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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (with FREE Exclusive H.A.W.X. Faceplate)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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| | See all dragonkiller45's reviews (3)

it has very good graphics. the video while you are on mission. are brilliant. the mission are a bit short, but you can change your plane and unlock more of them. so the story is a bit dull. the mission spice it up. it is overall a good game.


| | See all northy's reviews (91)

Graphics: The locations look really good but the planes are a bit of a let down. Allmost looking last gen at times. 3.5

Sound: Pretty much what you would expect from a Clancy Game. The music score suits well and reminds me of graw. 4

Gameplay: Plays pretty good and you have the option of taking assists off to give you another feel to the game. One thing that annoyed me was you ment to be flying a fighter Jet but you get no real sence of speed! Online dogfights are good fun though :) 3.5

Lasting appeal: The single player will keep you going for a little while and there is a good mp to keep the game going. 4

Overall: Has a very much Tom Clancy feel about the game and is a pretty good game but some areas could have been better. If you like Ace Combat this is defently worth a look. 3.5

  Poor value for money !

| | See all muzza1's reviews (8)

This is a very lazy effort by the developers, they seem to have spent far more time and money on the marketing than they have on the game. The plot is highly implausible even by video game standards and the missions soon get very dull and repetitive. Obviously a flight sim is a difficult game to tag a story onto but if ace combat and blazing angels can do it so can they!
The only redeeming feature is the terrain graphics but your several thousand feet above it and travelling at mach 2 most of the time.
Story : 3.5
Game play : 4
Graphics : 8
Audio : 5
Value for money : 4

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  Good Game?

| | See all SChol3sy's reviews (6)

Not a good game, a great game in my opinion, i found that the controls, like many people have already stated, take a little bit of time to get used to, but after a while it will feel second nature. The graphics on the planes are excellent, and most of the environments look very good, however, visual quality hits a hitch when you fly down to ground level, but thats hardly a game destroying problem. The range of missions is great, with escort missions, bombing runs and good old fashioned dogfights. The campaign is intense but also a little short, but the amount of planes that are unlockable should keep you playing for a good while. Online play is much like single player, but with only one game mode so far, it is a little underwhelming, but there is definatly room for expansion.

  Fly like an eagle with H.A.W.X

| | See all pippinofboro's reviews (8)

Yes I admit I was drawn in by tv advert showing the main cinematic sequance promoting the game. However, I'm so glad that I bought this game, the story ties is with the ghost recon series well and boasts a well rounded flight simulation. Controls take some getting used to, but that doesn't take long. Graphically sound. Audio is quite realistic and sets an a good atmosphere to the gaming experience. One major quarrel about the game is that the campaign is very short, and doesn't really warrant a £40 price tag in my opinion.

Story: 8.5
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8.5
Audio: 9
Overall: 8.5

  Tom Clancy's H.A.W.K WOW

| | See all Burrrr11's reviews (4)

I bought this today I haven't got off it so far. The graphics are great especially when you go low. The cobat is good with a variety of different views depending on what you like. The gameplay is slightly short I think theres about 19-20 missions and that it but there needs to be more. The online facility is awesome and you earn experience points just like the Call of Duty games. Definate buy!!

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  Good Game but so short

| | See all COATES1's reviews (1)

I had this pre-ordered and looked forward to it so much but once i got it i was so disappointed on the length of the game. Tom clancy's games are usually long and get ur brain working and they're excellent, but jee this was demeining and so short, ive completed it and im lost now!! Very disappointed with this game, he graphics are excellent and gameplay is genius but could of done with a few more scenes mayb another 30 or so!. Good gameplay, Poor length

  High altitude addictiveness

| | See all geordieboy77's reviews (1)

Bought this game on Friday after reading reviews and watching several "videos" on it before hand i was suitably impressed. Three types of view are ideal and cater for those who like the "arcade" style dog fighting esq afterburner (theres an old game) to the more realistic view of a flight sim. As yet ive not played online but a few mates are thinking of getting it too, they just hope that the team death match facility doesnt dissapoint as many say that with other flight sims online its a total dissapointment due to the ease in which a missle lock is obtained therefore the online gaming experience is not worth doing. Lets just hope this one is different. Graphically its smooth and detailed. Voice commands are great in solo campaign (unsure if it will work online?) Some voice commands i found didnt work so well such as "assist" and "ERS" but i suppose this is down to the voice recognition system and your accent.

Missions so far are challenging on "normal" and it took me a few times to do certain ones, only complaint so far playing this game is everytime i bank left or right i have to stop tilting my head to the left or right also!!


| | See all youngbloodftm's reviews (4)

Looking for reason to buy this game i will give you one this is top gun on a console its so good on line and off line the game is just class buy it best 360 game since fifa 09

  HAWX: Good but could be better

| | See all RoyalArch's reviews (5)

I got HAWX when it was released and found that it was a pretty unique game. Unlike Ace Combat HAWX places you in the real world with real military units and no rubbish that you are more likely to see in Star Trek. However the downside to the game is the aircraft, fair enough the selection that is in the game is phenomonal, but they lack their realistic and unique weapons. Take the A6 Intruder for example, in HAWX the A6 carries 2 massive underwing bombs, a total shift from reality if you ask me. I think that this game would and could reign supreme over the more cheesy titles like Ace Combat, but in order to let this be so I think that it would have to change a bit in the field of aerial weapons. Apart from this it is a reasonably good game and will keep me playing for a while yet.