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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Game Of The Year Edition)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (181 reviews)"

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  buy it now!

| | See all Marley25's reviews (2)

buy it now, best game on the planet, single player a bit short but who cares when the online multiplayer is this damn good, buy it now!


| | See all b0b753's reviews (5)

This game is amazing! I wanted this game for a very long time, when i got it I found it was well worth the wait, the single player is good, i like the weapons and some of the missions were the best missions i have ever seen been played on a 360.

The online play is even better the ability to customise each weapon is very good and its different every time, the add on map pack is good and boasts a wide variety of sniping and close quarters to suit everybody

They will have to go some way to beat it in COD: Modern warfare 2

  Best game ever

| | See all houch7's reviews (4)

This has to be the greatest game ever, must experience the online gaming to appreciate the games full potential.
A must have for any COD fan or any first person shooter fans.

  Great Game

| | See all ham411's reviews (13)

I think the fact that this game came out near 18 months ago and is still selling strong speaks for itself.
Anyone that just plays a multiplayer side of any game without trying the game properly is not valid to make a proper comment so i seriously suggest you try the single player Locutus and not just give up on the game cause you had a bad experience against what would now be the most adaptive players of this game.
Only bad thing i have to say is that they really should lower the price a bit considering how long it's been out.


| | See all SDAVIES94's reviews (15)

I've had this game for quite some time, the single player mode is spectacular with an amzing storyline, but this game is the best game in the world for xbox live! No joke, once you get it, you won't come off. I broke mine but still don't mind having to buy it again.

  I appear to be in the minority here...

| | See all LocutusOfBorg's reviews (5)

But I hated this game. I dislike the graphics. I dislike how you can throw a grenade in any random direction and score more often than not score kill, there is very little skill in this game. I admit I have not played the story mode, but if its anything like the previous games it will be rather generic and basic. A wannabe Ghost Recon without style or skill.

1/5 (would have been 0 if possible)

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  Better than Sliced Bread

| | See all Craskie's reviews (7)

I haven't been a gamer for too long, and in truth i only have about 4 games, so i cant compare this to too much, however, i have purchased World at War, and comparing them both together there is only one winner, especially in the Campaign mode, and that is well this!!!
The Sniper mission alone should be enough for you to buy this, as missions go, thats the best gameplay experience/mission ever
5 out of 5 for me!! - Brilliant


| | See all keymanu1's reviews (2)

This is the best online game to ever be released and after a year of playing, i am still addicted!


| | See all XboxEliteCrew's reviews (13)

Like they say at the beginning, bad new, a new recruit. This game to you, is brilliant. Great maps, great weapons, great graphics. I have to say, I HAVE 1000G from this game, and I love it. The weapons are really good, ranging from assault rifles, to light/sub machine guns to sniper rifles to shotguns, there are a huge arsenal of weapons. There is also a very good campaign, which I have have played 5 times through. The online is the real reason you would be addicted to this game for. The range of maps and game modes are great, you unlock upgrades for each weapon you use and can get camoflages for how many headshots. If you complete all challenges for all guns in the category, you get a special gloden gun. I have the mini uzi because I'm too good, but its alot better than world at war. You can't compare them for range of weapons and maps, Call Of Duty4 wins hands down, just a little better graphics, slightly better by 0.1 . This game shouldn't be a should i get or not cituation. Just buy it and you will understand just how great it is. I do shake your hand JackCochran.

ps. Xbox Live: I RYAN 3 I

I is a capital i

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  The best console based FPS to ever grace your T.V.

| | See all JackCochran's reviews (3)

Graphics, sound, story line, photo realisim, emotion and gameplay.
Oh and the online, will keep you addicted for months. I brought this game in 07, and still play online religiously! Anyone who can complete every mission(especially mile high club ;) ) on veteran gets a hand shake from me.

Good luck comrades. Why are you still reading this... Buy it......now!