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Aliens: Colonial Marines - Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (44 reviews)"

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| | See all pow999's reviews (3)

Do not believe the bad reviews. I absolutely loved this game,it's very good with brilliant graphics and sound.I was playing Halo 4 before this and this game makes Halo 4 look like the massively overrated mess we all know it is.Scenes set in the sewer are more scary then the whole of Dead Space 3.Brilliant.

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  good solid shooter

| | See all MONKEYRANTAN's reviews (1)

Not half as bad as people are making out. well worth the money at the now reduced price. great if like me your a fan of the movies!

  Try it......Its the only way to be sure

| | See all JodyPUNX's reviews (6)

Ok after a month of bad press i finally picked this up for 20.00 as I've been a fan of Aliens since i was 8 years old.
Ok its not the best looking game, but its not that bad at all, i think the comparison to the Demo has put the majority of people off straight away. Though i would not say this is Original Xbox graphics by far!
Once you get into the game its lots of fun, and all the original sound effects are awesome.
The AI of the Marines around you will constantly annoy you, as they literally stand there and do nothing to assist you.
There are parts in the game that took me 20 attempts which get incredibly frustrating, and this was play on Soldier mode (Normal).
Its a great game for a week or so, and the campaign is a REAL challenge if played on a harder setting.
Alien fans we'll have to wait to see what the next gen consoles have to offer.

  Its not that bad!

| | See all darknight33's reviews (2)

I bought this game even after reading all the reviews on here and thought id give it a go, being a big alien fan and loving the old arcade games i bought it and its not that bad.
The story is great and after leaving off from the second film they did a good job. The visuals are exellent the weapon mods are great and the new horde mode is ace. dont get me wrong thou there are a couple of bad points. The graphics arn't the best and also online can be annoying playing as an alien and getting shot every 5 seconds and re spawing is a pain but this is one of those games that you either love or hate. Me personally id wait a bit till the price comes down and if your a big alien fan its a must buy
p.s Play this game with headphones for a better experience.

  I wished it was good!

| | See all Britanga's reviews (18)

I was so looking forward to this game especially because I love the Alien movies but this game is a huge let down.
The graphics are a slight step up from Quake 4! The glitches are horrendous, the AI is stupid, the story makes no sense and it's extremely easy I mean stupidly easy.
It's almost like the creators looked at the AVP games and thought 'Hey lets look at what they did and do it wrong!'
In all fairness though I did have fun with it, there's no better feeling than getting to open up a Pulse Rifle on a corridor of Aliens and it has a great bit where you have to sneak past a large group of them armed only with a torch.
Unfortunately though the bad out weigh the good, buy only if it's really cheap and if you're a huge fan.

  Getting slated by high expectations

| | See all tpr007's reviews (4)

The graphics do look a bit dated, and there are better shooters out there, but I'm enjoying this game more than COD. Why? Because of the atmosphere. The gameplay is not bad (unlike Duke Nuken which I had to give up on after an hour) and the music, sound effects, story and voice acting here are a joy for any Aliens fan. Worth your time.

  should be game over man!

| | See all badboydj's reviews (5)

It looks and sounds great.... Until you start playing the game, its let down by a flawed engine and dodgy animations - the multiplayer has some fun elements to it but nothing that original, why oh why do we wait so long for these games to be constantly let down... Aliens is probably one of the best film franchises of all time and a timeless classic! There should be a law about creating sub standard content that fits in this universe!

  Oh well.

| | See all RichDvDs's reviews (31)

The controls are awful. Jerky. Slow.
The story is bland.
The gameplay is just a barrage of aliens coming at you till you shoot a certain amount of bullets in them. Then they drop. Boring.

Get stuck, look down to see what you are trapped on and itll be a small step or a piece of metal on the floor. Annoying!!

I and probably millions of other Alien fans have been waiting for this game for years. What a disappointment.

  Massive disappointment

| | See all LiamSalter's reviews (2)

This game had a lot of potential but was executed very poorly. The games story line and characters are bland and uninteresting, half of the campaign is spent fighting human enemies which is just a dumb move, this is an aliens game after all, the game is rather easy even o the hardest difficulty, the levels are essentially linear corridors which force you down one path and allow for no freedom, the AI of both team-mates and enemies is very poor, xenos run at you like mindless zombies removing any kind of tension, graphics are very average and some of the textures are down right awful although for the most part sound assets are okay. The multiplayer is average, there is however a decent amount of customization and playing as a xeno can be kinda cool. Overall, this is not something I'd recommend in the slightest, even for an aliens fan.

  Dont know what all the bad is about!

| | See all MisterSFX's reviews (18)

Okay im not much for reviewing or taking advice from reviewers I pretty much have to make up my own mind. Not everyone likes the same thing and when you wait for years for a much hyped game you expect some shiny special ball of well specialness. If there is one thing that waiting for games has taught me is that over hyped games are never what they promise...Alan Wake, The Darkness 2, Duke Nukem, AVP, GT4...the list goes on. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good game its just not a great game and wont break any new ground. The campaign for single players is about 4-5 hours long (standard for any single player FPS these days). The gameplay is stable with weapon upgrades again pretty standard for any FPS. Graphically, again its not as shiny as The Darkness or the polished version of Riddick I would compare it more to Prey in that department. Overall getting flanked by aliens crawling out of every part of the screen and the sheer panic you feel as you wonder through familiar locations...its ALIENS people! I paid full whack and im not regretting it not like I was with RISEN and Two Worlds but thats another story..those were awful.