is downloadable content at a cost but I haven't actually looked into whether this is for a new level or what... or whether you get to play some of the levels from the older games...)

BUT. Despite this let-down, Beautiful Katamari is still an awesome game. To be honest, it defies description but let's just say that you use your katamari (it's a sticky ball to those who don't know) to pick up everything in the level that is smaller than you in order to grow and roll up bigger things. You have set goals within the levels, usually to get to a certain size within the time limit. Again, the main problem is repetition as pretty much ALL of the levels are the same thing over and over again. 3m in five minutes. 1m meter in four minutes. 10,000km in 18 minutes (but you get to roll up all of the countries of the world for that one!!!).

But it's such a charming game, how can I give it less than 4 stars? Watching as all the people in the city run away in utter shaking fear of you rolling them up is always brilliant, finding the 50 cousins spread throughout the levels is brilliant fun and the humour in the game is so blindingly brilliant, it will never fail to raise a smile. The King Of All Cosmos is without a doubt the funniest character in the history of gaming.

No hyperbole.


It might be a little too quirky for some. It might be a little too Japanese for some. It might not make the most sense in the world. It's a videogame, it shouldn't have to. If you fall in love with it, I wouldn't blame you in the slightest. It's a breath of fresh air on a console filled with First Person Shooters.

GO. Try it at the very least.

But then go and buy it.

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  Crazy rolly-polliness

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It's not every day a game comes along that's so original and so good, especially when it's as strange and simplistic as this.

Rolling a ball (or a Katamari) around a stage picking stuff up as you roll over it might sound silly, and it is to be fair, but it sure does make for a great game. You start off on a place called the Princedom, that's like your base or your little village if you like. From here everything is available like options, stats, save game and this is also where you select a mission to go on called a 'request'. Cousins also like to loiter round here. These requests include tasks such as rolling up specific items which in turn increases the size of your Katamari. Sound simple but some levels can be challenging. You get points at the end of each completed run and you can choose to play again to better these scores anytime you wish. Hidden in the levels are cousins: little characters that look both silly and cute, which you can change between anytime, and presents: stuff for your cousins to wear. The number hidden in each level can very and finding them all is not a task for the faint hearted. This does help though with variation and replay value, although replaying the same soon becomes a bit tedious. As you progress through the game more requests become available and the potential size of your Katamari dramatically increases from 30cm to sizes well over 500m. Before you know it you're picking up whole cities.

The graphics aren't great for a 360 game and they're not much better than the PS2 version but they do the job. There's also a crazy Japanese song list which is strangely amusing. Achievements take a bit of time and effort and there's dlc too, bringing the total to 1250G. Multiplayer is fun too but just what you'd expect.

That pretty much sums up Beautiful Katamari. It's a great game played in smaller doses. Such a different, weird and wonderful concept for a good game must deserve a place in anyone's collection.


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  not as good as We Love Katamari

| | See all isome23's reviews (1)

After impatiently waiting for it to be released in the U.K. I was sightly disappointed. It's nowhere near as fun as the PS2 release We Love Katamari. The camera was awkward in comparison and movement was no where near as fluid as on the PS2. This is possible because of the placement of the analog sticks on the 360 as opposed to the PS2. It's more cluttered as well. The music wasn't as good or catchy as WLK and the game was completed within 4 hours. With games like these that are quickly completed, I will go back and play them again and again...not so with Beautiful Katamari. In the end, I plugged back in the PS2 to play We Love Katamari. The really sad thing is I looked so forward to this title's release, even buying extra points in preparation for the downloadable content (to which those in the U.K. are still waiting for). I'm just really disappointed with the game. People have complained about the game being timed, it always was and that isn't the issue. One would think that the 360 game would have improved upon the PS2 one considering the graphics are relatively the same and the power of the 360 far surpasses that of the PS2. If you really want to play this game, wait until its been out a few months and pick it up used. Better yet, pick up We Love Katamari for the PS2 instead.

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  assisstance please

| | See all Finalflash's reviews (1)

could someone please calrify the actual purpose or sotry of this game for me, the demo entertained me for hours on end just rolling around and i assumed the full game would be like this but without a timer on your rolling. do you just get to roll around forever or is there missions or anything to do?

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  Fun but short

| | See all Intron's reviews (8)

This is quite a fun game but lacks in the staying department. its too short. This is aparent when you only start and play from the same place every time. I was hopeing to start in differnt parts of the world but you only get to see those other parts once you are so massive you roll up whole cities.

Great fun but short unless you have another person to paly co-op with.

  omoshiroi (interesting)

| | See all ryuichiro's reviews (6)

i heard about this from a ps2 owning friend. quirky, japanese, non-definable (genre) game he said....just your cuppa tea. so i tried the demo from marketplace. my friend was spot on....this is unlike anything else i've played in more than 25 years of gaming. i find it a nice relaxing break from the frenetic insomnia inducing shooters, racers and sssequels in my collection. slightly confusing at first, i've enjoyed it more each time i play, so i'd say definitely worth a look if you wanna try something different. this said, two points to note. being a japanese speaker the in game music doesn't bother me too much, however cutesy j-pop style singing (in japanese mostly) isn't most westerners thing. and the other sadly is more detrimental to the game. the camera and control could have done with a bit of tweaking.....compared with something like monkey ball this feels clunky and more akin to driving a world war II tank in a pool of glycerine than a little sticky ball thingy. these points aside i still feel it merits 4 out of 5.

ryui yori

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  Much Like the Original

| | See all sporkguy's reviews (1)

I had my first taste of the Katamari Experience with Katamari Damacy (pronounced Da-Ma-She) a couple of years ago when I imported an NTSC version of the game to see what all the hype was about. I fell in love immediately.
Since then they're released several versions of the game, and I've owned them all - but none, and I mean none, come close to the quality of gameplay the original offered.
Until now!
Beautiful Katamari takes everything the original offered, and adds to it all the things we previously didn't have. You have to play it to believe how surreal it is.
I prepared my girlfriend as best I could before I showed her this past weekend, I wasn't sure she'd like it and think I was a massive geek - but to my relief she loves it!

Do yourself a favour, buy this game immediately!

  A Roll Backwards

| | See all ConkerTSquirrel's reviews (6)

For those who have played either PS2 Katamari games, this will be a slight disappointment: Something seems to be amiss with the gameplay here: the scope and depth of levels does not match that of We Love Katamari. I was actually disappointed when I got to the 'end' within two sittings- something not really possible in the other games.

That being said, Beautiful Katamari is still a great game to have in your collection- if you dig the bizarre Japanese genre. It's a nice, simplistic, and intuitive title with lots of replay value. Plus, you can now roll online!

It's definitely an acquired taste though- you'll either love this one or hate it. Give the demo a shot- it's a solid representation of the rest of the game.

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  Brilliant as always, but a step backwards?

| | See all Wellyboo's reviews (1)

After owning We Love Katamari for the PS2, Beautiful Katamari was a must buy game for my 360. The gameplay hasn't changed from the previous versions, with the aim of the game to roll up objects with your katamari (a odd ball thing) to make it bigger, so you can roll up even bigger objects. Sound strange? It certainly is, but a hell of a lot of fun at the same time. If you haven't played it before, its definetely worth a try. Artistically, the game is as wacky and loveable as before, and the King is as brilliant as he ever was.

Graphically its a slight step up from the previous version, but you couldn't really call the graphics 'next-gen'. However when the screen does get cluttered, there is the occasional bit of slowdown - nothing that seriously damages the gameplay though. My biggest complaint though, is the diversity of the levels. On several occasions you will end up replaying the same area again on what is supposed to be a new level, only spending the final couple of minutes in a new zone. When there are only around 12 levels in total, this lack of diversity does seem a bit slack from the developers. Where We Love Katamari had a few levels with a slightly different twist on the rolling challenge, such as rolling up food to feed a sumo wrestler and fireflies to make your katamari as bright as possible, Beautiful Katamari only manages one of these levels, which is another disappointment. Although I haven't looked yet, new levels should be available on the Xbox Marketplace, and it will be interesting to see what else they can bring to the game.

If you loved any of the previous games, you will certainly love Beautiful Katamari, but you will almost certainly feel let down by the lack of levels and diversity, despite the huge replay factor the game has. If you haven't played before, you should give this game a try and see for yourself! There is nothing quite like rolling a katamari...

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  DEMO review

| | See all pandapandaBANG's reviews (40)

i played the demo for beautiful katamari, and being a huge fan of the other games, i was not dissapointed. not much has changed at all, and then again, why would katamari fans want it to? going to order the full game tonight, can't wait to get it! :)

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