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Soul Calibur IV (with FREE Exclusive Xbox 360 Faceplate)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  game play, absolute rubbish.. everything else is very good

| | See all bronx1287's reviews (5)

In terms of graphics, no issues in the least. The stages are brilliantly designed and there is a lot of creativity in designing the characters. In terms of gameplay, it is a complete faff. Im not jokin, i can literally just stand in the same position the entire fight and just keep pressing punch and still win. The fighting is far too diffucult and complicated to properly master and there are no interesting combinations to perfom with any of the characters. They should focus on making fighting games with a similar idea as Dead or Alive 4. Thats how a fighting game should be. I do like the character creation feature though. I managed to design kasumi from DOA almost perfectly using that and gave her taki,s fighting style which suited her perfectly.

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  Not 5/5 should be 10/10

| | See all Ravenous07's reviews (41)

I've followed this saga all the back from Soul Blade for PS1 and they have yet to let me down, I must admitt that when I first heard about Star Wars characters being in it I was a little put off, I mean Yoda in the 16th Century what were they thinking, but as it goes it was quite a nice addition to the soul family, a lot of people still don't like the idea but that aside, it is the best, not one of but the best, beat 'em up out this game will give anyone a run for their money to beat! Pure Brilliance!

  Spaming a'hoy

| | See all Crafeltafen's reviews (4)

This game has to main flaws one the story mode is painfully short and two other people. Many people online will employ cheap tatcics of spamming one move over and over untill victorious. However this doesnt factor into my rateing of 4 stars as it isnt the games fault.
Gameplay is great but some may find it repetative. The difficulty changes for clearing stages with easy to taking hours to clear one of the lower levels. This was my first fighting game and i enjoyed it trumendously, i was a little confuzed at first but this soon passed and now i have all the achievements bar one. So it is accesable to first time fighters.
The graphics are sharp and clear with a japanesey feel and the sound track is brilliant. The inclusion of star wars is a nice extra but yoda is a bit rubbish really.

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  Namco are Getting Desperate

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Soul Calibur 4 for me didn't feel like the epic sword fighting game the first two games created.
Let's review some of the things that aren't helping the game.
1. Lack of any VS modes. No survival or team battles just straight one-on-one. Online mode is pretty much the same thing.
2. Lack of a full story mode. The story mode is horribly short and insultingly easy. I finished everyone's story mode in only five hours. It takes me about that long to complete half of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
3. Achievements are easy to obtain. Hardly any effort is required to get most of the achievements in this game, upon writing this I've managed to achieve over half of them and I've only played this game for three weeks.
4. STAR WARS!!!! Since when did Yoda and Vader appear in a game set in the 16TH BLOODY CENTURY, I know the game is not meant to be based on historical accuracy but Star Wars characters? Oh and thanks so much Namco for putting in Starkiller, the cheapest and most annoying opponent ever created. The Star Wars characters are extremely over powered and practically make the regulars look pathetic. It seems that the selfish release of Soul Calibur III that only appeared on the PS2 actually lost Namco some money so they made a desperate attempt by asking George Lucas to add Star Wars characters along with asking some manga artists to create some random bonus characters to keep the anime crowd happy.
The gameplay hasn't really changed much and is still fun but as soon as you've achieved everything the game offers then you may as well sell it. At this point there is a distinct feeling of desperation from Namco and Project Soul and I hope that they learn there lesson from this when they start making Soul Calibur V.

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  It's so addictive

| | See all StellaArtois63's reviews (40)

Not being a fan of this type of game I took a risk on buying it after I had enjoyed Ninja Gaiden, and was really pleased I did because I find it so addictive. People have been moaning how quick the story mode is well yes in some ways it is, but to take every character through it will take a while. It is repetitive but to unlock all the equipment and other characters you have to do it. I dont hear to many people saying how quick and easy it is to get through the towers. I am struggling, so thats why I need to get so many different characters up to the max with plenty of different attributes. I like a challange and to get through the Towers, that is exactly what it is. The achievements are good and again will take ages to get them all, well it will me anyway. Graphically its great and very colourful and I just love the character customising.
Overall I love this game I just cant stop playing it and wanting to beat it. Online can be frustrating playing people that just do one move or chose one powerful character. Its great playing against people that know how to play properly and giving a button basher like me some good tips.
If you like games like this you will love it. If your not sure then rent it and I am sure you will become as addict to it as I am.

  Pretty good, but not amazing

| | See all EvilSloth's reviews (1)

Ive never played soul calibur, and im not a huge fighting fan, but seeing as there have been no decent games out for a while, i thought id go for this.
to keep it short, i would describe it as; good achievements, short story, but lots of players to do it with, can get repetitive, online can be anoying if you get some noob always pressing X

To conclude, i wouldnt call the game gold, and i havnt found it addictive, but its the sort of thing which you can pick up at any time and have a quick game, which is something i didnt have before :)

  Best fighting game yet!!!

| | See all psychomonkeyboy's reviews (12)

Soul calibur 4 has it all!! The gameplay, the graphics,the customization, the combos, everything!The single player is pritty good but if you invite a couple of your mates around and have a tournament then the fun is endless.Everybody who ive met whove played this say its an amazing game. Some people have reviewd this game and said that the storyline is too short. What they might not realise is that each character has a different storyline (so youl be playing for quite a long time). This is the first time that ive owned a soul calibur game and i have to say i was deeply impressed. Definentaly 5 star.

  great game,

| | See all LilDan's reviews (7)

this is a really good game and recommended for anybody whos into fighting games, the graphics are great and theres a great range of game modes and characters. the only reason i gave it 4 stars was because i've been having trouble getting used to the controls. However this is the first game in the series that i have brought so i expect it'll take a while to learn.


| | See all lukelarne's reviews (76)

I thought this game was quite poor because the story mode can be finished in about 5 minutes and the fighting style gets very very boring after half an hour

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