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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (with FREE Exclusive H.A.W.X. Faceplate)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  AWESOME DEMO alot better then other flight simulators

| | See all GameAce's reviews (3)

Great demo anyone who says its rubbish has no mind. Cant wait for the real game to come out

  Tom Clancy: Hawx

| | See all kinqdh08's reviews (11)

Based on the demo:

Not many flying combat games achieve both a correct combat system and flying mechanics. This does both. They have nailed the controls so there not easy making it boring, but not to complicated that you get angry. The environment looks beautiful from the water, to the buildings, to the explosions. If this game is as good as the demo, it will be brilliant.

  From the demo-

| | See all TheMatless's reviews (1)

The controls allow you to control the plane with minute movements but are still simple. The locking on with missles is easy on rookie enemies but slightly better enemy pilots require more challenging turns to lock on - or destroy with a deftly place line of cannon fire.

The full game boasts past, present and prototype aircraft which looks unreal! The 3 planes you can control in the demo are the F-16, the Harrier and the Superflanker which are all good in their own unique way... with the Superflanker being able to perform perfect back rolls without stalling.

Hopefully the full game will live up to and surpass the demo!

  From the Demo.....

| | See all hash123's reviews (3)

It seems to be a top notch flying game, unlike other on the market.

I downlaoded the demo and was very suprised by the controls, they give you good control over the plane but are still simple.

The fighting is great on it with many manuvers to preform which are guided by the game, going thorugh the red rings to dodge locked on missiles is great fun.

I have noticed other sites are offering plane unlocking codes, but Play.com is giving away a useless faceplate again. Would much prefer to have he ingame content.

  Demo rating- looking forward to release!

| | See all Drazzard's reviews (3)

*Review is based on Demo Content*

the demo caught my eye the other day because its been a while since i had seen a decent looking flight combat game, so i gave it a shot. The controls, while being a bit alien at first, are actually extremely natural and fun to use. The tutorial mission covers the features fairly comprehensively, and the first mission was a real blast, being able to effectively blow the hell out of a whole cities worth of armed forces and having dogfights with several aircraft at once, was really tense and fun!
I've played the demo about 3 times over and still havent got tired of it, as can play with the assisted mode on or off which gives very different play-styles and a new experience.
Then there is the choice of aircraft, In the demo you only fly two different aircraft, but in the full version there is a list of around 50 aircraft, and from what i can tell the detail is amazing!

In conclusion, the demo gave me a taste for the game, and it tasted gooood! I'm counting down the minutes to this game's release, a must have for flight enthusiasts and gamers alike!

  Ok....Very much like Ace Combat

| | See all Burts08's reviews (4)

(Based on the demo) This games ok, controls are smooth and easy to pick up. Graphics are ace! Gets boring very quickly though! I'm sure this will be £24:99 before long on Play.

  Impressed with the demo

| | See all F19AKBF's reviews (3)

The demo which was made on the xbox marketplace yesterday was warmly received, as I have wanted to see how this game would play before ordering it.
Overall for Tom Clancys first next-gen attempt at a flight sim game he has turned his hand to the task quite well, in the demo unfortunately you only get to use the F-16 but the plane handles quite like you would expect it to in real life.
The tutorial of how to play was quite painstaking as the instructions on the loading screen are quite sufficient for anyone with half a brain cell, but mercilessly their was a full campaign mision on the demo also, this is quite fast paced and added an extra element of wingmen which helped to expand the gameplay experiencequite well
Overall a good game but I'm not sure whether it justifies paying £40 wherever you seem to look pre release!

  Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X Demo Review

| | See all Ganondorf6667's reviews (23)

**This Review Is Based On The Demo Which Was Released On Xbox LIVE On 11th Feburary 2009**

After downloading the demo and booting it up you are giving the option to do two of the games level which are both based in Rio, Brazil.

The first level is bascially a training level showing you the ropes of how to get grips with the game.

Your training is split in to objectives where you are ask to Fly, Shoot, Dodge, Reach High Alltitude, Perform A Stall (Where you get so high then turn your engines off i fall from the sky, the aim of this is to easier get out of a dog fight and get to safety).

After you have completed the training level you can then jump on to the next level where you are fighting people and giving a mission to do.

You the basic goal of the level is just kill every plane and tank on screen very straight forward and very fun.

There is a thing called Assistance Mode where you can double tap LT or RT and the camera angle changes and gives you a better feel of the controlling the plane and shooting your enemys down.

The is also a thing called the E.R.S (Enhanced Reallity System).

What this does is when you are chasing another aircraft and you lose it or just about on its tail you can hit X on the controller and you will have to pass through rings and if you pass through all rings sucessfully you get right on to the aircrafts tail, Once your locked on you can Hit B to fire your canon or A to fire your rockets and blow the enemy up!

Heres a quick breakdown of everything for yous

Controls : The controls of the game of VERY strange and hard at the start from when you pick it up you will be flying your aircraft all over the show! not knowing what does what, But in all fairness after listening to the instructor and giving it a few goes it can feel very natural to fly your aircraft.

Graphics : What can i say the graphics where just crazy watching yourself fly over the water then watching a enemy aircraft blow up just looks awesome

Gameplay : The gameplay is very very very good i really enjoyed it it can get very very tense and tidious when you get your assed kick numorus times, but hey thats the whole part of challenge.


Im really looking foward to this game i really do think it will be really good there hasnt been a game like this in a while so novices to the series of the combat flight simulator might give this one a miss but in all fairness give this game a good shot because you never know you might enjoy it!


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This game is like all other plane games on consoles just completly unrelistic and rubbish...download demo and see for yourself

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  Demo so far so good

| | See all Matty66's reviews (7)

Demo is awesome, if your not sure on flight games try it. iam sure you will be suprised. Graphics 9/10 Gameplay 9/10 One for the collection!!