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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Needs a marjin buu saga

| | See all RazzleUK's reviews (2)

This game is fantastic for any of you dragonball z fans. It has a lot of the scenes you will remember, a lot of the speeches from the show. But when you finish the cell saga it is annoying because there should be a marjin buu saga as he is a main character from the show. Also Goku's character is missing super saiyan power ups such as super saiyan 2 and 3. And the fighting scenes are very minimum on where you move. The new drgaonball raging blast is alot better because of that and alot more characters are needed. The story line needs a lot added to it.

  It Will Blow Up in Five Minutes Several Episodes Later

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

It's difficult to recommend a Dragonballz fighting game when the same stories pop up which is fine and all because the story is still very good but when it decides to go into the more finer details it becomes frustrating and you'd really just want to beat stuff up.
What I mean is the story mode where you essentially fight the same character several times with many different characters of the current chapter and the story sort of stands still for several hours.
Graphics are brilliant and gameplay is only surpassed by Tenkaichi 3 on the Wii but it does draw everything out very slowly which is very off putting.
It's like when Freiza said the planet is going to blow up in five minutes and five episodes later it's still gonna blow up in five minutes. That kinda describes entirely how I feel about this game.

  A fun game but gets a little boring after a while.

| | See all FlowingChipmunk's reviews (13)

The game is quite fun to play, you can have a few laughs. After some of the battles it does get a little boring as everythings the same. Overall gameplay and graphics are good but the battles are all very similar making the game get boring very quickly.


| | See all shadiec's reviews (6)

If your a dragonball Z fan, then you will enjoy this game! The cut scenes can get tedious, but it truly is an excellent game if you want to relive your favourite DBZ moments.

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  DBZ fun

| | See all AndyStreet's reviews (24)

Gameplay - 7/10 - some epic battles with cool drama scenes
Story - 6/10 - up to the end of the cell saga, should've been up to the Buu saga
Graphics - 7/10 - the best DBZ and cell-shaded game i've seen
Soundtrack - 6/10 - some pretty cool music
Multiplayer - 5/10 - fun to duke it out with friends

Dragonball Z burst limit:
There is alot of fun to be had in the latest Dragonball Z game. The gameplay is lightning fast and really makes it feel like you are living the battles seen in the anime. The drama scenes (little cutscenes during gameplay) are also fantastic, adding to the "animeness" of the game, though some of them are a bit too long and interrupt gameplay. A wider range of characters wouldn't have hurt either, plus the game would have been better if it didn't leave out the Buu saga. All in all, i would recommend this to any DBZ fan and anyone who wants a decent fighting game for the 360.

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  A good Start

| | See all Jadeod's reviews (2)

Overall, as I was only able to play ps1 games (due to lack of ps3) i found it a good start to introduce the DragonballZ genre to the XBox. Graphics Fantastic, Love the way they intergrated actual storyline into the game, not only that but they actually made the graphics rather than just using old series clips. I was a little let down by not going into the Buu saga because I felt that really would have turned some eyes, but it was a brilliant start for XBox and hopefully they may even start to introduce the GT and old DB storylines to create an exceptional game for all!!!

  Not the Best, But by far not the worst!

| | See all MightyBooshMan's reviews (6)

I have been an avid Dragonball Z fan for many many years, watching every single episode and playing every single game, i was intrigued by this game as it is the first DBz game of the next gen console, i have to say, i was not let down by the graphics, the game play or the story line. everything in this game gets a huge thumbs up, except one thing, the lack of characters, with budokai 3 you are able to play as absolutely anyone from every single walk of dragonball z life! but with this you are limited, very limited! but do not let this put you off as even though there are hardly any characters to play, you get all of the one you want any way, goku, vegeta, kid gohan, teen gohan, the best one really! hopefully they are just paving the way for further installments of the burst limit series! any dragonball z fan should be proud of the next gen dragon ball z experience!

4 our of 5 for sheer class! but could have more depth!

  did it burst limits?

| | See all trib2triv's reviews (1)

Ok first off; the story: Yes it is just the same thing as all the other dragon ball z games, its nothing great and its been milked to death. But this is also a fighting game, i can't recall the last time i've played a fighting and thought the story was above average, what should count is the gameplay, which is realy good. Its nice to see the budokai style back, instead of the tenkaichi style where all you had to do is to spam the ka-mi-ha-mi-ha over and over again. This is alot more in depth, you can doge and block super attacks aswell as a few other things to avoid spaming, the game looks great, it burts the limits of shell shaded graphics, however there is a lack of places you can fight, theres 8 but you only have access to 5 at the start of the match, to get 1 out of the other 3 you blow you whole place up. It also lacks character as there is only about 20 however all of them have pritty much different attacks (even though the button combos are all the same)

In short this is a must buy for dbz's and fighting game fans should check it out

  The same as always!

| | See all SeMzzz's reviews (140)

Every single DragonballZ game is the SAME!!!

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| | See all SJackson1988's reviews (8)

At first its ok then it all comes to the surface, battle sequences are very repetative, and the cut scenes miss half of the story out, unless youve watched the entire series you wont have an idea whats going on half of the time cause one minute there in one place then next thing with out warning there somewhere else and your left scratching your head as to why they are where they are...its a confusing game :P