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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (with FREE Exclusive H.A.W.X. Faceplate)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Hawx Faceplate! :-(

| | See all Savagesquirrels's reviews (2)

I was so looking forward to receiving this game mainly for the sweet looking faceplate, to find the cheaply made faceplate doesn't even fit the xbox or my sons, what a let down, but games got great graphics if somewhat imaginative gameplay

  HAWX vs Ace Combat

| | See all mazedfuball's reviews (3)

Ive played the demo to death both offline and multiplayer.

I am a big flight sim fan I loved ace Combat to death completed most of the downloadable content

HaWX this is a good game for beginners especially with the ERS which personally I cant stand as it takes the fun out of it im hoping theres an option in game to turn it off because it bugged the living hell out of me, who wants to follow a set path when if you just slm the brakes on slide and bam lock on they die

I dont really like the third person view its too difficult to work out where you are to the relation of your target im hoping they improve this slightly in game

I did like the demo apart from those issues it looks pretty and if you can master jumping in and out of 1st and 3rd person view to dodge missiles and slidey turns then your master the game in no time, i can see this game being reduced in price so i would suggest buying ace comat skys of liberation for the time being or even try the demo of ace combat the one thing i hate about both of these games is that they will most likely be relitivly short lived i still play ace combat from time to time for the fun of it but i dont think i can see myself playing this.

i do like the voice commands although very limited in what you can do

I am a fan of the tom clancy series but i do feel there comes a point for any brand that someone sticks a name on it and your buy it no matter what it is or how good or how bad it is end war was rubbish

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  one of clancys best yet

| | See all codman94's reviews (6)

I play tom clancy games a lot (mostly rainbow six and splinter cell) and this is one of the best yet. Although i have only got the demo off xbox live its amazing and the graphics are amazing when flying at high altitude. A definite must buy.

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| | See all seanybean16's reviews (1)

Got the demo and loved it. It wasnt exactly hard but thats only because you can only do the level in the demo on normal but there are harder difficulties so it will be a very worth while game... Must buy

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  The Best Flying Game!

| | See all AmzyWamzy's reviews (5)

I recommend you try the demo first. I'm not realy into flying games but this one, well its great! I love the demo and its even better getting a cool faceplate!

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  Undecided - TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!

| | See all harborne88's reviews (5)

Having played the demo i'm not sure if this game is just pretty rubbish or really good. The only thing i do know is that ive played the demo mission about 7 times, so i am obviously enjoying it and for that reason i'll buy the game. Definitely download the demo before you buy so that you dont end up being dissapointed!!

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  A True Hawk

| | See all ElGrave's reviews (1)

I hate most fly games, just because they are too complicated and feel like you're steering a jumbo jet instead of a faster fighter plane.

HAWX is nothing like that! After playing the demo for hours I'm convinced this is gonna be my favourite fly game, just because how it feels. It's fast, cool dogfights, trying to avoid the misseles that are locked on you, straight up in the air, diving down on a building to fire a missile just before you pull up.

  The Best Flight Sim

| | See all Wardude360's reviews (2)

I have played the demo for this upcoming game and i must say the visuals are just stunning, the gameplay is fast and very entertaining and can keep you playing it for hours. I would recommend this game but if your unsure try the demo. :)

  Not great. Will give ATARI COMBAT a run for its money

| | See all FlexmanUK's reviews (1)

Please try the demo before shelling out your money. If you find yourself returning to play the demo after completing it, you might actually find something entertaining, enough to warrant paying forty quid (choke).

Drop the Tom Clancy off the title and what are you left with? An average 3D game that flies like a spaceship as you take on mission after mission, pumping air to air spread missiles and magic bombs on targets that are (and I quote from the game) "anti-American". Bombs amazingly have a blast area the size of several city blocks yet selectively damage only enemy ground vehicles.

Experience aircraft with amazing thrust to weight ratios. Rearm? Who needs that? Just blast the dots when you're told to. Then do it again over another photo from space. Fly through the magic hoops on command, it's technology right?

If you want a flight game, this is more sci-fi (but without any intelligence behind it). Will appeal to those who can more easily suspend disbelief and be influenced by the laughable in-mission jingoistic diatribe.

Don't look for any realism, or token towards realistic combat, past present or future (which it purports to be).

The "outside view" mode...sorry that should be the "assist mode" will appeal to those who remember the old ATARI Combat game in the 70s.

Remove the Tom Clancy name, and drop a star. Average blast.

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  6 letters?! Maverick is a cheesy name anyway...

| | See all JeimuZu's reviews (3)

I spotted the demo on Xbox live, so i thought i'd give it a quick go and me not being a big fan of flight simulators etc. i didn't really know what to expect. The tutorial at the start of the demo doesn't really pull you into the game, it only really gives away the basics as you would expect. It did give me a chance to take in the amazing surroundings and graphics so 5/5 for that!
The second part of the demo is where the actions at and that really pulled me in! As soon as the enemies show up it's a full scale dogfight where you chase down enemies at full throttle while trying to shake missiles and enemies on your tail and assisting ground units by taking out the odd tank. It stays at a fast pace which is great. I agree that it could get boring quick, as it is a small demo, that's why i've pre-ordered the game. It's a breath of fresh air from all the usual games