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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (79 reviews)"

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  Simply Brilliant

| | See all Strongsocks's reviews (4)

This game is making a come back, Since its addition to the Xbox Live Marketplace's feature "Games on Demand", It has become a lot more popular. It is extremely fun with multiple levels of diffuculty in single player and many different civilisations. There are 2 free singleplayer map packs and 1 free multiplayer map pack, There is also one other multiplayer map pack which costs a measly 100 microsoft points. It is great fun to play with friends and it makes you work for the achievements which take different amounts of time to earn. Definitely recommend buying this game.

  One to keep

| | See all LuckyDucky1's reviews (44)

This is a game to keep in your collection. Everytime you play there is a different outcome and it provides hours of really good strategy gameplay. This is in my collection for good! Never selling or lending to anyone!!


| | See all looney09z3's reviews (1)

this game is amazing, i never played the others civ games on the p.c but dont really care. like strategy games and can never get any good strategy games on the xbox. i didnt even know about this game until a week ago and its been out for years i wish i did because its the best strategy game i have ever played on the xbox. i have got an adiction to it help me!!!!
if your looking for a game that gives you a challenge then its one for you but their are 5 levels of difficulty so beginers could play this as well. its got a really cool way of allowing you to grow a whole empire from the old years of swords and regular violence to modern age of nuclear weopons and law and order, and the great thing is its fairly basic controls and it takes a good few hours to compleat a game. if you have xbox live download the demo for free and play a few times while its being posted to gain the skills to win compleat power of the world. you should get this game now dont wait you will not regret it.

  Love this game

| | See all SelbyDan's reviews (20)

This game is amazing, I've had it for a while and have "finished" it several times, the only thing that annoys me is it isnt long enough and you can't muck about wiping nations out, you can pretty much crush one in the time limit. Great fun and a game I can happily play over and over and over again.

  Just a bit of fun

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

I know that a lot of complaints are that its too childish or too simple but this is the whole charm of the game. The reason for no map customisation, no in depth diplomacy, and so on is to keep the game flowing. Classic civilization certainly does belong on the PC but this adaptation is simply just great fun putting an emphasis on the combat in order to keep the game moving.


| | See all spuddygothiclord98's reviews (29)

this is a brilliant game. i got it for my birthday and i am glad i did.
The graphics are brlliant, the gameplay is awesome, and the different epople you can be are amazing.
you ccan lead a different civilization for each person and go from stone age to the future.

Its a must!!!!

Over six months i think now, i am editing this review. I have periods when i start to play a game and play it non stop for a week. This game will always be a keeper, and i am still not bored of it. Achievements are really hard to get too!

  Pleasantly Suprised.

| | See all GeoShu's reviews (6)

Strategy games in General, belong on PC.
However I thoroughly enjoyed this game.

+ The Achievements are not too easy and not too hard.
+ Controls are easy to Navigate.
+ Scenarios offer an extra aspect to the Game.
- Can be repetitive (after about 15 hours of gameplay).
- Lack of difference between teams, every Nation is pretty similar.

For anything less than 20 pounds, a great buy.

  High expectations - Poor Game

| | See all BoppoB's reviews (2)

The graphics are fantastic
The menu should be more like in civ 4
There should be much more options (e.g. more leaders)
Civ should remain on computer
This is pretty much "civ4 version0.1"(with great graphics)

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  Great game despite being on a console

| | See all jam228's reviews (3)

Was expecting a very watered down game from the pc versions and was prven wrong! It has certainly taken away some of the hardcore elements of the pc but hasn't sacrificed much of the enjoyment of the original series. A great game that has several different scenarios and difficulties to keep you entertained for quite some time.


| | See all Punker10's reviews (3)

An OK game not entirely terrible but........If you like the PC versions of Civ then this may not be for you. Its like Civ light, a stripped down civ essentially.