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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  Brilliant, Really Good Game

| | See all AndyTheGamer's reviews (17)

This game is really good in my opinion. Keeps you entertained for days. The story is awsome and the gameplay of sonic day and night is really fun.
The story is enjoyable because of many missions and the many locations you travel to in the adventure. Definetly recommend and especially if you love adventure games.


| | See all kapstar's reviews (1)

I played this game on the wii and boy were my hands hurting...
I luv sonic games since the mastersystem days and STILL up to this day id have to say the best sonic game ive played is probably sonic adventure 2.
Now that was sonic at his best.... I prefer to just play a sonic where I use JUST sonic and not a bunch of other characters.
But anyway yea... this game was OFF THE HOOK when I was playing it up untill i came to my 1st transformation of the game.... WHAT is the point??????
Sonic gamers would of been much happier just running all over the planet at break neck light speed allday long as sonic, I know I would of, but the were-hog thing jus spoilt the whole gam for me and i ended up selling after 2days.

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  A Quality Sonic title

| | See all SheepishJ's reviews (1)

Sonic has stepped out of the Shadows and back into the gaming light in his latest adventure. In short this game is brilliant, and plays like you've always hoped a Sonic game would, insanly fast and fun. Though the can't be said entirely for some of the other stages when Sonic is transformed into a Werehog. The stages aren't fast, but they certainly are fun, most of the time. An excpetion for Mazuri Night.

Though this game is not for everybody and requires (I'd say) a certain taste. Though I found this game a blast to play through if you don't like platforming or having to memorise levels and aren't up for a challenging ride then this game isn't your best choice, as the levels do get a lot harder later on in the game and memory is a key part in Sonic's daytime levels.

  Good game

| | See all Kuningassukka's reviews (3)

I can understand why some people don't like the werehog levels since they aren't really that "Sonic like", but I enjoyed them quite a lot. It's fun going around and killing everybody in sight, though when you have to be very accurate in order to avoid falling down it's not that unusual for the camera to mess up everything, causing you to die. Or in cases when you'd just wanna see around you but the camera is kinda locked to the place, giving you no chance to do so.

The Sonic levels are awesome. Okay I have to admit, some of them are hmm, annoying to say at least, but mostly they are pure gold. It's all Sonic - going damn fast collecting rings. Almost like the old Mega Drive games.

The graphics are quite stunning and a lot better than the Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360. Why didn't they name it a bit better) game had. And it's definitely a BIG plus that you can download the original Japanese voices to the game.

And yeah, btw. I think the RPG style game design is just freaking cool. The "Select-your-stages-from-the-list/you can't select the stages at all, we just give them to you"-gamestyle fits the 2D games, but with a 3D game it'd just be annoying and pausing the game too much.

  Who Need's The Warehog?!

| | See all TheGaiden's reviews (11)

The game was really cool speed the boss battles were great but really what do people look for in a sonic the hedgehog game?
Yes that's it speed. When you play as the hedgehog is really awesome! But i just didn't like the warehog...

  Why do I keep buying Sonic games????

| | See all Leonhart's reviews (30)

The answer is in the hope that one day Sega may once again produce a Sonic title that even if not as good as the old 2d games, is at least as good as Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.
But surprise, surprise Sega has missed the mark yet again. While this is certainly better than the horror that was the last 360 game, it still misses the point of what a Sonic game should be, chiefly seriously fast and reasonably challenging. The sonic levels are great. So fast they will make your eyes bleed, and get this, at times the camera shifts so that it feels like you are playing one of the old megadrive games. The levels are also pretty long, and well worth replaying to find hidden goodies.
So why only two stars? The problem is the rest of the game. Unfortunately you cannot just select levels you want to play from a menu like in the old days. Instead, they are held together by what is essentially a very feeble RPG style game world, with more levels becoming available as you progress through the story. But Oblivion this is not! This usually means clunking around talking to every single annoying character until you find the right one to tell you something so that you can progress. This became tedious after about five minutes, especially with annoying controls and camera angles in these areas. The voice acting and cut scenes are also pretty naff and child like, and they begin to grate immediately, especially Sonic's new sidekick, who resembles a flying pink squirrel and acts and sounds like a hyperactive four year old. And i used to think Tails was annoying.
The biggest let down though, are the Werehog levels. They just seem so out of place in a Sonic game. For every lightning fast Sonic level you play and enjoy, you know it is to be followed by a lumbering and slow Werehog level, which become so repetative and boring it is untrue. One level took me over 45 mins to finish. Hardly the lightning quick pace you expect from a Sonic game! For some reason when Sonic becomes the Werehog, his ability to run goes out of the window, and is instead replaced with to ability to beat things up. While this sounds fun at first it soon becomes very repetative beating up hoards of uninspired generic enemies that take ages to die, when regular Sonic can down the same enemies with one hit in his levels. Compared to the Sonic levels, the Werehog levels feel like you have bought a Ferrari that keeps stalling every 10 miles. The thing is, that if Sega had done all the levels as the blisteringly fast Sonic levels then the lame RPG bits could have been forgiven. So why on earth didn't they!!! Fans of Sonic want fast and furious action packed stages. For those who want to explore and complete quests there is always Mario. And let's face it, Nintendo do this sort of game so much better.
Next time Sega, lose the Werehog and the rubbish RPG, and just stick 30 or so Sonic levels together. Story doesn't matter. The old games never had much of one and look how well they turned out.
Overall, kid's will probably enjoy it, but for me I think it's time Sonic and I parted ways as Sega has had far too many chances to get the franchise back on track. Another missed chance. Shame.

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  Another disappointing Sonic title.

| | See all Oberael's reviews (20)

As it stands on its own, it's a pretty solid game. But as part of the Sonic franchise, it'll always be compared to Sonic Adventure; next to which it pales into insignificance. There's also no multiplayer, which is disappointing.

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  id give this 5 stars if it werent for the............

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

Werehog leves which really didnt need to be in the game at all!!
They play like the leves in sonic the hedgehog but alot less glitchy of course haha
On the other hand,the sonic leves r absolutley awesome and seems finally sonic team have found a way to make a great sonic game.
If they do a sequel,take out the werehog levels and theyll have a neat perfect sonic game :)

  At Last!

| | See all Barnzy1984's reviews (1)

Finally a Sonic game well worth buying! An excellent way to get Sonic back to his old roots all the signs of traditional Sonic with a new mix thrown in. Saga have out done themselfs with this game I was not sure about getting it as most of the Sonic games and been very hard a trying but this game lets you enjoy playing it and brings Sonic properly into the 21st century!

Buy it you wont be disappointed I promise you!


| | See all SoloGamer's reviews (16)

After having no good sonic games since sonic heroes i was shocked to find that sonic unleashed is a good game. Is it enough to get the seies back up with mario? No. But it's improving. The graphics are great, the new werehog levels are fun but unfitting. What really amazes me is sonic going back to roots, fast jumping platforming that switches from 2d to 3d. Well done sega. You're on your way back up!!!