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Alpha Protocol: The Espionage RPG

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Not impressed Sega.

| | See all TheDarkWolfKing's reviews (4)

This game is an awful attempt from Sega to recreate Metal Gear Solid. And it fails to deliver. The aiming of firearms is terrible and the idea of 'stealth and espionage' goes completely out the window with the AI following a set path and seeeing you behind cover. The dialogue system is needlessly complicated and unintuitive.
All in all, I doubt you'll enjoy this game if you have any experience with other games of the genre.
There's a reason this games so cheap...

  an RPG set in the real world

| | See all OldSchoolguy's reviews (15)

Alpha Protocol is an RPG and not an action shooter.

Sure, it is not open-world and there is no gender and appearance customization, but this is not what makes an RPG. Even action and adventure games have these things these days.

What makes an RPG is that you as a gamer have the power to shape how the story develops and ultimately how the game ends, and in Alpha Protocol you have this power. Every choice you make in dialogues and missions influences how the game develops. For example, who you get as an ally in the game depends on how you act and what you say. There is a lot of dialogue interaction with the characters in the game, and some of the missions are actually just dialogue missions where you need to say the right thing in order to get important information.

In Alpha Protocol you have 9 skill trees to choose from, where you can specialize in 2-4 skills or be a Jack-of-all-trades. You can also customize your armour and weapons.

Some reviewers have complained about the bad aiming but the fact is you need to level up your skills and weapons to get better accuracy, common sense if you ask me.
Some reviewers have also complained about the AI but I did not notice anything bad about the AI in any of my playthroughs, I thought the enemies were responsive and smart enough.
The graphics are good but nothing to brag about, it looks a bit like the Splinter Cell games for the 360.

The game takes about 20 hrs to complete and the replay value is high. I have done three playthroughs so far, once as a stealth and martial art expert, once as a Rambo-type assault soldier, and once as a high-tech sabotage expert. I got different allies and slightly different endings each time.

The bottom line is that this is a highly unique game. It is the only reality-based RPG around, at least for the 360. All else is either Fantasy or Sci-fi. In my opinion we need more RPGs that are set in the real world.

  A hiddem gem

| | See all EukalyptusNow's reviews (4)

Don't let yourself get fooled by the negative or so-so reviews in the press. A.P. is a great game. The athmosphere is unique - dealing with all kinds of weird, untrustworhty people. And you can really change the way the story plays out - quite better than many of Bioware's "pseudo-choices". Graphics and gameplay are not as good as in Mass Effect, and the game has a few bugs, but overall it's great value for money if you want to try a different kind of action-RPG.

  So much better than its getting credit for!!!

| | See all 1989BigCal's reviews (1)

looking for a good shooter with an in depth plot? Then this game is great for you.
When I played this game through I had read no reviews for it so had an open mind to the game. I have to say that overall I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The combat system, intense storyline and weirdly wonderful love child between daddy shooter and mummy RPG, had me interested until the end, which thanks to the games RPG persuasion, did not arrive frustratingly early. This game is something very different, so play it open minded, oh and its not really an espionage game, after playing Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell this definitely feels like a calculated shooter. There you go; underrated, well executed, and most importantly in a video game, a whole load of fun. So give it chance and I hope you won't regret it

  Brillent game but not flawless

| | See all AidoZonkey's reviews (3)

A very addicting game, it had great moral choises and very addicting game play. Its not perfect as it can sometime be buggy, and some features of the game can be a little hard to get use to. However, this game is very enjoyable and for such a cheap price as well

  Choice Really Is Your Weapon

| | See all BerserkMidget08's reviews (1)

I was contemplating for a while on whether to get this game as I had read other reviews giving very mediocre scores.
However, to be fair the game isn't all that bad!
Graphics: Aren't superb but does the job.
Gameplay: The game excels in allowing you choice. Whether you sneak around and take enemies out quietly or alternatively go in for a guns blazing approach it is entirely your decision. There is plenty of customisation - whether this is your character or weaponry to get your missions done. I think the greatest selling point of this game however is the immersion of the story. It isn't unique - terrorists blowing stuff up etc. but you are always on your toes as there are timed dialogue choices that really manipulate how the rest of your story unfolds. Should I kill this bad guy, or make him an ally? Should I save the girl or save lots of civilians? I think it is the only game I have ever played that has really made me consider my actions and they really do have consequences.
The AI is uncool: you leave a body (which you can't move!) then somehow they know where your'e hiding and they have ridiculous grenade throwing abilities.The aiming is dodgy alongside the various bugs and glitches but overall, and for the price, it was a worthwhile purchase with plenty of twists and rememborable characters for the journey.

  In short...

| | See all Ermancer's reviews (1)

There are some problems you have to ignore to enjoy this game.

Mass Effect is a better RPG
Splinter Cell is a better Stealth game

Overall still pretty good though

  Loved it!

| | See all favre04's reviews (1)

I have no idea why people are not enjoying this game...yeah its not as smooth as splintercell conviction in terms of game play but very similar idea with the addition of what you say and how you treat people you talk to in the game can give change the way things pan out. its also challenging. at first i did think this is too easy but as the game progresses it does get more difficult and the bosses are very challanging. You cant do the whole game stealth but there is a good combation of stealth and combat. I love this game! i feel sad that users dont feel the same.

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  let down!

| | See all minischoles9's reviews (1)

very dissapointed wiith this game. if your looking for a spy-action game with good guns and a good story i'd stick with the bourne conspiracy. The graphics were good, but the stroy was abit tedious. constant talking and being timed to speak. the movement is terrible, along with the guns wich are poor. the recticle when fireing increases to widely to fast. and it can take 3 shells just to kill someone at close range, you could not sneak up on someone by crouching. they would know you are behind them within 20 feet, then turn around and they'd set off the alarms. there is nothing stealthy about this game. the computer hacking gets annoying quickly, the games overall play is poor. i gave it two stars because, the gamer score was high and it felt like the game was going to get better after it started but but it didnt and it stayed average!

  Sweet buy!

| | See all crazyboy655's reviews (10)

I really enjoyed this game. Theres lots of weapon and armor mods and loads of different weapons and armor to buy. There is a great story line and being able to choose your response to people is a great feature. This game is a must buy and is very cheap!