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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Game Of The Year Edition)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (181 reviews)"

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  Better than call of duty world at war any day!

| | See all tomster's reviews (4)

i loved this game the weapons are great and so are the graphics the storyline is excellent i prefere it to call of duty 5 (world at war) this game is truly astonishing

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  Awesome game!!!

| | See all liverprule's reviews (1)

This is my favourite game at the moment the story mode is great and really challenging on Veteran difficulty. The online play is great too and it's still so popular that there are thousands online whenever you login. Also you get a free map pack with the game of the year edition. I'm already looking forward to number 2. GAME ON!
Gameplay: 5
Graphics: 5
Multiplayer: 5

  Hours of fun

| | See all Jacimo's reviews (9)

this game is priceless! ive loved the call of duty games from the start and they just seem to be getting better with age. outstanding game =D

  call of duty 4, guns made to last

| | See all Shortysmith's reviews (24)

The storyline is brilliant for this game. If you get the game i recommend playing on veteran not on easy!!. This way you get motivated to keep at it and not give up. If you go through on easy then there is no motive to do it on veteran. The online play is also good. The ten prestiges feature increases the hours of gameplay.

Bad points - when i became 10th prestige, after about a month i got bored since there was no motive to play it. ( It could just be me) Its very replayable online but not story mode. Playing with friends increases the fun factor otherwise playing by yourself can get boring.

good points - there is a variety of guns. Not loads of single shots like call of duty 5. (fire with the middle finger and you get accused of modding with a controller, it works for me). Every single gun is good. I think that sniping on this is harder than call of duty 5.

Over all i would give it a 9/10 only because the story i didnt think was replayable. There are 4 new maps for it which makes it more enjoyable. Prestiging doesnt get boring because of the amount of guns you get. If your a big first person shooter fan then this is the game for you.

  truly, one of the greatest FPS i have ever played.

| | See all shoot360's reviews (5)

COD4 is genuinely a masterpiece.
despite being released in 2007, it still has a massive fan-base online, and the single player campaign is just breathtaking. you feel like you really are in the SAS or USMC, and even develop a slight emotional bond to the characters and your squad. every aspect of warfare is covered in this game: from storming buildings, rainbow-six style, to sniping whole fireteams, to providing cover fire from an overhead AC-130 gunship. it even features an "arcade mode" where the player has to rack up the biggest score per level within the time limit!
where this game really comes alive however, is the multiplayer. with countless weapons and perks to unlock, you really can become any kind of soldier you wish and there is also a strategic element to what you equip, what perks you choose and how you play each map. speaking of maps, i almost forgot, the game of the year edition includes 4 free extra MP maps! these also make COD4 feel fresher all the time, and also have attracted more people to COD4 online.

in a nutshell:

masterwork of infinity ward - solid-gold, gorgeous gunplay, amazingly addictive multiplayer, a game to keep you occupied for months on end. this should keep you occupied right til modern warfare 2 is released, all the way in november!


| | See all tibbz13's reviews (2)

This game is truly amazing i personally prefer it over cod5 as i only play cod5 for zombies if i was to chose i would deffonitely say this as a further cod modern warfare 2 is coming out later in the year so get used to the online! the weapons and the style of play and you will be as happy as millions of us the second modern warfare 2 comes out :D

  Best video game ever produced, period.

| | See all Surboy2's reviews (16)

If you haven´t played this game yet, order it now!!! Best single campaign of a FPS I have ever played. Multiplayer mode will last you for months no end and will give you hours and hours of sheer video game pleasure. Can´t wait for the next instalment later on this year...

  Call Of Duty 4 :)

| | See all Reg123's reviews (11)

This is a very good game, i am very experienced at it (10th Prestige and completed all the challenges). I think this is a superb game and it has been out for a long time now. I would recommend this to anybody but as it has been out for ages so the only people that play it are the people who have just started, Pro's at the game and people who are satisfied with there rank on COD5.
On the whole, it annoys me that people say that this is better than COD5 because of the guns. OBVIOUSLY. Call of Duty 5's guns are 60 years old! This is a awesome game and would recommend getting it but on the whole COD5 is better! =)
Please state that this wasn't helpful if you bum of COD4 and have never really played COD5 :)

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  No fault

| | See all mikeb20's reviews (29)

I cannot say one thing bad about this game!!! absoblutly amazing... Shame not a few more missions to play...... But this game is still well worth £39.99!!! Buy it

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  Must Buy Game

| | See all Pagemaster's reviews (7)

Ok its been out a while now and to be honest if you are looking at reviews at this stage..........where have you been?

The game is fantastic, the best FPS game money can buy. The story is good and all the people complaining about the story being short need to remember 2 things:

1. Quality over quantity (would you rather have a crap story that went on for ages or a shortish great experience)

2. Try it on Veteran, I completed it on veteran and it is a great challenge. If you think your good at FPS games then you really need to have 1000/1000 gamerpoints on COD2, COD4 Modern Warfare and COD5 WOW.

Call of duty World at war has been out for a while now and was released a year after Modern Warfare yet most FPS fans will be playing COD 4...... thats how good this game is.

Online (xbox live not that rubbish excuse for a service on the PS3) you can go no wrong, having dark patches under your eyes at work will be a near daily occurence.

I see myself as a bit of an achievement w***e but the online multiplayer kept me from any other games for near on 9 months.

If you have Xbox live, then you cannot go wrong. I would buy this for £100 nevermind what it goes for now.

Must buy

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